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Bound within the pages of the holy text, the book hummed with a certain power of holy magic. Runes skittered along the edges of each and every page, flickering and flashing before the eyes. Prayers and incantations meticulously written out upon each page. Spells and guidelines. And on a few pages, some drawings of sorts. But, the last section of the book was left blank. No runes, no writings, no pictures, and no power made these pages special. They were simply extra pages for Zaria's thoughts, and she elected to finally use them. These writings would more than likely be unseen by others.

26th June, 36 L.C.

It all started when I met her sitting on the steps of the Cathedral of Light. Her back on the wall and her legs crossed. She was nose deep in a book and clearly more invested in that than she could ever be in a conversation. But, it was my first few weeks as acting Highlord, and I needed members, and good priests. Her robes suggested she might be able to fit a role such as that, and her curled auburn hair suggested she might have a bit of charming and simple flare. It was really unnerving to step up to her. Her preoccupation with her book made me not want to interrupt her after all. But stepping up to her made me a bit nervous, more nervous than I was regularly. But all the same, I introduced myself to the woman. And I immediately second guessed myself.

But, she was kind and courteous, honestly one of the more delightful people I had spoken with since politics had gotten in the way of life. She was a decently simple woman upon first meeting. We talked about a few minor things together, and she was looking for a place to move her orphanage from Elwynn Forest, and mentioned wanting to travel far and wide. This was my in. I told her of Alterac, and how it was going to become a shining beacon of the world once again under the rule of (ironically) Kormed Wolfheart. She must have heard some truth in my word, and I made certain the children under her care would be safe for the journey. It was a long way from home for them after all. After that, she joined the Citrine Eagle as a Cleric.

She fascinated me, to no end mind you. She was witty and kind, and after inducting her into the order, I found out she had a bum knee that she had earned when she was a few years younger. She spoke of not enjoying the rule of the Archbishop, and he has - ironically appeared just after she had mentioned that. We shared a few laughs about it later on. But even with those she held distaste for, she was amicable and kind. All in all, she was enrapturing, and I wanted to make it my goal to make her feel welcome. But that would come in time, I had almost thought she didn't really like me.

In her time in the Citrine Eagle, she became my inspiration, she actually became my one true love. We had paired off after I left Chrisana Rilke due some strenuous circumstances and - well love really struck between the both of us. I was in love with a woman named, Yoes Andra.

She became my inspiration. I had learned about her family, her mother, everything. We came across an old portrait of her mother with Yoes as a little baby in-arms and, we took it back to the manor. There it sits today. She fell down the steps of the Cathedral far too many times to count with two normal hands, and Alonsus Secundus himself helped to repair her bum knee.This was the woman who gave me the drive and encouragement I needed when the "Kaiser" sought to justify his unvirtuous actions, and she stuck by me through everything. She did everything to impress me, even going so far as to try to become a Knight of the Silver Hand under tutelage of Kavid. We had a plan for the future, to retire and be happy together on the beaches of Stranglethorn.

But, she is not presently my wife. I'm not spending my life with her. I look back and know what went wrong, and this blame shall be pressed on myself for all eternity. I write this before visiting the place where her spirit lies, to pray for her and her life in paradise. If not for me, perhaps she would be alive, if not for my ambition, perhaps we would still be happy together. She will always be the auburn haired spark that lit my fire, and I shall never shrug that off lightly. I go now to face my maker.
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1st July, 36 L.C.
There's quite a bit I wanted to do with my life. it could have - really all been simper for me. I never needed to fight, the choice was always there. But, where's the thrill of not being able to help serve Kingdom and country? Serving the people is when I am happiest, even if sometimes I become irate from the ordeal. Without the opportunity to help others, what use am I to this world? It's nice to have some sort of purpose, and I am thankful for that.

That service however comes with a great toll on my sense of self. I was a lot different before this all started, before the Citrine Eagle that is. I was young, I am still young but I was -younger-. My life in a year really has taken a turn. I was happy, naive and just looking for friendship with others so I could enjoy my life. Where we are now well, none of this was expected, and I am still not prepared for what we've become. I was a simple soldier who had gotten back into active service, who knew I'd be a leader.

People assisted me in reclaiming the lands that were once the lands of my family. It was others who assisted me in my political ascension in the region of Alterac as a protectorate. The title of Highlord was just, tossed at me. It was tossed at me with much different expectations than being an integral part of the Silver Hand. It was made to be autonomous from it all, for a Kaiser who wanted nothing to do with the world. But, if we are to be successful, perhaps it is for the best we think of others.

It all happened so fast. My position garnered me support within the City-State of Alterac, and the Citrine Eagle contained two people, myself and Sir Kavid. And then it grew, its helping hand extended past the paladins, assisting clerics, and the soldiers of the army, and we mustered favor with the people. This was all very crucial to help us become what we are today. But it was all so sudden. Who knew Kormed Wolfheart was a murderer, and who knew I'd be the only one able to pick up the pieces from the downfall? Well, here we are from that point where we finally said no, that we wouldn't bend a knee to a tyrant. From that point it has felt like we needed to reinvent the wheel to become what we are today. We weren't prepared. We had a few knights, a few priests, and a couple of people who never wanted to give up on Alterac. It's really astonishing what that became, what that is becoming.

