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Heroic ability:
The wildfist
“Ye face not one Dwarf taday, but all o’thee Wildfist combined!” –Bornor Wildfist

In lore explanation:
During the time prior to the war of the three hammers, a Dwarf by the name of Crieg Blackhammer would earn and adopt the name of ‘Wildfist’ due to his unique fighting style while inebriated. Many years later and the last known living Wildfist Dwarf, Bornor, would train under Farseers and Grandmasters of the earthen ring. Learning to invoke the spirits of the past; never again will he be alone. However this comes at a price, to invoke the spirits one must in a dream-like state, or severely wounded. Allowing the barrier of our realm and the spiritual realm to grow thin enough so as one can communicate cross the realms.

Example of use (Short non-cannon story)
“Broken, bloodied, and teetering on the precipice of demise lay the outline of Bornor.
“PUNY LITTLE DWARF! LOOK AROUND YOU! LAY YOUR EYES UPON THE CORPES OF THOSE WHO DEFIED ME! The unrelenting sound of the wrathguard commander echoed across the battlefield and shook Bornor to his core. “Eheh…heh ha..” “YOU LAUGH AT MY WORDS? YOU DARE MOCK ME WHILE I STAND VICTORIOUS?! YOUR DEATH WILL BE P.INFUL, EARTHBORN!” At this the nearly dead Shaman would slowly rise to his feet. His two stormforged hammers hung loosely in his weakening grip. “Aye, ye may be right about that… But theres a tad problem. We Dwarves dun nae knoo when ta give up!” With a thud, the shaman drops both of his hammers and lowers himself. “Ye face not one Dwarf taday, but all o’thee Wildfist combined!” At once, ghostly figures of various shapes and sizes would start to manifest around the demon. Digging deep, Bornor would find the courage to charge towards the demon, the spirits following suit. Enraged at this, the hulking Wrathguard would swing wildly at the spirits, his blade passing through them all with no effect. “YOU WILL ALL BURN IN FEL FIRE! THE LEGION WILL PREV-” But before the demonlord could finish; Bornor would deliver a single blow aimed directly in the center of his foes head, sending it flying across the battle field. The demons body fell and the spirits slowly disappeared. Then silence. “Demon…Filth..” Was all that the shaman could muster before falling over himself.”

Only usable when the user falls to, or below 0.
The player will temporarily be set to 1 hp for the remainder of their turn. The player can take an extra two attack rolls with a -5 to their second and third attack. These attacks are considered critical, no mater what you roll, and will deal twice the damage. Your rolls cannot be lowered past 5.

Normal rules:
/roll 20
Bornor rolls a 7!
2= unsuccessful strike.

When using Wildfist
/roll 20
Bornor rolls a 7!
5= 1 Damage
1x2= 2
Bornor Deals 2 damage.

At the end of your turn you are knocked out and considered dead and can only be revived by medics after the battl has finished.

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