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Superiors are defined as any member within Hath's Vanguard, or any member whom may outrank an individual. The offices of Hath's Vanguard include but are not limited to:
  • Matriarch
  • Justicar
  • Commander (Snowcap Brigade)
  • Sergeant (Snowcap Brigade)
  • Vocational Director
  • Cleric Commander
  • Mother Superior
  • Hand of the Matriarch
  • Lector

Enemies of the Citrine Eagle
An enemy of the Citrine Eagle is defined as any faction whom currently has declared war upon the Citrine Eagle.

Minor Punishment
Minor Punishment is defined as a punishment outside of disciplinary actions such as temporary imprisonment and acts of a Judiciary Tribunal. Minor Punishments are to be administered by the assailants direct authority based on division. This can include:
  • Demerits
  • WIthholding of Promotion
  • Withholding of Medals

Moderate Punishment
Moderate Punishment is defined as the second level of disciplinary action, and is to be decided by the Matriarch. This can include:
  • Demotion from rank
  • Withholding from general participation
  • Temporary suspension (If deemed necessary)

Triumvirate Punishment
Triumvirate Punishment is defined as any action grievous enough to be handled by a Hierarchical Judicial Triumvirate, including the Justicar, and the assailant in questions head of command, as well as a third party that may be picked by the Matriarch. Actions of the Triumvirate will not be listed.

Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment is removal from the order based on persistence in criminal and insubordinate acts. This is to be decided by a persons head of command, or the Matriarch.

Illegal Goods
Illegal Goods shall be defined as clothing or armor that citizens of Stormwind are prohibited from carrying on their person. Goods that are deemed illegal are listed:
  • Forgery Devices, or any tools required to forge documents.
  • Felweed, a fel-tainted herb harvested from the Outlands.
  • Demon's Blood, or any artifacts or items imbued with fel magic.
  • Undead Plague, or any artifacts or items imbued with the plague.
  • (1) Knights of the Ebon Blade may own, but not distribute items imbued with the plague.


A misdemeanor is a minor act which will result in a Minor Punishment. A member of the Citrine Eagle will be convicted of a misdemeanor if {s}he commits the following acts.

1. Insubordination
  1. Refusal to adhere to a superiors command in;
  2. battle;
  3. during missions;
  4. within the confines of Talongrab
  5. Repeated counts of Insubordination will result in removal from the Order.
2. Possession of Illegal Goods
  1. Any objects listed in definitions aside from;
  2. Undead Plague;
  3. Demon's Blood;
  4. Felweed
  5. which will be considered for Triumvirate Punishment.
3. Disrespect of Peers
  1. Disrespect of any within the Citrine Eagle;
  2. or under its jurisdiction.
4. Disrespect of Allies
  1. Disrespect of anyone within an;
  2. associated order;
  3. neutral entity
5. Failure to Present Tabard
  1. The act of not wearing your tabard when military dress is required

General Crimes or Misdeeds

A General Crime or Misdeed is a Crime or misdeed that will result in a Moderate to Triumvirate Punishment at the discretion of the Matriarch if a person commits the following actions:

1. Harassment
  1. The action of verbal or sexual harassment;
  2. within Talongrab;
  3. during a mission;
  4. wearing a Citrine Eagle tabard or;
  5. when representing the Order
2. Assault
  1. Attacking or threatening to anyone within the Citrine Eagle or;
  2. anyone not defined as an Enemy of the Citrine Eagle
  3. Assaulting a superior will result in a Triumvirate Punishment
  4. Assault with any Magic defined as Illegal in the Illegal Magics list will result in a Triumvirate Punishment.
  5. Assault with a deadly weapon will result in a Triumvirate Punishment
3. Murder
  1. Ending the life of anyone within the Citrine Eagle or;
  2. anyone not defined as an Enemy of the Citrine Eagle will face Triumvirate Punishment
4. Abduction
  1. Confining another being against their will
5. Theft
  1. Taking something that is someone else's property;
  2. who is not defined as an Enemy of the Citrine Eagle
6. Absentee-ism
  1. Anyone who consistently neglects to attend or misses;
  2. scheduled combat exercises;
  3. training;
  4. battles;
  5. and assistance of Allies;
  6. is subject to the judgment of their commanding officer.
Disclaimer: We understand people need to take breaks for real life matters, and this is taken into account.

7. Use of Illegal Magics
  1. Any magics listed within the General Rules on Magic

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