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Sereli had looked at the taskboard, squinting at it even, as she read over the text. She knew well enough that a lover’s dispute was not going to be resolved in a day. She sighed to herself as she’d make her way from the taskboard and into the streets towards the one house of Rosalia and Roseo. These kinds of tasks were often draining and, she admitted to herself, not the most pleasant. It was far easier to slaughter outlaws, demons, or any other group that would hurt the innocent than it was to resolve a dispute. As she made her way down the streets she could already hear the fierce fire of the dispute that had freshly started this morning. With a deep breath and a quick prayer to Elune, Sereli headed towards the house it was coming from.

“I loved you! And went behind my back and went off kissing until the sunset with that harlot?!” Rosalia yelled. Her knuckles white as she held them tightly into fists. She was utterly shaking at this point. “I loved you and you tossed it away like it was nothing!”

Roseo held up his hands, around him was various clothes and other miscellaneous things apparently Rosalia was throwing Roseo out. Sereli watched for a few more moments as Roseo spoke. “Rosie...Please, listen to me! I was drunk but nothing happened! I promise, I love you I do!” He pleaded with her.

“No...Never again! Mother was right about you! I never should have...I…” She shook her head. “Get out!” She shouted at him as she entered the house and slammed the door.

Roseo was left defeated and unwanted as he began to slowly pick up his things as Sereli approached silently from behind. “Roseo?” She asked in a gentle tone. Which caused the poor man to jump out of his skin.

The young man looked at Sereli, especially her emerald eyes. The man was rather young most likely his youthful twenties she guessed, clean shaven and with dark auburn locks. His hazel eyes showed his lack of experience and a part of her pitied him. “Y-Yes? you want?” He spoke in a defeated manner.

“Miss Rosalie and yourself posted a...domestic dispute on the Eagle’s taskboard. If I am correct.” She looked at Roseo.

“Right, I didn’t think it’d actually get any response.” He blinked at her. “Gods….” He said under his breath.

Sereli kept a trained neutral but attentive look on her face as she spoke.“Right...Well you did, and I’m here to help settle this dispute. Now, what exactly is the cause of this dispute?” She spoke in a professional manner.

Roseo sighed as he moved towards a bench as he set his things nearby. He sat down as Sereli remained a respectable distance to listen. “Well...I was out with my friend’s...a few weeks ago, so what I drank a little bit! Sure there were a few pretty girls but I love Rosalie! I would never cheat on her! But...She’s convinced I would….I can’t even talk to her to convince her…”

Sereli hummed to herself as she took a seat on the bench with Roseo. “I’ve been where she is at; though the man that had put me in her position had...cheated on me...It's hard to explain the fear she is going through. Sometimes this can be worked out through long and grueling talks with one another, need a helping hand.” She looked at Roseo. “Whether that is what’s needed right now...I can’t say. That is something for you both to decide if you both wish to continue forward.” She took a soft breath. “Though I will be tracking down Rosealine for her side of the story to corroborate both of your stories of nothing happening, I will also speak with Rosalie as well.” She rolled a shoulder as she stood up. “This will be a tough path to walk but not impossible if both of you are willing to walk down it together.” She said as she patted him as she moved to track down Rosealine next to get Roseo’s story straight before confronting Rosalie.

Sereli would head further into the city streets of Talongrab as she asked various townspeople where she might find Rosealine. As she gathered the small bits of information of the usual places that Rosealine could be found at. Sereli would first venture towards a local bar, what she had gathered Rosealine was a barmaid there before going to another shift to work as a housekeeper. She’d enter the bar as the stench of alcohol and fresh vomit made Sereli scrunch up her nose. Clearly it was a bar of a lower standard than any other, and the patrons were just as lovely as the dimly lit and dirty bar. She wasn’t afraid, no she’s been in worse streets than this, as she walked up to the bar counter and looked the bartender. “Excuse me.”

The bartender glanced over at Sereli for a few moments as he finished cleaning a shot glass to walk over to her. “Eh?” He was anything less than refined and his tone wasn’t the friendlist.