I suppose I'm happy today. Horacea is going on some sort of journey and wanted to see me today, so it will be nice to see her before she departs. It won't be uncomfortable, even if everyone does keep telling me she supposedly has a crush on me. But that, that's for another entry.
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July 28th, 36 L.C.
It has been a while since I wrote in here, and I must say it has been quite the journey. The redemption of a friend and their weapon - and forging a path to redeem myself. Stromgarde and - a world of surprises. I think I'll speak on those actually. The most notable one being Ithalin Belados. I've known him for a long time now, and he always leaves you guessing. He's a respectable man - at least when he chooses to be. A man of Lordaeron birth who remains loyal to his home and people, that much is apparent when you see him against the Forsaken at least. He keeps the order, and he keeps the peace, and for that I am thankful, but also have quite a bit else to write about.

Stromgarde has fallen since the last time I wrote in here. This is a testament to the unmerited confidence of the Alliance in situations they shouldn't be. We had taken Stromgarde, and the forces decided to sit on their laurels or- even leave all together. Defenses fell to the wayside after the conquest and victory for the Alliance, and the north was practically in our grasp. But, no one can follow through anymore, and loyalties only stand to the point of victory. It was disappointing to see Stromgarde fall, and it was a moment I'll never forget. They said the Wrathgate was absolutely terrible - a modern horror. You never think you'll see something like that, and you think life will happen around you without it actually touching you. Stromgarde proved this entirely wrong. Watching as the plague barrels flew over head and impacted the city, it was the first time in eleven years I had really thought about my own death.

I don't want to die, but survival hinges on the fact that I know that I am a mere mortal, vulnerable to the forces of this world, and not immune to being stabbed through the heart. Rumor has it actually I have a horrible allergic reaction to being stabbed which includes profuse bleeding, certainly something to think about in the near future but - that is another tangent entirely. But I do hope everyone comes to realize we're not immortal gods of war, it will save us all in the long run.

Other than that? Leah and I aren't a pair anymore, and I'm not truly certain what to make of it. We've been friends, but I do not feel like a friend anymore - more like a betrayer. At least that is how I am treated. She has called me awful things in the past - abuser being one of them, but I just don't know what I did to be called that. I loved and cared for her when I could - I encouraged her to follow her dreams, and only tried to reel her back in when conflicts arose between her and others. Could I have been more present? I should have been, but our lives didn't allow for that. All of our time together was just - speaking about how we don't have time together, and arguing about only I could change that, or only I could do something for her that would rectify all of our issues. "I'll wait until you are no longer the Highlord." It lingers in my mind a bit - it stings really. My lifes work as a paladin, and my Tenacity to protect others - I couldn't just give up on this for love, especially when she wouldn't give anything up in the same light for me. I freed myself from what was an - unfair relationship I suppose. As friends we can at least set the balance, and be happier. She is a good woman, I just hope she realizes I did what I could to keep this alive. Life is - exhausting like that.

But I got the ring back, corrupted by the same shadows of an old god within Ahn'qiraj. The corrupted legacy of Deborah Blackmoore sits on the desk besides me, and the next time it rests on a finger, it will be for someone who loves it for what it is.Who will that be well? Perhaps this tale will come full circle eventually. But for now, to cleanse and return it to its former state, and keep it with Chester until we both agree it's time to offer it up again. It's funny how a life could be dictated by a band of truesilver.

But here I sit alone, and slightly relieved. I have hopes for the future that will be realized now, and that is all that matters.
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April 17th
I like my job. The late nights I spend buried in a book trying to think of the best way to do the most minor tasks and approve of some of the most updated concepts. Reading and writing, writing and reading that writing to make sure I didn't just blurt a bunch of nonsense onto a page like I am now. Making something brand new or having time to brainstorm with others on what might work best. Sitting and talking with Eagles old and new is also a treat of my days. Sometimes I'd visit my beloved in the Infirmary to ensure she was well - maybe bring her some lunch. It's really the little things that make the days brighter.

But now, I'm stuck on a zeppelin with a myriad of illiterate pirates in the Captain's quarters with little more to do than write in my libram which they forgot to take away from me. How splendid is that? This is a grand use of time that I do not have. Now would often be the time I sit down with others to arrange some sort of meeting or talk to others about that venture I was planning, maybe finish that text I was working on to help the Squires, meet with a few members of the Hierarchy to ensure they are on task with joining in the Legion's fall - or even get the chance to bury the few remains of my father that still sit idle in my home as I'm trapped on a zeppelin.

But it seems the Light wishes for me to be here, and I resist the urge to ask why. I resist the urge to question the will of the all powerful, for it knows what path I should be taking, and where I should be. So, why not roll with the punches and see where it takes me? But there is so much I could be doing now.. I cannot bear this much longer.

And I shall see to it I don't have to.

Scribbled at the bottom of the page were the words "I should work on my writing again sometime. This is atrocious."
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