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--General Information--
Full Name: Xaria Snowdon
Pronunciation: Czar-eya
Nickname or Aliases: Xarvi, Xar-Xar, Black Widow
Title(s): None

Race: Human
Nationality: Alteraci
Age: 24
Date of Birth: November 11.
Place of Birth: Alterac

Claims and Positions: None
Affiliations: None

Place of Residence: Alterac
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common & Thalassian
Religious Beliefs: None

Profession: Broker
Character Class: Rogue
Abilities and Special Skills: Nimble and beautiful, Xaria is quite deadly when it comes to close combat. Her looks and figure tend to attract those interested and with a silver tongue she seals the deal. Her sexual manner however is all an act as when she gets what she wants, she tends to kill her target afterwards. Xaria is also well skilled in make-up and dressing up to blend in or to stand out, depending on what she needs. She does know a great deal about herbs as well as arcane magic, but refuses to use the magic due to it's unstable nature.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Petite
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green

Distinguishing Features: A few scars on her chest and stomach, but normally covered with make-up.

Physical Description: Standing only just at five feet and four inches, Xaria's red wavy hair flows down at elbow length. The green eyes looked enchanted below her neatly trimmed eyebrows and normally lined with dark eyeliner and a smidge of eyeshadow. Her low bridged nose had a rounded tip and a hint at a few freckles. Her lips are heart-shaped and always colored in a dark shade of pink or light red. Although Xaria let her hair hang loose, she tends to put it up in a quick bun when fighting. Although petite, Xaria has a triangle shaped body, which she loved abusing as it was easy to carry her daggers and pouches around her waist. As for clothing, Xaria tended to show off her upper body, wearing less cloth, but just enough to cover. As for bottoms, she constantly wore leather pants, her favorite thing, along with a pair of knee high boots.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Dressing up, trying out new make-up, and chatting. She also likes to knit, but keeps that a secret.
Quirks: She doesn't like the Light or any magic for that mad. However she knows arcane magic and wields Light Enchanted daggers.
Goals: To take back her home in Alterac and kill the man that ruined her life.
Fears: Magic
Weaknesses: Not everyone is attracted to her of course, which can cause issues for her line of work as she doesn't know how to flatter without being sexual. Xaria also barely has any strength for such a petite girl and since she fears magic, she tends to freeze up when being attacked by a mage directly.

Personality Description: Xaria can be quite charming and vocal. She constantly flirts and appeases to any man she sees and especially if they're single. She's not really one to follow rules if given the chance, but tends to be loyal to who she respects and will obey. Xaria also tends to be quite the liar as she spews stories and openly talks about what she wants and seems to love everyone she speaks to. That tends to be all for attention for a deeper goal set in her mind. Behind closed doors and out of anyone's eyes, Xaria tends to be quiet and enjoys the company of cats as she relaxes and spends her off time knitting.

Character History: Xaria was born to a rather large family that owned a bit of land in Alterac. Her family died however to Syndicate mages and Xaria was sold as a child slave to pirates. She eventually broke away and dwelled in Stormwind. She learned the art of acting and putting on disguises there until she heard of the Citrine Eagles and how they were building a small home called Talongrab. Xaria shadowed the Eagles and even worked for Allse for a time. With the Legion dealt with, Xaria seeks to join the Eagles and claim what was rightfully hers.

Not art, but a reference picture
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