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Silver Hand
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Danath let the snow around his boots crunch as he chased after an orc, "Stop!" He drew his blade and charged forward. An orc wearing the bearings of a Frostwolf Grunt continued to run from the Knight of the Silver Hand carrying stolen supplies. They had gained a far enough distance between the caravan that Danath had been protecting along with several other members of the Covert Alliance Warhawks. The broadsword met a one-handed axe as the two began to fight.

"For your own sake human, turn back. I do not want to fight." The Orc spoke in...very well spoken common, surprisingly, as the two broke the blade lock. Danath continued to attack, landing a short blow against the grunt's side while the Frostwolf's axe made contact with the Knight's shoulder. Through swings and jabs aimed at one another the two warriors fought on for several minutes. Danath had found an opening, he brought his arm forward slinging a conjured hammer of justice at the orc keeping him in place as he retrieved the stolen property.

"You fought well, orc...I just wish to know why you did this." Danath sheathed his blade, not giving the orc death. There was no reason as the orc was beaten and it was a single grunt, "As well as who you are..."

The orc, through borderline unconciousness, spoke, " Negarn Paleaxe, son of Tagar Paleaxe and Frostwolf Trapper...I-" He shook his head trying to stay awake, "We were sent to aid in assaulting the caravan because the Alliance gaining resources in Alterac could lead to further assaults. I was...just following orders."

Danath stared at the orc for a moment, how did he know common and why was he so honest, "Negarn then, I will not kill you. You are beaten and sound as though you tell the truth. You should retreat back to the Alterac Mountains while you still can, Frostwolf." He turned to return with the stolen supplies from the caravan.

Negarn stood for a few moments pondering what had happened, a human had shown him mercy. A member of the Alliance, an Alterac sworn member of the Alliance for that matter, had let him live. He gathered his dual axes and sighed, the Knight had shown him mercy and he would heed his end of the bargain. An honorable pact between two warriors, even if these warriors were of opposing factions.

Both Danath and Negarn would return to their homes, keeping their encounter in mind but they would both never speak of it to their friends or allies again.
Danath Morsin
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