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--General Information--
Full Name: Zaria Reneigh Blackmoore
Pronunciation: Czar-eya
Nickname or Aliases: Matriarch
Title(s): Duchess, Matriarch

Race: Human
Nationality: Alteraci
Age: 28
Date of Birth: December 15th, 9 L.C.
Place of Birth: Strahnbrad, Alterac

Claims and Positions: Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle, Duchess of Talongrab, Knight of the Silver Hand.
Affiliations: Order of the Silver Hand, The Stormpike Expedition, Church of the Holy Light, Knights of Perenolde

Place of Residence: Talongrab, Alterac
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Unwed
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Thalassian, Broken Taurahe. (She can also read Vrykul runes, and understand some Archaic Common)
Religious Beliefs: Holy Light; Non-denominational

Profession: Military Leader, Politician
Character Class: Templar
Abilities and Special Skills:
Zaria uses the Holy Light to empower herself in the midst of combat. She has a highly aggressive fighting style and specializes in the use of halberd and pole-weapons in combat (in spite of not using them very often). As a seasoned and veteran Paladin of prestige, Zaria is able to use the Light in many different forms; including healing, specialized attacks, and the conjuring of physical manifestations to fight by her side (primarily Svipul). She can also impart blessings, and empower allies. Aside from this, Zaria also has a faint knowledge of Vrykul runes that can be utilized in her arsenal.

Her fighting style often varies based on the scenario, and she is a versatile fighter and tactician when necessary.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 150 pounds
Build: “Strong”
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Olive Green

Distinguishing Features:
Zaria has several marks on her body, including the following:
  • Warpaints on her face (in or outside of battle).
  • Braids in Vrykul or Old Alteraci fashion.
  • Several tattoos on her body. Which include…
  • Runes of Valor etched into her right arm.
  • The four stars of the Alterac flag descending the back of her left arm.
  • The crest of the Citrine Eagle across her back.
  • Several other markings that have otherwise gone unseen by others.

Physical Description:
Confidence cast from Zaria's face as she looked upon those she met with a warm smile and an heir of certainty. Her facial features hinted to lineage within the Northlands of Alterac, and the way she presented herself also made the distinction. Her jaw was well-defined and complimented by a rounded nose, larger lips, and smooth skin that maintained a healthy glow and gave her a womanly appearance. Though, her face maintained a hardness through her slightly hollowed cheeks, high cheekbones, and the stern gaze that was apparent in her tired and partially-lidded green eyes.

The way she presented herself might also be cause for second glances. Her hair was pulled into braids on either side of her head to create a faux-shortness to each side, and the blonde hair cascaded down to rest comfortably at her shoulders. One smaller and tighter braid hooked over the top of her ear on either side, and a larger, thicker braid also was pulled back on either side. It was a style similar to that of a Vrykul woman, almost. And in times of ceremony or war, her face was painted with dark grey marks that resembled ursine markings tattooed onto Druids of the Claw. The tribal appearance in wartime might almost make her look like a barbarian -- if not for the way she expressed herself and acted.

Zaria's form was strong. Her thighs were thick, strong, and complimented her wide hips to create a solid foundation to fund her strength from. Her motherly hips tapered into a leaner waist and modest chest. Her arms were also rather strong looking, but most of this strength and muscle was covered in a healthy layer of fat to keep the woman insulated in the colder regions she often finds herself in. There was a fair amount of definition to each curve and muscle regardless.

When her arms were exposed, her right arm held a golden glow caused by several Vrykul runes that snaked up from her forearm, and up towards her shoulder. Each rune looked to be scarred into her arm, and kept the powers of the Light that flowed through them in-check. There was also one of these runes on her right palm. Her left arm was marked atop her triceps with four six-sided stars that descended and tapered in size. These were similar to the four stars that stood beside the Alterac falcon on the crest of the destroyed Kingdom. Along with this marking, some veins popped out of her bicep from time to time that hinted at dehydration, and muscular strain. However, on her left shoulder blade was the crest of the Kingdom of Alterac tattooed onto her back. Many scars dot Zaria's form as well, and hinted at a willingness to take to the front lines in times of need.

