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Soaring High

Pioneers of their age, the Citrine Eagle is an Alterac based conglomeration seeking out new glory within the Alterac Mountains. With tales of the past treachery in the mountains, the members of the Citrine Eagle come together for a new lease on life for themselves, and the legacy of the Mountains they dwell within.

Originally formed as the Holy Order of the Citrine Eagle, the group has since expanded due to their great accomplishments and successes within Alterac as they clear a path for a brighter tomorrow. Whether at home or abroad, the Citrine Eagle dutifully serve.

Situated in their foothold of Talongrab, the flock takes in those who seek out a new future, or to rekindle legacies of those who once called Alterac home.

Centered within the Alterac Mountains, the Citrine Eagle is a heavy Military RP guild focused on reclaiming the Alterac Mountains, and protecting its borders under the support of the Grand Alliance.