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--General Information--
Full Name: Jenrielle
Nickname or Aliases:
Title(s): Vindicator, Field-Medic

Race: Lightforged Draenei
Age: 7628
Place of Birth: A forgotten planet along the way.

Affiliations: Te’Amun, Army of the Light, Alliance Military

Place of Residence: Nomadic
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Draenic, Eredun/Demonic
Religious Beliefs: Naaru, The Light

Profession: Soldier, Medic
Character Class: Paladin
Abilities and Special Skills: Able to mend minor wounds with the light, Fairly skilled in self-defense and melee combat, Rage

--Physical Information--
Height: 7’2”
Weight: 205 lbs
Build: Fit
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Golden

Distinguishing Features: Starting at her neck and going down is an assortment of various scars mostly from battle.

Physical Description:
Jenrielle would stand at around 7'2" and is normally seen with a blank expression. Her blonde hair reaches just a little past her shoulders. She can often be found carrying a pack for her travel supplies.

When wearing her more casual attire, various scars could sometimes be seen from what seems like constant near death encounters. This leads her to believe she is cursed or bound to get injured no matter what she is doing...

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Training, Disrespecting the Elements, Reading, Wandering about
Quirks: Accident Prone, Susceptible to Magical Items, Socially Inept
Goals: Undetermined
Fears: As long as the Light is with me there is nothing to fear.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, Magical Items

Personality Description:
Jenrielle was once a kind hearted woman out to do good in the world but over time became less open and as such has trouble connecting to others. She easily zones out in battle and lets her strength and fury carry her to victory. Magical items often tend to persuade her in bad ways though she has been getting better with that. She is fiercely dedicated to her allies and tries to do what she can for them.

Character History:

(This was her history at the start of Legion, will probably update it soon since BFA is near.)

She doesn't talk much about her life before coming to Azeroth upon the Exodar, though that isn't to say she never will. Some say she was destined to become a Vindicator, others say she is destined for another path, some even say she is simply cursed...

Jenrielle was proud to take up arms and join the Peacekeepers to protect her village. It all seems so long ago for her, like a story or a cruel lie. Looking after others was always her goal, whether by patrolling the roads and nearby forests or simply using her skills as a medic to bandage a wounded farmer. Many were surprised by her decision to remain in the village instead of going through with the rest of her training to be a Vindicator. She didn't mind, magic never really called to her and as such she relied more on her skill with arms and medicine.

Things went mostly well for her and she enjoyed the peaceful village. Many years later that was to change and her faith in the light was gone. She wandered around, no longer with a purpose and overtaken with grief and anger. Jenrielle was to remain like this until arriving on Azeroth, it was here the Elements called out to her, hoping to bring her back onto a better path. She sought out any knowledge on Shamanism she could get her hands on, even studying under a Wildhammer Dwarf for almost a year.

Renewed by the Elements, she resumed her wandering, this time ready to help those in need again. Fast forward a few years again, news of a tournament, perhaps one for the ages, reaches her and she sets out to explore it. At the tournament she finds an order of fellow Draenei that she decides to join up with. Not long after joining up with Te'Amun they are called into an important conflict, The Battle for Stromgarde. Ambushed during a caravan escort, Jenrielle was horribly maimed and believed the Elements to have abandoned her.

Being stubborn and nowhere near fully healed, she continued to fight in more battles. This lead her to not making the best of decisions and she slowly began to be influenced by the taint of fel. Her mind oblivious to what she was doing, she came by a demonic book and summoned a Sayaad. Her order noticing she was being corrupted took swift action and worked to cleanse her. Though some damage was done, the Elements no longer call to her as their goal of putting her back onto the right path was completed. Jenrielle lashed out at the Elements, feeling betrayed and hurt.

Confused and lost at the worst time, the Burning Legion has returned, Jenrielle heads to Stormwind to join the forces being amassed for a mission to Stormheim. The airship is shot down and crashes in an unfamiliar place. She proceeds to wander around the Broken Isles, low on supplies and injured, her trusty mace her stalwart companion. After what feels like weeks to her she meets up with another member of the Alliance, a human who says she can feel that Jenrielle is strong with the Light. Jenrielle dismisses this human's claims, who was she to know of her struggles. The pair manage to make it to an Alliance base and are taken to Dalaran. There are calls for everyone to report to their respective halls to begin planning on ways to assist in this war. Barred entry by the Shamans, Jenrielle returns to Dalaran and meets back up with the human. She explains her problem and the human proceeds to drag her to meet with the order of Priests. The other Priests confirm that they can feel the Light still within Jenrielle and work on teaching her to harness its power after being without it for so long.

Lately she hasn't been acting like her normal self. Frequent blackouts and missing days plague her until she is forced to take drastic action. The Broken Isles have treated her poorly, though it seems to be pretty common for most. She seems to be different now, no longer the simple medic from before.
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