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Snowcap Introduction Guide

You’ve just joined The Citrine Eagle! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Fresh recruits will be placed in the Snowcap rank. This is an introductory rank for you to better see who we are, and for us to see who you are. This is the time to strut your stuff and show your mettle to the Eagles.

Snowcaps are expected to...
Be active: We want to see more of you! Come to events, both scheduled or not, and hang out with us ICly. Get to know us, understand us. And we’ll do the same for you!

Look into Divisions: We’ve several Divisions you’ll be able to join once your time as Snowcap is over (See Promotions). Where do you think your character will fit most? Where do you want them to fit? Just because you aren’t a mage, doesn’t mean you can’t join M.A.N.A., or the other Divisions.

Follow the rules: This is expected of everyone, especially new recruits. Take the time to look over the rules so everyone has a fun and enjoyable time!

Ask questions: The Snowcap is not only a time to flourish, but a time to learn. If you have questions, feel free to ask! We’re more than happy to assist.

Make sure you speak to the mentor you were assigned to! Ask all the burning questions you have, and they will assist! (See Mentor Program mentioned in the last section of this article)

The Citrine Welcoming Package
Upon entry, you would have received a parcel. In it would contain…

Make sure you check the Calendar for upcoming events! They normally start 8pm Server Time, unless stated otherwise. We understand that you may not be able to make every event. We just ask that if you are on and wanting to RP during Event Times, come out with us! Meet the Eagles on an individual, or as a group!

After sometime as a Snowcap, we take a look back and see how much you participated with the Eagles. If you have been active as best as you could in this time, you will be promoted, and able to join one of the Divisions!
If we have barely seen you since your invitation, you’ll have to try to participate more, as the Divisions need active members. (Coming to two meetings doesn’t mean you are active.)
If you see other Snowcaps get promoted before you do, don’t be disheartened! It’s very likely they joined sometime before you. Everyone who joins waits the same amount of time before they are considered to get “The Jump” (Promoted out of Snowcap)

Mentorship Program
As a new recruit, you’ll be assigned a Mentor in the form of one of our Veteran Eagles! They will help guide you and teach you how to fly! (Metaphorically)
They will show you the ropes! How to make your D20 Sheet and how to use it, teach you about Talongrab, the Eagles, and introduce you to others as you progress and get situated within the group.

We are happy to have you with us and hope to see more of you!
Welcome to The Citrine Eagle!
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