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Full Name: Miurdoc McTavesh
Pronunciation: Mew-r Doc Mick Tavesh
Nickname or Aliases: Doc
Title(s): Knight, Sr

Race: Human
Nationality: Eastern Kingdoms
Age: 34
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Refuge Point, Arathi

Claims and Positions: Knight of Stormwind - Roaming Parentage Unknown
Affiliations: Stormwind , League Of Arathor

Place of Residence: Old Town Barracks
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, minor Dwarven
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic

Profession: Scout
Character Class: Hunter
Abilities and Special Skills: Ranged Weaponry, Animal kinship, Keen Eyes, Melee Combat

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'o"
Weight: 190lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Distinguishing Features: Stromgarde Fist tatted on his right wrist, worn but visible. Tattered Knight's tabard. A wolf and an Owl companion

Physical Description: Veteran of multiple conflicts since the third great war. Miurdoc is hearty and yet worn, and comes off both brooding and yet approachable, until he speaks. This is a man who loves to drink in solace but will tell tales of times past that will warm the soul.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Riding , Fishing, playing cards, hunting, and sparring.
Quirks: Silent stare with a quick joke to crack the ice. Always willing to charge for duty.
Goals: Advance the might of the Alliance, find his parentage, discover the origin of his tattoo.
Fears: Recalled into Northrend
Weaknesses: Companions wounded, losing someone he cares for. Very small rocks.

Personality Description:
Stoic and reserved on the outset. He has seen much conflict but will open up to those who care to try or share an ale. His eyes pierce past what most do not see but his heart is a warm hearth should you crack the shell open.

Character History: Already a young man for the Third War he enlisted as a Scout during the conflict finding paths through the Alterac Mountains befriending human and Dwarf alike in the snowy domes. Soon after he was re conscripted and was brought for valor into the battles of the Frozen North when the Alliance sought justice against the horrors of Arthas Menehtil. Serving as a Scout and a front line archer he befriended his first animal, Fang, near the battlefield of Icecrown. The wolf dragged him to safety the safety of the Argent Tournament for an unknown reason but stayed with him, its glowing eyes meeting whenever a difficult decision rears its head. There he fought for the honor and glory of the Human kingdoms earning his title Knight in the eyes of the King and Tirion Fordring whom he had wished to emulate in all things. Until returning home to a land wracked with pain and suffering. He has wandered since with one purpose: Mete out justice.
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