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--General Information--
Full Name: Rachel Emily Jackson
Pronunciation: Ray Chul Em ee lee Jak Sun
Nickname or Aliases: Jackboot
Title(s): Sergeant (Formerly) Warden

Race: Human
Nationality: Stromic, Tirasian, Alteraci
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: 8 L.C.
Place of Birth: Stromgarde

Claims and Positions: Former NCO and Sapper in the Fifth Fleet, Warden of the Talongrab Dungeon, Corporal of the Icewing Brigade, Scarlet Gallantry Cross
Affiliations: Kul Tiran Marine Corps, Scarlet Guerilla's.

Place of Residence: Talongrab
Sexuality: All of the Day Bro
Marital Status: Unwed
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common
Religious Beliefs: Holy Light

Profession: Soldier, Sapper, Lawman
Character Class: Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: Unconventional Warfare, Marksmanship, Demolition, In-Direct Fire Specialist

--Physical Information--
Height: 7'
Weight: 167
Build: Amazonian
Hair Color: White (Sunbleached)
Eye Color: Hazel

Distinguishing Features: Anchor on her Shoulder

Physical Description:
Broad Shouldered, Barbarian Body Type. Well toned muscle, with heavy womanly features due to size.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Construction and Harmonica Play
Quirks: Depression
Goals: An officer in any Military Unit
Fears: Being abandoned
Weaknesses: A bullet in her hip, which when struck correctly causes her to lose feeling in her legs.

Personality Description:

Though she is considered by nature to depressive often. She continues to learn and change herself according to the things the Alterac Silverhand and Icewing teach her, finding new purpose and new happiness in those she loves. Though she still stands, ready to swing her might with thunderous power and with it a myriad of teachings, rifleman, mortarman, sapper, marine, eagle, barbarian. In the end they all point to the sign of Warrior.

Character History:
Stromic Born, Scarlet Tempered, Tiran Raised, and Alteraci Reborn. Jackson, born of another name, and given a name by Trollish Hunters. Was thrown from her home of Stromgarde, even at an early age she was a giantess woman. She raised herself through an urge to survive, having battled the wilds and mountains of Arathi most of her young life. At a young age she was crushing trolls and bounty hunters under foot with ease.

Tol Barad would torture the soul until a release due to the Cataclysm, and a band of roaming Scarlets would teach her the ways of focusing and harnessing her Barbaric Strength, still Rachel, or at the time, Komahara would not relent in her fury in combat. When the Band dissolved, the Fifth Fleet Marines would see her skills put to work, and instillment of discipline civilized the crude woman. A strange melting pot of teachings began to stirr until she was picked up by Alteraci Frontiersman.


Lieutenant Rachel Emily Jackson

Captain of the Guard

Captain - HCS Shadow of Intent

Master Chief - Specialists Sub-Division

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