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General Discussion

[Pinned] Going Missing for a While? Post it here!

Hi guys, This is just a thread meant for people who may need to take extended leaves of absence from the guild or game so we can make sure it's noted. If you plan on going missing for a short while, that's fine! Just mention why, and for how long ...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Guidelines for Character Profiles

This forum is made to allow members to introduce their main, or new character into the guild by filling out a profile with important information about the character. For alternate characters, this will be used as a form of enlistment in place of a...
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Guidelines and Information

[Pinned] Important Links and Information

This post is a nexus for all information that is important to know about the guild, primarily for a new member. The Snowcaps Handbook Snowcap Handbook is an outline of the expectations set for new members, and ...
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Guidelines and Information

[Pinned] Citrine Eagle Code of Conduct (In Character)

This list of In-Character Rules is to be revised soon!DefinitionsSuperiorsSuperiors are defined as any member within Hath's Vanguard, Praetorian, or any member whom may outrank an individual. The offices of Hath's Vanguard and Praetorian include b...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Screenshots

Hey team. We've been up to a lot lately, and for the past few months. A lot has happened, and most of it is being documented using screenshots from events, and guild roleplay. We've had a Google Drive space for screenshots for past events for a wh...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Website Changelog

Keeping this posted and updated to make note of all updates made to the website.July 4th, 2016Changed font from Open Sans to PT Serif to prepare for additional updates.Edited website banner, minor tweaks.Changed header of "Organizations" tab to "I...
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Character Profiles

Liohen Brightheart

--General Information--Full Name: Liohen BrightheartPronunciation: Lee - o - winNickname or Aliases: LioTitle(s): Dame, Knight, the Resolute (postnomial)Race: High ElfAge: Early-Mid 200sDate of Birth: July 13thPlace of Birth: Goldenmist Village (F...
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Character Profiles

Rafnir Felstone

Approved!As of 5-30-18
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Character Profiles


--General Information--Full Name: AvatraaPronunciation: Ah Vah TrahNickname or Aliases:Title(s): Race: Lightforged DraeneiNationality: (if applicable)Age: Old enough.Date of Birth: So long ago, who would keep track.Place of Birth: ArgusClaims and ...
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Character Profiles


--General Information--Full Name: JenriellePronunciation:Nickname or Aliases:Title(s): Vindicator, Field-MedicRace: Lightforged DraeneiAge: 7628Place of Birth: A forgotten planet along the way.Affiliations: Te’Amun, Army of the Light, Alliance Mil...
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Character Profiles

Miurdoch McTavesh

Full Name: Miurdoc McTaveshPronunciation: Mew-r Doc Mick TaveshNickname or Aliases: DocTitle(s): Knight, SrRace: HumanNationality: Eastern KingdomsAge: 34Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Refuge Point, ArathiClaims and Positions: Knight of Stormwind ...
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Character Profiles

Joseph Turock

Full Name: Joseph TurockPronunciation: Jo-Sef Tur-okNickname or Aliases: RaptorTitle(s): None.Race: HumanNationality: Hails from Un'Goro Crater. KalimdorianAge: 32Date of Birth: October 1stPlace of Birth: Un'Goro CraterClaims and Positions: NoneA...
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Stories and Journals

The Death of Francis Durrat

His name was Francis Durrat and his reputation preceded him. Commander, Second Stormwind Legion. Veteran of the campaigns in Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and Draenor. Twice decorated by the king for valor. Thrice mentioned by name in the bardic e...
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Character Profiles

Ardan Baudred

Full Name: Ardan BaudredPronunciation: R-dayn Baw-drehdNickname or Aliases: AgrinjaTitle(s): MisterRace: HumanNationality: LordaeranAge: 34Date of Birth: Place of Birth: StrathholmeClaims and Positions: NoneAffiliations: Knights of the Ebon Blade ...
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Character Profiles

Artyom P. Romanov

--General Information--Full Name: Artyom Pyotar RomanovPronunciation: Art-e-um Pea-oh-tar Roman-ahvNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): BrotherRace: HumanNationality: LordaeronianAge: Early 30sDate of Birth: June 6thPlace of Birth: Darrowshire, King...
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Stories and Journals

Unholy Penance

The midnight sky was shrouded by deep-grey clouds releasing flurries of snow that blanketed the landscape with soft layers of white. One spot towards the top of a high peak was not touched by the falling snow, for a man in deep meditation was si...
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Character Profiles

Rendford Lightstone

--General Information--Full Name: Rendford LightstonePronunciation: N/ANickname or Aliases: N/ATitle(s): SerRace: DwarfNationality: Bronzebeard ClanAge: 50Date of Birth: September 8th, 575 (King's Calendar)Place of Birth: Kharanos, Dun MoroghClaim...
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Character Profiles

Yfe Feybreeze

Y f e F e y b r e e z e By romandegiuli on ig --General Information--Pronunciation: Ee-fee Fay-breezeRace: KaldoreiAge: A mere 850Date of Birth: February 12thPlace of Birth: Val’sharah Affiliations: Affiliated with various shopkeeps to sell he...
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Character Profiles

Ilyraei Duskstriker

--Ilyraei Duskstriker----General Information-- Pronunciation: Ill-ah-ray Dusk-strikerRace: KaldoreiAge: 1,026Date of Birth: July 30, -993 K.C.Place of Birth: Astranaar, AshenvaleAffiliations: The Grand Alliance, The (New) Kaldorei Nation, The Ill...
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Stories and Journals

A Very STUPID Idea

The Grenade had worked perfectly, several of the carts began to explode as arcane missiles struck them cascading explosions of purple and green. Scorvash smirked as he saw the carts exploding, a gas releasing into the air. A familiar green gas of ...
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