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This post is a nexus for all information that is important to know about the guild, primarily for a new member.

The Snowcaps Handbook
The Snowcap Handbook is an outline of the expectations set for new members, and their path to promotion in the ranks of the Citrine Eagle. Here you can find everything you need to know as a new member of the Citrine Eagle. The page also includes the in-character Handbook given to a new member in their enlistment parcel, one displayed on the website, and a link to download the full handbook for reference. Any questions can be brought to an Officer, or Talonguard.

Guild D20 and Item System
The guild's D20 and Item system are made to enrich the experience of combat and adventure events, and to allow character customization for those who would like it. Here you can find everything you need to know about the basics of the system. The website also hosts an explanation of items, and how they can be earned. An Officer can help you set up a proper sheet; but if you're involved with an event that uses the system and haven't made yours yet you can simply use the basics outlined to get started.

Citrine Eagle Divisions
A cornerstone of the Citrine Eagle, the major divisions are all an integral part of the guild as a whole, and come together to better enrich everyone's experience. We highly suggest taking a look at the divisions page, along with the pages that branch from this one for the Icewing Brigade, MANA, and the Silver Hand. You can also ask anyone in the guild involved in a division you're interested in about that division.

Guild Rules
A staple; the guild rules are an out-of-character guideline on expectations and behaviors. By joining the guild, you agree to all of these rules and policies. So we suggest you get to know them! All guild rules and out-of-character policies are listed here. These are always subject to change at the discretion of the officers.
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