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Full Name: Joseph Turock

Pronunciation: Jo-Sef Tur-ok

Nickname or Aliases: Raptor

Title(s): None.

Race: Human
Nationality: Hails from Un'Goro Crater. Kalimdorian
Age: 32
Date of Birth: October 1st
Place of Birth: Un'Goro Crater

Claims and Positions: None
Affiliations: League of Explorers. (Light reputation)

Place of Residence: Nomadic
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Dwarvish, bird calls
Religious Beliefs: None

Character Class:
Abilities and Special Skills: Survivalist. Due to his past experiences and time in Un'Goro Crater. Turock is adept in tracking and killing large reptilian monsters. Along with other exotic prey. He lives off the land, and shows great expertise in all ranged weaponry. Crossbows, Bows, and Rifles are second nature to him. Along with some dagger and sword play. He wears what he kills.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5'9
Weight: 185 IBs
Build: Stout and stocky. Large bulky shoulders and thighs.
Hair Color: Black, though bald
Eye Color:Hazel

Distinguishing Features: Medium sized scar running down his left cheek. Red and sometimes green war paint runs across his eyes. Spreading from ear to ear, and stopping its width at the middle of his forehead and the middle of his nose.

Physical Description:
Joseph Turock stands 5'9 at a bulky and stout build. He has a scar that runs down his left cheek and nips at his eye. He usually sports a black mohawk and goatee, but will often shave his head clean. His hair mat black, and weaves itself through out his arms. His expression is stern and focused. He some wrinkles near his eyes and nose, due to both age and stress.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Hunting, Honing of Medical and Leatherworking Expertise.
Quirks: With flare his nose if he's annoyed, and grinds his teeth when focusing on a target.
Goals: To kill every Devilsaur out there. Though he needs the funds to do so.
Fears: Black Tar sinking pits. Same goes for anything close, quicksand, and even drowning works.
Weaknesses: Broken arms would destroy any chance he has at retaliating.

Personality Description:
Turock is a survivalist. He's more adept to his surroundings and finds himself more comfortable in heavy wooded or swampish areas. He careful but does not show cowardice. He is wise, not smart. When in combat he is focused on the task at hand. And will remind others to be so as well. In the downtime he is fairly lazy. Sitting around, doing his own thing. Though he tries at humor, it will come out dry and stale a lot.

Character History:
The neon green surroundings pale in comparison to that of the cries of the wildlife. None could undermine the terrifying quake of the Devilsaur. As Joseph Turock was brought into the world. He kept his eyes shut, and to the beat of his mother's heart. Rung the stomps on the ground. And the screech to follow.

Joseph Turock was born in Un'Goro Crater, to an esteemed archeological family. He grew up near his father's comrades. And thrived at their base camp. Where other children played with dolls, Turock played with animals that covered themselves in scales. And learned the way of the jungle. When Turock was a pre-teen he swiftly mastered the handling of a blade. Now being able to hunt for his own food and track animals in damp climates. When Turock was a teen he began to master the bow. Though not gaining the stride as quickly, he worked on it every day. Hunting and tracking animals for himself and his friends at camp. Until he heard the echo of a beast. One that flashed him back to his childhood. The devilsaur, which so lazily hibernated for years, woke and thundered across the crater. As Turock returned to his camp, bow in hand, he returned to the bleeding dismembered remnants of his family and friends. The devilsaur had taken everything away from him. And now Turock goes on everyday, returning the favor.

This is an ALT for myself.
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