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Guidelines and Information

[Pinned] Snowcap Guidelines

Snowcap Introduction GuideYou’ve just joined The Citrine Eagle! We hope you enjoy your stay.Fresh recruits will be placed in the Snowcap rank. This is an introductory rank for you to better see who we are, and for us to see who you are. This is th...
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Guidelines and Information

[Pinned] Citrine Eagle Code of Conduct (In Character)

This list of In-Character Rules is to be revised soon!DefinitionsSuperiorsSuperiors are defined as any member within Hath's Vanguard, Praetorian, or any member whom may outrank an individual. The offices of Hath's Vanguard and Praetorian include b...
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Task Board

[Pinned] Taskboard Mission Submission

This is the forum thread made for submitting Task Board missions to be published on the Discord Channel, and in the forum itself.Please use this template!Title - Name of QuestgiverDescription:Objective:Reward: (We can come up with these if you can...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Screenshots

Hey team. We've been up to a lot lately, and for the past few months. A lot has happened, and most of it is being documented using screenshots from events, and guild roleplay. We've had a Google Drive space for screenshots for past events for a wh...
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Task Board

[Pinned] Welcome to the Task Board!

Hanging from the wall outside of the keep, a simple board covered in papers full of opportunities and adventures sat. Atop it, a bronzed Eagle's head effigy was placed proudly as it looked down upon the wayward adventurer. This was the Task Board!...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Website Changelog

Keeping this posted and updated to make note of all updates made to the website.July 4th, 2016Changed font from Open Sans to PT Serif to prepare for additional updates.Edited website banner, minor tweaks.Changed header of "Organizations" tab to "I...
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Free Write!

The Mind of Madness

"This is allegory. All of it."A man tends to wander. Sometimes through his vessel. Sometimes through his mind. I prefer to do both. Ever since I discovered the constant nature of death, and its realm, throughout the entirety of the universe, or th...
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General Discussion

IC Druid talk in Animal Form?

Just looking for how other folks in the guild handle/have seen druids talking while in animal form handled? And/or if you know of any lore specific mentions of how it works/if its possible at all. Always curious. Working on my druid alt Fyonna.
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Free Write!

Kimberly's thoughts

Kimberly sat at the edge of her dim lite room as she leaned back against the wall and stared down at her journal. She had a gnomish pen in hand yet she simply sat there looking at the creamy white pages and their emptiness as she thought about wha...
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Free Write!

A Winter Veil on Argus

It seemed that even the demonic hordes had taken time off in celebration of the Feast of Winter’s Veil, and so since arriving back on Argus, Vasp had little else to do but roam the Vindicaar, trying to keep herself busy, regaling her former comrad...
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Reinhart's Musings

<A single scrap of journal paper is weighted to an end-table with an ink well. Why you're in this room, or why you're rummaging through his things is unknown. But you read it anyway.>In the past few days, I have asked numerous paladins of th...
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Free Write!


Woiven's eyes snapped open with a start. She groaned as she stretched her arms above her head. Woiven swung her legs off the top bunk she had been sleeping in and gave a little push, she dropped to the ground noiselessly. The cold stone of the fl...
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Free Write!

Honor Among Warriors

Danath let the snow around his boots crunch as he chased after an orc, "Stop!" He drew his blade and charged forward. An orc wearing the bearings of a Frostwolf Grunt continued to run from the Knight of the Silver Hand carrying stolen supplies. Th...
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Free Write!

The Pond

The forest of the Hyjal Mountain Range stirred in the wind, leaves carried away in a rustling storm among the strong breeze of the higher region. Just out of the shade of the thriving world tree walked two beings: a towering Ancient cover...
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Free Write!

Javalin Redfield

Javalin Redfield(Just gonna be posting stories about or associated with Javalin here. Not the greatest writer around and I am bound to make plenty of mistakes with both grammar and spelling. But I hope people enjoy it all the same.) A walk through...
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Bornor's journal

The pages among this massive tome are weathered with age and soaked in ink.
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Free Write!

Nizmo’s Whacky Suicide Mission

Nizzington sat down in his red chair and stared out into the emptiness that was space. He smiled. The void always calmed and relaxed Nizmo down after a long day of work. He had been up in space for a couple of months now and he had been enjoying e...
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Sereli's Journal

Date: Unknown.Inside of an abandoned house in the Eastern Plaguelands, muffled groaning could be heard from the now conscious Scarlet Captain that she had taken prisoner. That being no small task as the Captain had put up a fight, which wasn't sur...
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Site Writes

Site Write: Idle Thoughts (What are you thankful for?)

I have often wondered if I have made the right choices in life. Perhaps I should have listened to mother more when she told me not to play in the rain. Perhaps father had been right, and following Thomas down to the river to chase frogs downstream...
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Site Writes

Site Write: All Things (What are you thankful for?)

The felguard came at her. His polearm reverbing against the molten rock as it missed her head. Vasp sprang back nearly a meter, lined her shot and unleashed a fireball. The demon roared as flames charred the skin of his shoulder. He rushed her. Sh...
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