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Name: Overwhelming Kindness.

Fourteen day cool-down.
Ten Holy Power and Five Medical Kits

How it works:
Jen channels all her willpower and focus on using her kindness as a weapon.
Only works on non boss enemies and instantly converts them to an ally or talks them into retreating/surrendering.

Example emote of skill being used:
Jenifleur Wyther smiles sweetly at the Frostwolf Shaman as she walks closer. The usual aura of Holy Light flickering slightly as she stares down her foe confidently. Her left hand sliding down into her satchel, eventually pulling out a small wrapped bundle of cookies. "Honorable orc, surely you can understand that we are only trying to protect the innocent farmers of this village. We don't wish to keep having blood spilled when a good talk can clear up our differences." She offers the bundle out to the orc as her pose exudes compassion. Her mere presence currently seeming to almost be like an old tale of some kind angelic caretaker. The aura making it very hard for the orc to think anything but how kind and friendly the woman seemed, perhaps even making him want to devote himself to whatever cause it was that she was talking about.
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