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#13277718 Jun 01, 2017 at 06:42 PM
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This is the forum thread made for submitting Task Board missions to be published on the Discord Channel, and in the forum itself.

Please use this template!

Title - Name of Questgiver
Reward: (We can come up with these if you can’t think of something!)

If you have a vague idea of what sort of mission you want to make, feel free to mention it here as well and we might be able to make something of it.
#13309982 Jun 20, 2017 at 01:35 PM
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Trying to Pay Respect Were Respect is Due -Jolaini

Description: So recently I went to check on my mother's grave within Alterac, as I arrived there was a ugly red eredar messing with the dead by raising them with fel magic making them fel tainted like the elven dead in the Broken Shore. I tried chasing the the creature down but she already raised enough of the dead I was overwhelmed. to make matters worse among the fel tainted dead is my mother's spirit, Abigale Millborne-Reneigh. Normally I wouldn't need help taking care of the dead, but trying to put them down with arcane means only destroys them and I can't bare to destroy my mother's soul. Please help me find away to respectfully but the dead back to rest and take out the Eredar wench who revived them with fel.

Objective:Kill the Eredar summoner who's reviving the spirits of Alterac's dead.

bonus objective:Find away to put the spirits of Alterac's dead to rest without destroying them.

Reward(s): Willing to create a potion of the person's choice

bonus reward:100 gold ((ooc and ic))
#13310588 Jun 20, 2017 at 09:18 PM
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From stone to spirit - Bornor 'Scruffy" Wildfist
A small square of parchment would hang, much like a brick wouldn’t, on the stone walls of both the entrance to the keep, as well as the inn. The parchment follows.
“Demonic invasions tend to make things either upset, or on fire, most of the time both. Southwest of the keep, near a large cave resides a mass of storm, water, and mostly snow elementals. They’ve become increasingly more hostile towards the locals, so much so that I alone can no longer satisfy them. I can’t offer much in terms of a reward, but what I can offer are small trinkets, most of them tied to an element of some sort, be is spirit, fire, water, stone, air, or decay. Seek me out if you have more questions. – Bornor Wildfist”
The handwriting would be what you’d expect from a drunk who has two stone slabs for arms, but somehow its clear enough to read.

Objective: Pacify the raging elementals
Reward: CHOOSE 1:

Fire Trinket: +1 damage. Has 1 charge, can absorb fire to regain its charge (Note, the fire must be the size of a campfire or larger. Absorbing any flame smaller will have no effect)

Water Trinket: +1 health to you or to a party member. Has 1 charge, can absorb a body of water to regain its charge. (Note, the body of water must be at least 1 pint. Absorbing any body of water smaller will have no effect)

Air trinket: Allows the user to attack or heal a second time, but cannot add any modifiers on their second action and must add a -2 to that second roll. Can be used once every other combat round.

Stone Trinket: Turns the users skin to stone, giving a +2 to the users strength modifier, and -2 to wisdom and inelegance. Lasts the entire encounter. Holds 1 charge, recharges every other encounter.

Spirit Trinket: Allows the user to tap into the energy that binds all living matter. Swap or copy the stats of another player (Health included. Note, any health gained by copying the stats of another player is lost at the beginning of the next player phase. Example, if I had 1 HP left and swapped with someone who had 3 HP, I would revert back to 1HP at the start of the next player phase.) another player for a combat round (Until the next player phase). Holds 5 charges, gain a charge for healing an ally, or dealing damage to an enemy.

Decay trinket: Harvest the spirit energy of all living matter surrounding you. Cause the landscape to wither and rot (Example would be to harvest the spirit from a tree, causing it to become weak and fall over, damaging anyone hit. Note that the damage dealt by altering the environment will vary with every DM)

" It's always more fun with explosions!"
#13327338 Jul 01, 2017 at 01:57 AM · Edited 1 year ago
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Dueling Minds - Valantus Feust

"An old rival of mine Deveroux Van'delis has recently been spotted hanging around in Strahnbrad. How do I know this? I'm the one that spotted them, spotted them leaving the cottage I've been renting with some of my research! I need an agile, intelligent eagle to scour the area near Strahnbrad and recover my documents. By now Deveroux has certainly learned what it is I've written and perhaps even left them behind so they shouldn't be a problem. For my own records though I need those papers! I've got a few simple rules. Don't hurt anybody, don't steal from anyone who doesn't deserve it, and play the game like you've got nothing to lose."

Objective: Investigate the area surrounding Strahnbrad and recover Valantus' stolen documents.

Bonus Objective: Find any clues that may lead to Deveroux


x3 Prismatic Flavored Donuts: User feels a surge of power gaining +4 to rolls for a turn, followed by a crash and gaining -2 to rolls the turn after. The box reads "Experimental Recipe, may lead to erratic bowel movements."
#13412922 Aug 26, 2017 at 11:08 PM
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Bad blood - Diane Abrams

"Several weeks ago, I had an encounter with...a cultist, it may be a bit too late to investigate her activities further with the allotted time but I have reason to believe that this cultist in particular, works with the Legion. Directly or indirectly. Please, if you can, find any information on what her activities have been near Talongrab, last place I had spotted her was on the path from the mountains of Alterac, to the Western Plaguelands. Please be careful, and do not engage Taliine directly. Light guide you."

Objective: Find any clues as to what Taliine's activities has been near Talongrab.
Bonus Objective: Find hints to where Taliine's loyalties lie.


x2 Rose Apple Dessert can be consumed to heal 1 HP or gifted to an individual, adding a +2 to your Charisma Roll for one round.
"You can't always live in the past, sometimes you just have to move forward. No matter how painful it is"
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