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Gonnna put this disclaimer out here. This is just an idea, and I kept it simple-ish for the most part mechanic wise! c:

In-Character Details
Invoking Emote:
“Sereli would take a deep breathing looking at her foe. She gripped her swords tightly in each hand as shadow like tendrils appeared around her form. At first errant but slowly wrapped itself around her body. She faded away from sight as the battered Abomination weaved slightly from its previous wounds. One by one in a circle around the Abomination, Sereli appeared in a grey like skin tone, clearly not her but rather an image of her. Her Eagle armor was not its usual gold and faded brown and red. But a black and silver design. Each image was the same in this regard as they stood straight their swords running along their arms. One by one each of these images would dash with incredible speed through the Abomination. Large gashes now opened in its flesh as the speed increased until eventually each image, which had at first been facing the Abomination, now had their backs to the undead creature. Finally Sereli would reappear as she would finish the creature off with a powerful slash sending it tumbling to the ground dead. Each of the image’s disapepared in a poof of smoke.”

How Sereli learned this:
Sereli spent many years developing her skills with the shadows, the technique itself was discovered under a high strain situation when she fought with Derek, the one who had first introduced her to this magic and the life of an assassin. Of course with time and more effort into it, Sereli has developed this as something she reserves for those she truly hates. ((And if I manage to get a kill roll >.>)). Sometimes it is modified by Sereli herself in a smaller fashion with a singular image appearing when she attacks a foe. But given the rarity of use it is often exhausting and cannot be cast again for a few days.

Out-Of-Character Details


The Player will roll 5 D5’s with the additional D20 for themselves. (The D5’s are essentially what the shadow images do to the target they deal 1-5 damage and ignore the usual damage scale system) and the D20 is the player themself who deals normal damage. The D5’s will NOT be modded. Only the D20 as usual can be.

This will also have a 3 Day Cooldown for its concentration and wear on the user. To prevent players spamming this ability.

This will cost 8 Rage and 3 Energy.

Name: Shadow’s Judgement.

Other information:
Anyone who uses the shadows can use this ability, however for shadow casters the equivalent to the emote below instead of sword-bearers would be something akin to the shadow priest’s passive effect of the image that floats from your character to the enemy. This will affect one specific target.

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