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Y f e F e y b r e e z e

By romandegiuli on ig

--General Information--
Pronunciation: Ee-fee Fay-breeze

Race: Kaldorei
Age: A mere 850
Date of Birth: February 12th
Place of Birth: Val’sharah

Affiliations: Affiliated with various shopkeeps to sell her alchemical productions. Was said to learn her arcane abilities through generations of elves that attended the Nar’thalas Academy.

Place of Residence: Darnassus
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common and Darnassian are her mainly fluent languages, though via spellwork she can understand other languages even if she does not speak them well.
Religious Beliefs: She is respectful of all religions, though she does associate most closely to worship of Elune.

Profession: Alchemist • Portalkeeper • Archivist of spells and magical relics
Character Class: Arcanist
Abilities and Special Skills: She holds a love for showing off the more “kaldorei-themed” aspect of her spells, i.e. falling stars, meteors, warping of gravity. Conjuration, divination, and abjuration are her specialties.

--Physical Information--

Height: 6’2”
Build: Feminine, soft
Hair Color: Dark plum
Eye Color: Lucid silver

Distinguishing Features: Her racial tattoos are delicate, chained jewels that hang down against her cheeks. Her earlobes are stretched to a full 24mm in size, and she favors glitter and shimmering jewelry.

Physical Description:
The vigor of youth is present in the face that boasts pale, moonlit skin and lucid eyes. Long brows are kept trimmed to a moderate length, safely away from the threat of fire or pulling hands. The apples of her cheeks below are often dusted with coordinating colors to her complexion, both her cheeks and the tip of a straight nose dusted with highlighting glitter. Her cheeks, also, are home to the linework of kaldorei tradition, inky red dots formed down her lids and unto her cheeks’ hollows, while delicate chain-like lines connect to the outer corners of her eyes. The bottom of each vertical line is a jeweled tear drop. Her mouth is glossed, teeth mostly straight and filed to the same height all over with the exceptions of her canines, which are elongated just slightly to make for a nasty bite and charming smile.

Straight, long hair falls in a thick blanket of plum that reaches her lower back’s arc. Despite the varying styles of braids and tails she weaves it into, one can often find multitudes of glitter and shining accessories spread throughout. Where they part, her ears protrude free. Regardless of minor scarring, they are both very much intact and healthy, adorned by a variety of earrings. Silver hoops and chains line the edges of each, the lobes stretched wider with a fine glass jewelry of 24mm.

The mage is swathed in pastel or vibrant excellency, ornamented by otherworldly colors and designs of silks and cloth alike. Her clothing is typically enchanted to withstand arcane mishaps, proving them to be more resilient than most. Ribbon chokers and silver bracelets are her go-to jewelry, though none of her pieces seem particularly irreplaceable. Dainty rings of silver line nimble, spell-burnt fingers, and her nails are often kept long and clawed, painted in light colors with an overlay of sparkle.

Her body is a frame of feminine curve and soft middle, with rounded shoulders and a smaller bust. Her stomach has a slight bit of fat at the bottom, hips wider to support a more ‘pear’ shape to her figure. Her body appears indicative of a more care-free life when she can allow it, which is likely more than she should allow in the first place.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Jewelry crafting, crocheting/sewing, dancing, calligraphy.
Quirks: She often wears aethril blooms in her hair, replenishing her mana when it’s low by sucking it from their stems like honeysuckle. She doesn’t carry things with her, opting instead to portal them to her when they’re needed.
Goals: She is constantly on the search for magical items, be it spell or relic or to chase a rumor of it. Since the Legion had ruined her home/a majority of her family and friends, she has since been eager to roam, to meet new people of all shapes and sizes.
Fears: To lose herself to handicaps, to be alone.
Weaknesses: She’s not quite the best at physical combat, though she knows the basics of it. She can occasionally grow reckless with her magic.

Personality Description:
Yfe is quite a friendly creature, even if not always outspoken or outgoing. She favors diplomacy if it can be achieved, but is not far from being a trickster/troublemaker. Small parlor tricks are her favorite to make friends with. When not decorated in bells and jewels, she can be sneaky and cunning, providing good distraction with herself or magic if needed. She can be a good liar, as well.

Character History: Yfe spent many, many years traveling between Val’sharah and Azsuna. She provided herbs for alchemy to the cursed residents of Azsuna, especially to those in Nar’thalas, believing them to still belong to the greatest academy on Azeroth despite their ruination and giving them purpose. She studied under an elusive hermit, a descendant of the Moon Guard. Still young for kaldorei standards, she’s spent her years seeking power through arcane, studying all branches of the art and following wherever it takes her. As of late, she seems to be picking up the pieces from her home left in ruins by the Legion, and it’s taken her to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor where she can give back to those that helped Val’sharah bandage and now heal.


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