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Psalmbook of the Goldfinch


Lore (Beginning): Gabriel reaches into the pouch on his side and a well-worn book, bound in gold and silver slowly becomes visible to the light of day. The Eagles were in danger, and the only solution was to turn to an old, dusty friend. Holy light weaves in and out of the pages as Gabriel chants, sings, and speaks line after line of poetry...

Mechanic: The caster (Gabriel) rolls 1d4. Each number corresponds with a psalm. Each psalm is randomly chosen and has a different effect. After using this ability, The caster takes 2 damage. The amount of damage he takes doubles each time this ability is used per week.

"Friends, cast off your bonds and become one with the Light!"

Number 1 - Sun-Baked Psalm (Lore): Gabriel praised and chanted, tendrils of light surging in and out of his veins. His blood shone like the sun itself, and his eyes seemed to be forged of an ethereal starlight. His words almost seemed to grow to a scream, though an extremely joyful tone was still held. Bursts of light flare out and seep into the wounds of Eagles, instantly mending and weaving loose and dying flesh into something bright and new. The blinding display inspires anyone that sees it, and those who stand against this conduit of the Light are disoriented briefly.

Number 1 - Sun-Baked Psalm (Mechanic): Any damaged ally within five hundred yards is instantly cured of all damage taken. All allies within that area are also given a +5 to a single roll in the next 4 turns. After the time has passed, the modifier is no longer able to be used. Enemies are also driven back briefly, cancelling the next enemy phase instantly, and giving all non-boss enemies a -3 to their next three rolls. This does not affect lesser undead, automatons, or plant-like creatures.

"Feel it. Feel it now. It's pure, and it's powerful. It's all I have left."

Number 2 - Bloodstained Psalm (Lore): Rage and hatred is all that Gabriel can spew. The cheerful paladin let his blood boil and his eyes grow dark with a foul energy. Screams and cries echo from his lips, none displaying anything other than sheer anger and fury. It is disturbing to say the least, though anyone hearing these words seeped in magic cannot help but feel their own blood boil, and their mouths feel dry.

Number 2 - Bloodstained Psalm (Mechanics): All characters, NPC or otherwise, instantly take 2 point of damage. However, if an enemy to the character is slain, dropped, or otherwise defeated within 2 turns, double that amount of damage is healed. This effect also stacks. All characters have a +4 to all rolls for the next 4 turns. This does not affect lesser undead, automatons, or plant-like creatures.

"I stand before death...and I grovel, and I fear. Don't you see, there's no hope...?"

Number 3 - Tear-Drowned Psalm (Lore): As Gabriel chants the final word his voice cracks. The page he reads from is torn. His voice quivers as he sees yet another ally fall to the ground, limp. He attempts to call out, shriek for some divine creature to help him, but only dry, hoarse crackling escapes from his jaws. He falls to his knees and sobs. Anyone on his side cannot feel anything other than sorrow and hopelessness. The foul beasts that Gabriel found himself fighting now begin to grin and chuckle...

Number 3 - Tear-Drowned Psalm (Mechanics): All allies to the caster immediately suffer a -2 to their next two rolls, and a -1 to their maximum HP for the rest of the encounter. All enemies feel bolstered, gaining an extra die for one roll. This cannot be used outside of the adventure, however, it may be used outside the encounter. This does not affect lesser undead, automatons, or plant-like creatures.

"Powers exist beyond what we have seen. I only wish to bring you to them."

Number 4 - Bone-Chilling Psalm (Lore): Gabriel's voice becomes weak and hoarse sounding, but retains the volume it had before. He breathes as if the air is being forced out of dry, useless lungs. This same affliction quickly spreads, as more and more cannot allow themselves to do anything other than sit and shiver like a pathetic, dying thing. Assailants, defenders, none of it matters, as all collapse into a state of paranoia so extreme it does not allow them to do anything.

Number 4 - Bone-Chilling Psalm (Lore): The maximum health of all characters immediately drops to 1. Any basic attack, action, movement, or other ability that is not extremely magical (and does not require much motion of the body) requires a successful intelligence, charisma, or wisdom check that must beat a 12. All characters also suffer a -4 to all rolls for the encounter. If a roll is reduced to below 0, the caster immediately falls back to their previous, terrified state. This does not affect lesser undead, automatons, or plant-like creatures.

How this might affect another character:
Obviously, this is up to the player. A cold, emotionless man, a death knight, or an automaton may not feel anything at all, and the magic of the spell may be the only thing that constrains them. A glorious centurion might feel herself become shining and bright, literally, with her armor reflecting the rays of light from the Sun-Baked Psalm. A savage cannibal might resort to his darker nature and feast upon the enemies during the Bloodstained Psalm. It all depends on the player, the caster, and the DM.

It was over, or so he thought. The enemy was defeated. Weather or not he harmed or helped in the fray, exhaustion racked at his bones and cut into his mind. This is not a power to use lightly...

Thanks for reading! I'm happy I was able to finally get this in!

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