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So, you want to be an Eagle?

So, you've come across this website, and are looking to apply to the Citrine Eagle - Moon Guard US, but aren't entirely sure where to begin. Well, it's rather simple really. First and foremost, we advise potential applicants to read everything listed under 'Important Information' on the home page, to be aware of what they are getting into. If somehow you cannot find your way back to the homepage, here are the links to the pertinent materials to read.

Out of Character Rules
Moon Guard Wikia Article
Moon Guard Forum Post

In-Character Rules
General Magic Rules

With that out of the way, and yourself now thoroughly informed of our rules, and regulations, as well as expectations for applying members, you may then want to take a look at the forums of the trio of organizations we currently host, and choose which one you would like to join. The Silver Hand, which is predominantly Priests and Paladins, the Citrine Circle, which consists of all spellcasters and druids of the order, and, the Icewing Legion, a general purpose military unit. Thier forums and information can be easily accessed from the organizations sidebar to the left, or you can check out the Moon Guard Wikia articles for them here:

Silver Hand Article
Icewing Legion Article
Citrine Circle Article

So, you've found a section you think might be best for you and your character, and have read all the rules, what comes next? Next, you are now allowed to hit the big red button on this page, or the recruitment banner on the left side of the page!

The application is a simple process, and questions are expected to be answered thoroughly.

Afterwards, applicants will likely have a wait period of 1-3 days for their applications to be processed, approved, or declined by the Hierarchy of the guild. Upon acceptance, we will then send you an in-character letter detailing a meeting. It is HIGHLY recommended that applicants follow up on writing their application by either informing a member of the Heirarchy, or a member of the guild if an officer is unavailable.

The in-character meeting will be used as a test bed for your rp, and will be an in-character interview. Once the interview has concluded, the interviewer then has permission to induct the new member via either oath, or ledger signing in-character.

Congratulations! You are now a member of the Citrine Eagle. But, what do you do now? The Citrine Eagle offers a host of activities. You will be labeled a "Snowcap" for the first two weeks of entry to determine whether you are fit for one of the organizations in the Order. It's highly advised you seek out and speak to others that are in the division you wish to represent in this time. The recruiter will also supply you with a tabard and communicator in-character, or direct you to meet with the Quartermaster in the Storehouse in Talongrab, Toderick Stoneward.

For the Silver Hand, see Zaria Blackmoore or Shindo Malphur.
For the Icewing Legion, see Zaria Triton.
For the Citrine Circle, see Noah Smith (for druids, shaman, mistweavers), or Marie Paws (for mages).

Entering members may also want to ask about receiving a communicator upon entry, and they will be directed to an in-character Quartermaster, as the Citrine Eagle will not cover shipping and handling of the device. ( /o is communicator chat, all emotes in this channel must be bordered with "quotation marks").

D20 Roll System

After you've found yourself situated in the guild, and have taken a look at the D20 section of the website, it is highly advised you start working on your characters statistic sheet. Feel free to refer to the guild on D20, or feel free to ask an officer.

Thanks for considering us!