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--General Information--
Full Name: Asheryne Sunhawk
Pronunciation: Ash-er-in | Sun-hawk
Nickname or Aliases: Ash, Ashe, Asher
Title(s): Miss

Race: Quel'dorei
Age: 126
Date of Birth: April 26th
Place of Birth: Quel'thalas

Claims and Positions:
First Mate of the Crimson Ghost
Beast Master
Farstrider Lieutenant (Formerly)
Affiliations: None

Place of Residence: The Crimson Ghost
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Currently seeing someone
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Thalassian, Common, bits of Darnassian and Orcish
Religious Beliefs: None

Profession: Herbalism
Character Class: Hunter
Abilities and Special Skills: Ashe depends on the skills of her animal companion to handle melee combat while she is able to take shots from further away.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 124 give or take.
Build: Toned, curvaceous
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Lavender

Distinguishing Features: None

Physical Description:
Looking at Ashe, generally the first thing one would notice is the vibrant lavender color of her eyes that were surrounded in a dark eyeliner that caused them to pop out even more to a passerby. She had medium locks of silver hair that flowed down her shoulders in small waves on either side of her elven ears.

The High Elf stood with a confidence despite her average height but was supported in muscles in her core as well as her upper arms that allowed her swift access to her bow and arrows. For the most part, she would only wear a mixture of mail and leather gear that would allow her continued flexibility when it comes to reconnaissance missions that involved her being nimble such as climbing up buildings or trees.

On her back she carries a wooden bow in which carvings of Thalassian run up and down the entire length in a flowy script if you had a close enough look. She also has a long Quel'dorei dagger on her hip

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: She likes to travel, submerging herself in the wilderness for long periods of time. She enjoys reading whenever she gets the chance.
Quirks: She is more likely to shoot you down and ask questions later. Despite the facade she generally upholds, it usually is seen through in regards to her companions. She is patient though, her training as a huntress making a lasting impression.
Goals: To never lose her freedom which is one of the most valuable things she has. Lately she has found more people to protect and so adventuring at their side to ensure their safety is important to her.
Fears: Bugs make her extremely uneasy, small spaces.
Weaknesses: Being contained specifically as well as being restrained (this is the quickest way to send her into a panic attack). If her companions are compromised, she would act rashly to ensure their safety.

Personality Description:
Ashe treats everyone with initial suspicion. She likes to always be armed after an incident outside Stormwind. She is fierce and unyielding in combat, except when she knows she has to take a more...stealthy approach. Loyalty is an important characteristic for her as well as honesty. She shows no small amount of compassion towards her companions. She is quite free-spirited and savors her ability to go where she desires and along this she is self-reliant trained to live on her own resolve and skill.

Character History:
Ashe grew up in the footsteps of Farstriders which lead to her being trained as well. Fighting in many battles, she made it up to the rank of Farstrider Lieutenant before being stationed at Quel'danil Lodge. This is where she found that Quel'thalas had been torn apart by the Scourge. Throwing herself into the depths of the forest, she grew closer to nature and its creatures. Finally emerging from the forests after several months, she decided to head to Stormwind to find a new purpose after losing what she had known. From there, she eventually met Giramar who offered her the position of First Mate on his ship.

Reference: A2 from NIER
Wiki: Asheryne's Wiki
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