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--General Information--
Full Name: Xu-Cheng Swiftclaw
Nickname or Aliases:

Nationality: Pandaren
Age: 67
Date of Birth: 11/16
Place of Birth: Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Claims and Positions: Lord of a chunk of land south of Stoneplow
Affiliations: Horde (Former) Alliance, Shado-Pan, The August Celestials, The Lorewalkers, The Golden Lotus.

Place of Residence:
Sexuality: Bi
Marital Status: Widower
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Orcish, Pandaren,Dwarven, Broken Thallasian, Broken Zandali.
Religious Beliefs: Celestials

Character Class: Wardancer (Monk/Warrior)
Abilities and Special Skills: Chi control, ability to manipulate Chi Lightning and Chi winds, has command of Ancestors Chi in the form of spiritual apparitions, master of the Ox, Serpent, Tiger and Crane style and wields them all in his own form. Xu is experienced in field command and strategy and basic survival training. Xu also has received training from the Shado-Pan.

--Physical Information--
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 400lb
Build: Large with lots of undermuscle
Hair Color:Black with speckles of gray
Eye Color: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Various battle scars, hands arebarely covered in fur and almost always wrapped

Physical Description: Xu is skinnier than most Pandaren, his gut is thinner and replaced with muscle, the same goes for his arms replacing fat for muscle though he still has a bit on him, his body is covered in various scars from multiple fronts of war his hands nearly furless from horrendous burns. His hair is mostly unkempt as it spends most of the time under his straw hat and his braided facial hair has jade beads in it. Xu is often seen smiling and all around laid back though the signs of years of stress is apparent by the specks of gray in his fur.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Making Tea, meditating sparring and training
Quirks: Xu is calm even when others are getting riled up it takes a lot for him to lose it, he will usually offer upset folks tea and someone to talk to.
Goals: To maintain his family legacy and honor and protect the world
Fears: Losing, not able to protect those around him. Of failing.
Weaknesses: Fear of Fel fire and foreign Jade Lightning not controlled by himself.

Personality Description: Xu is fairly laid back outside of combat not seeing a need to stress out over smaller things, though when engaged in combat Xu fights with a trained and honed ferocity. Often seen smiling Xu is quick to offer tea and a snack and warm conversation even to the most upset individuals and even willing to help in any form.

Character History: Xu was born with his twin brother Xa to the Swiftclaw family and spent his early years under his strict but caring father Zu who taught them both how to be warriors and leaders in their own right. Xu took a more spiritual path where Xa took the more martial path. The twins eventually would go to the Serpent spine wall and train among the Shado-Pan and fight among them for a time, years passed and Xu and Xa returned home stronger and wiser. Years passed and the family prospered until one day the mists dropped and a new war was upon them but the house refused to choose a side. When Garrosh attacked the Vale Xu and his brother Xa marched to it's defense, the ensuing battle left their house devastated and Xa lie dead.

Xu spent the events of the war on Draenor helping his house rebuild after the war, during Legion he took his forces to storm the Shore and was decimated in the initial charges dragged off the shore in the retreat and would spend his time after that defending Pandaria from Legion invasions, now with the Legion defeated and all oaths fulfilled Xu seeks to distance himself from the Horde fearing what they are becoming and be ready to stop what they might become.

Other: Relelorn Alt.
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