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Talongrab is the fortified town hidden within the Alterac Mountains, within the County of Blackmoore. The town holds the seat of The Citrine Eagle, known as Talongrab Keep. Talongrab itself is nestled away into the depths of a long mountain pass, hidden away from most of normal society, functioning mostly through transportation via portals, gnomish bi-planes and choppers, and rarely, hearthstones. The town is a brief walk from the Hildegarb mountain chain to the north, near the green lands surrounding Blackmoore Manor.

Talongrab is carved into one of the mountains in the far northeastern reaches of the Alterac Mountains, and heavily terraformed for settlement. Some buildings, walls, and towers are melded into the mountainside to further reinforce larger structures.

Talongrab is a tiered city wrapped on its north to northwestern side with a long, impassible cold mountain range which wraps from the Lone Wolf Inn. to Talongrab Keep. The area, which was once sloping, had been terraformed in order to accommodate building projects and navigable roadways within the area.Areas which are not protected by the harsh mountain slopes are instead walled off with small guard towers between certain intervals.

There are two main entrances - one leading directly into the main hub for the Citrine Eagle, and the other passing through a walled section of the residential area on the lower tier of the small city. The residential area is the main real estate area of the city - consisting of several homes and a few small markets in a village-style layout.

Most commerce takes place on the upper level due to Talongrab Keep acting as the seat of power for Zaria R. Blackmoore. At the highest point on the upper level rests this keep, and in a descending slope that the roads follow, leads to the other buildings of the area - including the mage sanctum, defense towers, forge, stables, and Inn. However, as the roads lead downward, another wall was erected to reinforce the mountainside from toppling from the immense weight of the keep resting at the highest point.

The area itself is a frigid place - it being right in the center of a mountainous region. Because of this, the winds from the mountains often whip downward onto the city, making it a rather harsh place to live in the colder months. The walls from the upper levels do well to protect the residential district from the awful winds from the mountains, offering a slight respite from the cold. All year round there is snowfall either dusting the area, or layering over the entirety of the city like a clean white blanket.

Path and roadways are often muddled and hidden away by the snows - which means the paved roadways beneath mean little to the citizens of the city. Different pathways have been created by the people as their foot traffic tends to flatten out some of the snow to make it more easily tread if it is not shoveled, making for areas with an especially high amount of traffic being more obvious.