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The Grenade had worked perfectly, several of the carts began to explode as arcane missiles struck them cascading explosions of purple and green. Scorvash smirked as he saw the carts exploding, a gas releasing into the air. A familiar green gas of plague. The smirk dropped into a scowl as Scorvash pulled his mount away from the ruins of his family home. He had grabbed their attention and decided to get out of there. He wanted to get his family home back, but couldn’t do it without help. Especially if the Forsaken have taken hold of it.

He made a quick pass and dropped another grenade, letting it explode into the carts. As they pulled away, Scorvash saw a figure come from the main keep. A figure in dark robes who stared at him, and eye contact was made. The recognition hit both instantaneously as Scorvash quickly knew, he had to get help for sure now. He pulled his mount away and the two flew off towards Talongrab.

The first bat, caused them to change course. Forsaken patrols followed them, and they decided they wanted to take out this assaulting Rylak. Lightning and fire erupted form the two heads as they drove off the bats. Turning south towards Hillsbrad, Scorvash drew a pistol and fired at the pursers, hitting one off of it’s mount to fall to his redeath. “Gary! Bill! Let’s get out of here.” Scorvash shouted as the creature kicked forward, the engines roaring to life as the two rushed forward.

The Forsaken patrol kept suit, as they began to fire arrows, hitting the metallic cylinders of the engines, and the back of the rider. “Damn it.” Scorvash growled as he saw the bats getting closer. “Gary.” The Horned head of the Rylak looked back to his rider. “I’m going to do something stupid, slow down.” He felt the speed of the Rylak begin to die down, and he flipped around in the saddle, and waited. “Little more...little more.” He said as the bat’s got closer. “Gary! Dive!” He shouted, leaping to his feet, running off the back of the beast, and off the whipping tail as the Rylak dived down.

Caught off guard, the nearest bat rider suddenly had a half-elven rogue in the saddle of his bat. “Hello!” Scorvash shouted in gutterspeak, before punching the Forsaken twice, knocking him from the saddle. He slipped back and drove a dagger into the bat’s face as he slipped up and jumped to the Forsaken who had come to slash at him. His hand slipped into the bat’s maw, and he slipped a dagger into the creature’s neck, climbing up using the fur, before driving a dagger into the Forsaken’s chest and ripping him from the seat.

Tumbling in the sky, Scorvash looked for his Rylak and groaned. ‘This was stupid.’ He thought as he simply leapt from the bat, sprawling out his arms to slow his fall. The ground was coming up quickly and Scorvash suddenly filled with regret, “This was a very stupid idea.” He said, as the sudden form of Gary and Bill swooped to catch him with their claws, stopping the fall. He looked up at the two headed creature, and the non-headed one looked at him, with what he could swear was a glare. “Hey! It was a great idea, they never expected it.” He said with a chuckle as he climbed up into the saddle.

The Forsaken had given up their chase, but to be safe Scorvash still headed South, before curving to the Northeast. “I think we did well, I just have to find Ari and Travis.” He said as the sight of Talongrab in the distance. As the buildings grew, he saw a gathering of people. He prepared for his drop in, and the Rylak lowered down, before he slipped out of the saddle and the beast pulled up into the sky. Scorvash grabbed a passing soldier. “I need the Morgans. Where are they?” The soldier looked confused before pointing in their general direction.

Taking a full sprint, Scorvash was gone, running up to catch the two. As he saw the flash of Black and Gold of Travis’s armor he slid in front of his path, seeing Ari with him. He gripped them on the shoulders. “I found him.” He said panting as he saw the confusion on their faces.

“I found Adriel Townend.”
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