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--General Information--
Full Name: Sylara Stormglaive
Pronunciation: Syl-ahr-ruh
Nickname or Aliases: Syl, Little Flute(From Selyda)
Title(s): Illidari, The Widow's Bane

Race: Kaldorei(Night Elf)
Nationality: Darnassian, Grand Alliance(Enlisted)
Age: 2,206
Date of Birth: 206 Years before the War of the Shifting Sands
Place of Birth: Ashenvale

Claims and Positions: None worth noting.
Affiliations: The Illidari, Formerly of the Highguard's Hellguard division

Place of Residence: Stormwind City
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Darnassian, Common, Eredun, Demonic
Religious Beliefs: Elunite(Formerly)

Profession: Leatherworker, Glaivesmithing
Character Class: Demon Hunter
Abilities and Special Skills: Sylara's abilities come from her intensive training under her instructor Cylian swiftglaive within the
Black Temple before it's fall. Her instructor was impressed by her sheer will to survive and her patience in learning the ways of Illidan. Upon her binding ritual, she was given the task to slay an Aranasi Broodmother and take her heart for the ritual. Upon binding the ruthless and cunning demon to her, she has gained numerous amount of abilities plus her own baseline demon
Hunter abilities from the path of Havoc. Her wings and ability to shoot webbing from her wrists is the most prominent. Her wings are able to used like dagger-tipped lances to impale her enemies, and the ability to shoot webbing allows her to trap them or make a nest for herself while stalking her prey.

--Physical Information--
Height: Average
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Toned
Hair Color: Teal-Blue
Eye Color: Fel-Green(Blindfold)

Distinguishing Features: Teal spiny illidari tattoos lining her form from chest to toe.

Physical Description:
What stands before you is one of the Kaldorei with fiery glowing emerald-green eyes under her blindfold with a calm placid fa├žade from afar. For her race, Sylara is considered of average height and beauty. Though of course, to the more mundane races her beauty might be overwhelming. Long elven ears perk almost straight up from her teal-blue colored hair which fell down to her neckline in a short style, If touched her hair feels slightly silky which suggests she takes good care of it. Her face is normally makeup free save for a bit of soft grey lipstick painted elegantly on her lips, her features are smooth and angular which flows with her hair. Her ears were also free of any piercings or decoration. She can often give off a very cold look when she wishes to simply because of how her face is constructed, But her disposition seems to be quite the opposite at times. No piercings are noted on her face, and her face is always clean of dirt, blood and scarring.

Her body was slightly curvy and toned with just the right amount of muscle and limberness, likely from her training from her days in the Black Temple. her legs were toned as well, suggesting she was quite a fast runner, while also sporting a slight thigh gap. And when seen out of her armor or suited up in the more skimpy leathers that are the norm for Illidari, Sylara is adorned with spiny Illidari tattoos colored a deep rich teal color, the tattoos wrapped around the entirety of her arms, along the sides of her torso and along her legs. But it does little to hide the different kinds of scars that dot some of her light peach colored body, mostly on her arms, legs, and one on her back.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Maintaining one's weapons, reading, writing

Quirks: She's known to have her meals sit for a moment before gorging wildy on them, whether it be meat or vegetables. She likes to let that hunger churn before sating it. She's also known to show an incredible amount of patience, even off the battlefield. Both of these traits are evident from her demonic binding.

Goals: The end of the Legion previously, and now she seeks to use her powers to protect her people and save Azeroth from whatever threat rises to the challenge.

Fears: Losing herself to the power within her, and seeing all her sacrifices be for nothing.

Weaknesses: Weakness to the Light, Weakness to Soul Magic.

Personality Description:
Sylara is known to be very strong willed, given how she was survived many a battle and being captured by the Legion. But when her glaives are not in her hands, she is known to show a measure of comradery to those who fight by her side, and can be very relaxed. But once her glaives are in her hands, all bets are off as the ruthlessness of the demon she bound shines through, and how she can be devious with the ways she can take down her prey and hoping they at least offer her a challenge. In her own words, 'It's hard to find prey worth getting excited about.'

Character History:
Born two hundred years before the War of the Shifting Sands, Sylara was one of two twin sisters, the other being Selyda. The two of them have dreamed to become sentinels in service of their people. Upon reaching adulthood the two joined the army that stood toe-to-toe against the swarms of Ahn-Qiraj together with the dragons that joined their fight. Following the battle of Mount Hyjal, and seeing the capabilities of the one true enemy of her people, Sylara argued that the Legion needs to pay for what they have done, and sitting idle will only let them return and perform more travesties against Azeroth, Selyda disagreed that the safety of the kaldorei must come first, thus the bond between the two sisters was broken, and Sylara joined Illidan's new order in Outland in hopes of learning how to put an end to the Legion. For years the demon hunter toiled and traiend hard under the ruthless training regime of the Illidari, until the day she was finally ready to undergo her binding ritual and gouge out her eyes, and without hesitation she did so without so much as a cry of pain. And so her long hunt began until the day the Demon Hunters were sent to Mardum...And ten years later after breaking free of the Warden's prison, she was reunited with her sister, the two of them finally agreeing on something since they parted, The Legion had to be stopped, and so the two continue to work together to protect the world and their people from those who do them harm.

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