Sereli kept herself to the point. “I’m looking for a Miss Rosealine?” She crossed her arms as she looked at the bartender with a neutral gaze.

The bartender let forth a grunt of annoyance as he barked at. “Rosie! Ya got someone here for you…” He growled as the girl came forward in a rush manner. Lazily he pointed towards Sereli.

Rosealine was a dim eyed girl in her mid-twenties it looked. She had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes as she looked to Sereli and spoke. “Am I in trouble miss?” Having already spotted Sereli’s tabard of the Eagle’s.

Sereli hummed softly as she motioned with a gloved hand for Rosealine to follow. “Let’s speak outside, away from the listening ears, hey?” She’d wait for the nod of confirmation from the girl who set down the platter that she served drinks from down as Sereli would lead them both outside. “I’m here on the behest of the complaint that Miss Rosalie and Roseo placed upon the board for the Eagle’s.” She looked at her.

Rosealine blinked. “Oh….” She ran a hand through her hair. The girl wasn’t remarkably beautiful nor was she ugly. Sereli couldn’t have helped but wonder how the lens of jealousy truly did twist things around. “Well...Uhm...What would you like to know?” She questioned as she fiddled with herself.

“Don’t worry, you are not in any trouble, Miss Rosealine. I’m simply here piecing everything together right now.” She nodded as she continued to speak.“I spoke with Roseo before coming here, he claims that he and a few of his friends came to this bar and had a few drinks. But he claims nothing happened between you and him that night. I’m simply here to hear your side of the story to get the full picture.” She nodded.

Rosealine nodded along as Sereli spoke. “Well..Folks tend to get a little rowdy when they’re drunk...Of course Mister Roseo wasn’t any different and his friends weren’t particularly helpful. But no...Nothing happened between me and Mister Roseo.” She folded her hands in front of her. “I swear...Nothing...happened.” She rubbed her eyes. “But I couldn’t convince Miss Rosalie of that when she came to ‘confront’ me...Days after Mister Roseo and his friends came to drink.” She huffed.

Sereli tilted her head as the woman spoke. “Rosalie came here? And spoke with you? How did she even know about you?” She quirked an eyebrow at the woman.

“I don’t know! I think one of Mister Roseo’s friends asked and I answered out of reflex! Maybe he said something about me! How do I know?” She threw her hands up into the air. “I just...I didn’t want any of this. I don’t want any of this. I’m tired of it, I’m tired of being seen as some sort of harlot o-or prostitute that hangs around town trying to lure in some young or old man!”

Sereli moved to place a hand on the girl’s shoulder, looking slightly down at her. “I’ll see to it that this gets sorted out, Miss Rosealine.” She nodded. “Is there anything else I should know before I go?”

Rosealine shook her head.”Nothing comes to mind...Really...I just want this over and done with.” She sighed again. “ with it as you will…” She sighed. “I have to get back to work.” Rosealine turned and headed back into the bar before Sereli could say farewell. Before she’d head towards Rosalie’s house, however, she would speak further of the other workers in the bar who confirmed what had happened.

Deciding against standing idle in the street, she made her way back to where she had encountered Roseo, who had gone off to most likely rent an apartment somewhere. It hadn’t been long after she had knocked upon the door of the house that the door was abruptly opened and a boot was flying right at her face. Instinctively Sereli ducked and a hand reached for the hilt of her swords but she stopped herself. Sereli huffed and stood up as Rosalie let forth a string of apologies. Sereli shook her head lightly as she raised a hand as she spoke in a gentle tone. “Don’t worry, I’ve taken far worse hits.” She smirked. “But, may I come in? Miss Rosalie?”

Rosalie nodded as she allowed Sereli in. “Oh, uh...of course...Please pardon the mess…” She said softly. “Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee?” She said in a hurried fashion as she headed towards the kitchen.

Sereli looked around, apparently Rosalie still had things to throw out, with a click of her tongue to herself too gentle for Rosalie to hear she made her way into the living room. It was decorated in a basic and simple fashion, normal paintings of various landscapes, pots of flowers, and places to lounge at. “Hm? Oh, I’ll take some coffee, thank you.” She remained standing until Rosalie would return.

