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The Citrine Eagle is a heavy roleplay guild on the Moon Guard server on World of Warcraft. The guilds main focus is on the state of the Alterac Mountains, and the populations therein. Created in August of 2015, the Citrine Eagle has found itself among many server run campaigns, as well as taking part in large community projects, and RP-PvP events with Horde guilds. It has also been one of the most successful Alterac based guilds to date.

The guild offers a fair variety of roleplay opportunities in diverse settings and locales. Most roleplay is story driven and either conducted through a basic Dungeons and Dragons style adventure, or freeform roleplay. The guild also enjoys ample impromptu town and social roleplay, as well as random adventures managed by the members and officers in order to create a diversified and engaging setting for the members to enjoy.

The Citrine Eagle was created in order to be a proving grounds for new ideas among its members, and the community as a whole. The guild works hard at adapting old concepts and reviving them to breathe in new life, and create something great as a community.

Since the fall of the Kingdom of Alterac, adversity plagued the Mountains and turmoil rocked the neglected lands. Syndicate run rampant within its old borders and spread across the northern reaches for years after the fall of the Kingdoms in the north. But, time and time again upstart nationalists sought to reclaim the lands for the sake of rekindling the spirit of Alterac and return it to former glory.

A pretender took to the lands, and shook the foundations of what it meant to be an Alteraci for ages to come. While not the traitor King Aiden Perenolde of the past, this man hungered for power, and to exploit the people who once made the nation truly great. Amidst his successes, a following was formed of a coalition of Alteraci freedom fighters willing to look past the shortcomings of this new “King” that had sought to bring them to heel. Within his ranks, a coalition of paladins formed known as The Citrine Eagle. A paladin order forged to support those who supplicate to the Holy Light within the borders of Alterac. These few and noble Knights were the ones who would show the world that Alterac wasn’t for traitors anymore.

But with the efforts of the Citrine Eagle fighting under the banner of a pretender, they were subject to the tyrant Kings rule. Bending a knee to a man who shrugged off responsibility to indulge in his own worldly desires, and forced others to act upon his hatreds. Burdens feel upon these tempered tossed as time and time again their supposed King failed them. But one day, it would all change.

A murderer, of children no less. The tyrant King had confessed to hiring men to kill the child carried by his wife because he feared the spawn may be a bastard. The King’s wife and child’s death had long been a mystery unsolved, but the confession sent the state of the restructured areas of Alterac into a state of peril as friend pitted against friend, and violence broke out across the lands as the fate of the treacherous King was to be decided.

Unfit to rule he was, and the lawmen of Alterac deemed his claim to the throne illegitimate. Though this would not stop the tyrant, forcing others into a civil war that rocked the lands of Alterac, but -- only briefly. For soon the Paladin order rose up, gaining favor within the lands of the misbegotten souls plunged into civil war and took in those who would rally under a new banner. But not only Paladins directed this new beginning. From all walks of life in the mountains, the soldiers and priests, mages and druids banded together in a union. Guided by the Light and Virtue, the men and women of the Citrine Eagle united the pioneers within Alterac to spark a new dawn. Unified under one banner, the heralds of a new age sought to rectify the mistakes beset upon them by their old leader.

With their new position within the lands of Alterac, the Citrine Eagle host any who would heed the call to the Alterac Mountains. From the Valley, to the City, the Citrine Eagle fight on to create a foothold for the Alliance in the northern reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Alterac Silver Hand

This is the Division of Paladins and Priests who are looking to utilize their character's’ connection to the Light in their RP. Either learning to use the Light from light-wielders or just wanting to do what your character would in the Light’s graces, this is the place.

Those paladins who are also looking for Knightship will also find it here, as we’ve an extensive and dynamic Aspirancy/Squireship program that you can use to really understand how a Knight should be and build your character in the process. You can take a look at our Silver Handbook on the Alterac Silver Hand main page!

If you are interested in the Silver Hand, feel free to inform one of the Order's contacts (Zaria, Slickmctash, Shindo, Horacea, or Kaldea)

Click here for more information, or to access the Silver Handbook.

The Icewing Brigade

The Icewing Brigade is the military division of the Citrine Eagles. Soldiers, warriors, scouts, infantry, pathfinders, all the non-magical variety of fighters normally join this. Characters who are looking to be apart of our fighting force are more than welcome, and participation gives progress here. That extra step they take in events may lead to rank promotion. Grab your sword and fight for the Alliance!

If you are interested in the Icewing Brigade, feel free to inform one of the Order's contacts (Banes, Toderick, or Allse).

For more information, check out the Icewing Brigade's main page!

Magical Association of New Alterac

This division is our order of magically oriented individuals. This group, M.AN.A. ( Magical Association of New Alterac) is led by a council of magic users and focuses on magical defenses, relic protection and appropriating, and ensuring the safety of magic wielders within the Eagles. “Casters” would need to fill out our form before joining, and giving a rundown of any magics your character uses to make sure forbidden magic isn’t in play.

If you are interested in M.A.N.A. feel free to inform one of the Order's contacts (Kysaerys, Glypheye, Lanalora, or Valantus).

For more information, visit the Association's main page!

There are a few policies and guidelines the Citrine Eagle suggests reviewing and remembering for future reference. This also includes a list of rules to be followed in-character, and out-of-character rules to follow and for future reference. They include the following:

Guild Rules
The guild rules are a basic set of rules for behavior and actions while in the Citrine Eagle, or representing our name on an out-of-character level. There is also a tidbit that should be noted for the guild application; and we will check for that if you apply.

Roleplay Guidelines
Guidelines to remember, this forum post includes general roleplay practices that create additional roleplay, and provide a means of review for ones own character to provide a statue of limitations upon themselves if necessary. This is an optional read.

In-Character Rules
In-Characer Rules on Magic
These are two materials to understand and know in-character. One is the basic rule set for all members to follow on an in-character basis and provide punishments mentioned as well. The general rules on magic are a simple guideline for darkcasters, or anyone interested in the dark arts who are also interested in joining the order.

  1. Review the Guild Our of Character Rules
  2. Review the Roleplay Practices forum post.
  3. Review the In Character Rules forum post.
  4. Visit the Divisions Page and look over the groups you might be interested in.
  5. The Alterac Silver Hand | The Icewing Brigade | The Citrine Circle
  6. Apply! The application is directly on the website, and can be found using the scroll and quill on the right side of the page, or the big button at the bottom of this page.It can also be found by clicking here. Be thorough when filling out the application since it is the most important part to your entry! We look for well written, and well thought out responses to each application question. A little humor never hurt anyone either.
  7. Be patient! Most applications will be reviewed within two days of submission. Once the application is reviewed and approved, a letter will be sent to the character you applied for. If we cannot find your name in-game, we will add you to battletag to ensure we can reach you. Reaching out to one of the listed contacts on this page, or on the application itself also helps us be in contact with you.
  8. Conduct an in-character interview with a designated officer. They will approve or deny your character based on merit, and whether or not your character would fit well in the guilds atmosphere.
  9. Join! The interviewer will invite you to the guild upon approval, and will provide your character with a parcel of basic necessities such as the guild tabard, and a guild communications device. In character discussion over communicators is in /o, and out-of character chat is in /g. The welcome wagon will say their greetings there when you enter!

Contacts for an interview include Zaria, Slick (Slickmctash), Shindo (Shindomaru), Kysaerys, Kaldea, Horacea, Tod (Toderick), and Banes (Alteracian).

This page was last updated on July 10, 2017.