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Nina was too late. Items of various devices were being throw across the great hall of Dawnseeker’s Glade. It sounded as if the war had already begun inside a mere room. Standing in the middle of it all were several of her messengers who she he sent out seeking what she wanted to no avail. Nina entered the hall quietly with a message of her own in hand as Faethandriel threw her fit.

“Nina! Tell them they need to keep trying to find him.” she pled with her sister.

Nina dismissed the messengers herself before she turned her attention to Faeth. She wouldn't speak again until they were gone and the room was empty besides the two of them.

“It’s no use, Faeth. They're not going to find him,” Nina answered solemnly as she offered the rolled up parchment in her hand to her.

Faeth crossed the room to her sister and took the letter carefully from her. Her elven eyes frantically read through the scroll as she unrolled it, then it fell to the floor like the last leaf of autumn. Time seemed to slow down for an instant and all that was real became unreal. Faeth’s eyes met with Nina’s and the half-elf sisters exchanged a look of mourning in the silence.

Faeth shook her head. “Taken?” Her hands came up to run through her blonde hair stressfully. “Not known if he’s alive?!” Faeth’s eyes searched the room around her but there was nothing left to throw that wasn't important. She flung her hand toward the furthest window and a bolt of Light went sailing through it, crashing the glass. She turned back to Nina. “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!”

Nina brought her hands up in defense and slowly approached her sister. When she got close enough, she reached for her hand to hold it.

“How could this happen?!” Faeth begged, slowly going into a state of shock.

“This will all be over soon, Faeth. You're going to scry for him and we're going to go get him and everyone who's missing,” Nina urged gently.

Faeth looked to her, wide eyed, but nodded her head in agreement. Nina quickly lead Faeth out of the great hall and down the hallway to her bedroom. When they entered she closed the door behind them and began searching.

“Now what do you have of Zayon’s that you can use?” Nina asked.

Faeth tried to think but thinking was proving to be a difficult task at the time. Her eyes wandered around her bedroom before they landed on the sword hanging on the wall.

“The sword he made for me…”

She went to Alah’serrar and picked it up then brought it over to the edge of her bed. She knelt on the floor beside it as if she were going to begin to pray, but what she did next was beyond what most could do with the Light.

Her eyes went white as her hands hovered over the sword. Her entire form began illuminating with a gentle Light. Moments passed, seconds, before she shook her head.

“I can’t find him.”

“That's okay. Keep trying.”

Faeth’s face tensed. “I can’t find him,” she repeated.

Nina went to her sister’s side and placed her hand on her back to encourage her, but she knew if she hadn't been able to find him as the minutes passed she wasn't going to.

Faeth shook her head as the magic faded and her eyes returned to their normal elven blue.

“I can’t find him!” she exclaimed as she buried her face in her hands. Tears began streaming down her cheeks as the reality of it all hit her.

“We can try again--"

Faeth quickly looked to her sister and interrupted her “I CAN’T FIND HIM.”

Nina stared back at Faeth and recognized the pain in her eyes. After a moment passed she took her into a tightly embrace as the girl continued crying.

“I can’t find him, Nina. I can't find him. I love him and I can't find him!”

Nina brushed her hair with her hand gently and sighed. She began to subtly rock her and hushed her as her sobs became violent and her breathing scarce. Faeth clutched onto Nina as if her life depended on it.

“He’s alive, Faeth,” Nina assured. “He has to be.”
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