Rosalie would busy herself in the kitchen making some coffee for them both. “I um...assume that your here about the complaint I made on that board?” She called out from the kitchen. She sounded a little anxious. “I know you people are often quite busy with a lot of things and I would hate to...drag you away from something that might be important - But I didn’t know where else to put something like this and..” She began to ramble further on. Sounding quite flustered about the situation.

Sereli listened and spoke only to keep the girl from becoming too flustered. “Please, calm yourself, Miss Rosalie. You are most assuredly not in any kind of trouble. We are always eager to help those in need - If this is your need then I shall do my best to remedy it.” She nodded to herself. Her tone was collected but kept soft to be comforting. “I wanted to speak with you to get your side of the story so I may have a better perspective on the situation - If you would not mind sharing that is.”

Rosalie paused in the kitchen for a moment. Seeming to calm a little down at Sereli’s words. “T-Thank you...really…” She took a deep breath. “It started when me and Roseo...decided to move up north...We heard about this city here from a few friends of ours and we decided ‘hey, lets move there!’ and...well we got this place…” She brought out the mugs of coffee and offered one of the two to Sereli as she motioned for them to take a seat. She continued to speak. “Things were...great….really they were the best times we’ve had since we’ve been together. Then...Then that girl…’Rosealine’...” She spat the name. “Flaunted herself in front of him and stalked him into that bar that night! No doubt she tempted him into….into..” She sniffled as she could look at the coffee.

Sereli had sat down across from Rosalie as she held her own mug of coffee. Before she moved to take a sip of it, she simply listened and offered a saddened comforting gaze at the young girl. “Its okay...What happened after that night?” She asked kindly as she lifted the mug to her lips and took only a moment or two to check for anything abnormal in it before taking a sip when it passed inspection.

The girl sighed as she took a long sip. “Well...When he didn’t come home that night...I...I asked him where he’d been and….Roseo refused that anything had happened but...I just...knew something was off! I just…” She sniffled again. “I loved him and I...He went and cheated on me…” She shook her head again. “I just...I can’t believe it..” The mug shook slightly in her hands.

Sereli would speak in a gentle tone. “Miss Rosalie...I would believe it might be wise in taking a deep breath. But I have spoken to both Roseo and Rosealine and they both seem to confirm that nothing happened that night - if anything it was more of Roseo’s friend’s who would have tried something of the sort. But the workers at the bar also confirm what happened that night as well.” She hummed softly. “Before you might worry that they are covering for her - the place she works at would care less about her than they would a speck of dirt on the bottom of their shoes. I understand the fear of someone you love betraying your trust. Believe me I do, I’ve experienced this myself in the past.” She nodded as she took a sip of the coffee. It certainly wasn’t the best coffee but she’s had worse. “But with no foul play involved, I would advise that you and Roseo discuss - in a peaceful manner - what you both are going to do from this point onwards.” She rolled a shoulder. “That is my advice.”

Rosalie would look at Sereli and she paled. “I...I was wrong?” She looked at her mug. “Oh Light...all those things I said to him! I’m sure he hates me…” She sniffled. “I can I even ask after what I said? Oh…” She shook her head again.

Sereli would set down her mug of coffee as she moved to place a reassuring hand on the girl’s shoulder. “We all make mistakes, but we can learn from them and make amends for them. Whether you both remain together or decide to part ways is for you both to decide. But I think you can approach it with more understanding now than before.” She spoke gently. “Will you do such?”

Rosalie set her own mug down as she covered her face. “Yes, I will...He...He deserves as much…” She took a deep breath. “Thank you…” She wiped at her eyes.

Sereli and Rosalie would continue to speak for several hours about it all as Sereli offered what advice she could. Sereli would eventually depart from the home as she’d make her way back to the Perch. To return the flyer as complete and resolved, there would be no more fighting from those involved in it. But what would happen to the three of them was in their hands from this point onwards.
"You can't always live in the past, sometimes you just have to move forward. No matter how painful it is"
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