This was a traditional Northlander in appearance, and representation. Her raw strength and rugged appearance stemmed from her Alteraci roots, while her dignified demeanor and great faith holds strong through her fathers origins in Lordaeron. Overall, she was a fair representation of what each culture had to offer.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: The endless quest for power to help protect the weak and innocent, and searching for particularly valorous individuals. She also likes to bake.

Quirks: Zaria is obsessed with a lightborne being of her creation — Svipul. She treats the figure like a daughter as a supplementary child, and it has taken her down the path of embracing a new culture to appease the little lightborne. If she weren’t so short, she might be mistaken for a Vrykul woman. This has also caused her to have an unhealthy interest in the Val’kyr, and other angelic beings. She’s also overly-aggressive in the heat of battle.

Goals: The reclamation of the Alterac Mountains for the Alliance. Strengthen the resolve of her people, and unify them under the banner of the Citrine Eagle. Her goals are basically in the best interest of the Citrine Eagle. Aside from that, she would also someday like to have a family to settle down with — provided she accomplishes the former goals.

Fears: Zaria lacks any sort of genuine fear. She’s cold to the feeling, but wishes something could make her feel true fear.

Weaknesses: There are several, most of them are unhealthy obsessions, or habits.

Children: While not apparent in her day to day life, the promise of a settled family is something Zaria dreams of. She wants a child to call her own, but her preferences have left her without the opportunity for years. Because of this Zaria often finds herself jumping at the chance to impress herself upon a child, or help care for them — or anything that might seem like a child. She becomes overly sentimental.

Blind Faith: Zaria is a strong believer in the Light and its divine cause. But unlike her brethren in the Silver Hand, her own brand of faith includes utmost zeal in the field of battle, and the view that the holiest among all are those who can see with “true vision”. What that means is unknown. But her faith in the Light will often stray her down less than satisfactory paths, or lead her to impress her views upon others who trust her. This is a strength, and a weakness.

The Burden of Responsibility: Zaria likes helping. It leads her to take on much more than she can handle, or any single person could feasibly handle. Apart of her path leading the Citrine Eagle has been understanding that she needs to share this burden with others to form a stronger foundation. Her focus and emphasis on work has also alienated her from her blood relatives and friends, more often than not.

Personality Description:
Zaria is a benevolent person, even if she always holds up a commanding presence among her peers. She takes on the embodiment of a leader so others don't need to, but it is hard to tell what virtue she exemplified as a Squire. Zaria does her best to live her life by the guidelines of the Three Virtues and this has forged her personality.
Zaria is much less of an inquisitive mind as she used to be, but that does not mean she lacks a good deal of curiosity when she meets someone, or sees something new. She possesses an open mind to new ideologies, and is careful to observe the practices of others so that she may offer her respects to those practices. Her kind heart is normally obscured by the obligation to command her forces, but sometimes her own personal feelings slip.

Her current personality greatly contrasts the old perky and happy-go-lucky personality she used to possess. Now that she needs to present herself as a respectable leader, she makes every effort to do so. This however does not stop her humor from being consistently dry.

Character History:
This is a bad idea. Feel free to read Zaria’s wiki page.

Here's an art album: Posted on Imgur
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--Statistics Sheet--
Name: Zaria Blackmoore
Division: "N/A"
Total Health: 9

Strength: +3 (+3) = +6
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: 0
Constitution: +2 (+3) = +5

Equipped Items:
Orange Beret
10 Triumph Badges
Once Per Event
If you successfully deal 2 damage in three separate player turns, you may deal 1 critical strike to the enemy on your next phase without a roll.

Cleats of Brute Might
5 Triumph Badges
+1 Constitution Rating
Gain +1 to base Strength. Does not expire. Stacks with additional effects.

Cinch of the Empowered Brute
5 Triumph Badges
+1 Constitution Rating
Gain +1 to base Strength. Does not expire. Stacks with additional effects.

Gloves of Debilitating Blows
5 Triumph Badges
+1 Constitution Rating
Gain +1 to base Strength. Does not expire. Stacks with additional effects.

Boots of Adept Charging
10 Triumph Badges
+1 Constitution Rating
Before rolling to attack an enemy in melee, roll; if above 17, your target is Dazed and takes double damage from your attack.

Citrine Ring
Gain a bonus of +1 to your roll total when attacking in melee.
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