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--General Information--
Full Name: Zarysa Ren'doran
Pronunciation: Zar-ee-sah Ren Doh-ren
Nickname or Aliases: Zarysa Voidscribe
Title(s): Sister

Race: Sin'dorei
Nationality: Silvermoon
Age: 112
Date of Birth: December 19, -74 L.C.
Place of Birth: Goldenmist Village

Claims and Positions: n/a
Affiliations: n/a

Place of Residence: n/a
Sexuality: >_>
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Thalassian, Common, Forsaken, Orcish (barely)
Religious Beliefs: Church of the Holy Light

Profession: n/a
Character Class: Priestess
Abilities and Special Skills:
-Holy Flames

--Physical Information--
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 133lbs
Build: Lithe
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gold

Distinguishing Features: Golden eyes

Physical Description:
Tall for an elven woman, Zarysa comes from a family of strong Quel'dorei. While she is lithe herself, there is some toning to her. Otherwise, there is little to note beyond her pale skin common to Sin'dorei and Quel'dorei alike, and her long brown hair that goes to her shoulders. Usually she may be found in robes of crimson, with a hood draped over herself, though she recently seeks to break away from the color scheme to avoid being pointed out as Sin'dorei. Her eyes are almost always concealed if she can help it.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Knitting, reading awful romance novels, people watching, philosophizing.
Quirks: WIP
Goals: Fully defect to the Alliance, build a legacy for herself and her family, see Silvermoon brought into the Alliance, eliminate all remaining traces of the Scourge* and Legion. (*exceptions are made for death knights, depending on if their humanity is intact)
Fears: Becoming undead, straying from her religious path, dying young, the destruction of Silvermoon
Weaknesses: Physical weakness, WIP

Personality Description:
Zarysa is a devoted follower of the light, yet she was not always this way. She seems to live in constant reminder of her past, which was heretical- as it was for most everyone in the Blood Knight order. Unlike most devotees, this woman lets herself have a life beyond her religion. She desires mostly to clean up the remnants of the Scourge and Legion, but she still has aspirations of one day having a family and children of her own. She tries to be kind to others, though she tends to struggle around undead and those that are found in the company of demons.

Character History:
The Ren'doran family is a family of blacksmiths that originally held positions in the magistry. For their early theoretical tidings regarding the void, the family was both cast out of the noble caste and banned from holding any positions in the magistry from then on. As such, most all Ren'doran family members know blacksmithing, as it was the trade that they took up when forced out from their esteemed position. Zarysa herself is the bastard child of a noble and an apprentice blacksmith. Though she was never claimed by her father, they knew one-another well, and he worked to see that she was taught magic.

Fast approaching the fall, the Ren'dorans became refugees when Goldenmist Village was destroyed, leaving them homeless. Many stayed to fight and defend Quel'thalas from the Scourge, and that many were dead. Zarysa and her mother worked instead to remain safe, and survived the fall only to later on see political differences with the state. Her mother, Zaerys, was exiled along with the other Quel'dorei that made not the transition to Sin'dorei. Zarysa remained, however, and lived as a ward of her father. In the new state that was Quel'thalas, Zarysa learned to forcibly use the light through the Naaru, as many in the Blood Knight order had. Using these skills, she fought Scourge remnants, but rarely saw any notable action. Upon the Sunwell's purification, and coming to understand the Naaru's sacrifice, Zarysa's beliefs came to be challenged and so she reformed into a repentant worshiper of the light.

Though she was never ordained, she utilized however possible the light to heal the wounded and sick of Quel'thalas, and strike out against the foes of the Horde. It was later during the destruction of Theramore that Zarysa came to feel distant towards the Horde itself, and started to see Lor'themar Theron as a puppet to Sylvanas Windrunner. Later on, upon coming to know of Alleria Windrunner's exile from Quel'thalas, she fully realized that Silvermoon was not going to find itself in the Alliance without force. Then, at last, the final straw came when her own father was exiled along with Umbric and the rest of those that would later be known as void elves. As it was rumored that Zarysa was the illegitimate child to her father, she was exiled under suspicion of pursuing void magics that were ultimately a danger to the Sunwell, and by extension, all of Quel'thalas. It was then that she started her venture to Alliance territory, though she met considerable difficulty, as she was not Ren'dorei and did not have the good word of Alleria Windrunner guaranteeing her safety. She lives now in the shadows, largely scavenging for food, and disguising her appearance so as to not stand out. Her goal now is to find a way to be accepted into the Alliance so that Silvermoon might eventually find its way back down the right path.

OOC Notes:
-The Ren'doran family did exist prior to the announcement of void elves (you can ask Brendur for proof). Back then there was honestly just no translation for the name, but with the release of the void elves, it was revealed to me that the family name contained "void" in it. Oops...
-Zarysa did exist in story before Legion, though only her mother and father were around ingame before that.
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