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Faith, an ideal important if not embedded into the minds of most Paladins. For a long time, eher faith had dwindled. The light could not find a cure for her sisters illness, who she eventually lost. After that, her mother was the last remnant of her family. A remnant she lost, to a heart attack of all things. Melanie was alone, without anyone she could trust. The light would inevitably fail her, just as she would fail herself. She found little more then the bottom of a bottle for many, many months. That was until she found herself under the banner of the Citrine Eagles. Though her faith in the light still remained somewhat shakey, knowing it would not always be there to catch her when she fell... She knew the Eagles would, at least when she fought along side them.

Melanie took some time away from the Eagles, requesting a month of leave to find herself. Perhaps she also found how much she needed allies in her life. She had been their healer as well as their blade. Melanie had to have the faith that if she was also their shield, they would carry her well. She learnt to show no signs of fear as she stood as a barricade between her allies and the enemy.

3 Days.

Out-Of-Character Mechanics:
Melanie uses her action during player phase to select a target. For the next 2 enemy phases, the target has disadvantage (roll twice take the lower) on all attacks aimed at anyone aside from Melanie. In addition, for the next two player phases Melanie concentrates on occupying the enemy and giving her allies an opening (she cannot attack, heal or act in any way other than movement). Up to two allies a turn gain advantage (roll twice take the higher) when attacking the target chosen by Melanie.

Extra Note:
This actually hooks in really well with the leave of absence Melanie took and is currently on for one month. I had planned regardless to bring her back into more of a tank role, and I believe this fits well! Anyway, thanks for reading.
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