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--General Information--
Full Name: Elliya Stormglaive
Pronunciation: Ell-ee-yuh
Nickname or Aliases: Ellie
Title(s): None

Race: Kaldorei(Night Elf)
Nationality: Darnassian
Age: 2235
Date of Birth: 235 years before the War of the Shifting Sand
Place of Birth: Ashenvale

Claims and Positions: Master Sergeant in the Sentinel Army, 7th Legion Scout
Affiliations: Grand Alliance, Sentinels

Place of Residence: Stormwind City(After Teldrassil's Burning)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Darnassian
Religious Beliefs: Elunite

Profession: Alchemist, Herbalist, Cook
Character Class: Rogue
Abilities and Special Skills: Elliya poccesses the hallmarks and training that make her race antrual rogues and assassins, with her natural ability to blend into shadows plus with thousands of years of experience under her belt, she is adaptable to most weaponry and is known to improvise and prove herself adept in situations with limited resources.

--Physical Information--
Height: 7.2 feet
Weight: 135 lbs.
Build: Toned, Curvy
Hair Color: Raven Blue
Eye Color: Cyan-Blue

Distinguishing Features: Large Crescent Moon on her back

Physical Description:
What stands before you is one of the Kaldorei with radiantly glowing sapphire blue eyes that have seen much and a calm, confident grin from afar that tells that she has been through a lot and has turned out better for it, For her race, Elliya is considered of average height and beauty. Though of course, to the more mundane races her beauty might be overwhelming. Long elven ears perk almost straight up from raven-blue hair which falls just at her jawline, She usually kept it unadorned in a natural styled, short bobbed look that occassionally had a ponytail in the back. If someone touched it, her hair feels slightly silky which suggests she takes good care of it.
Elliya's face is normally makeup free, her features are smooth and angular which flows with her hair. She can often give off a very cold look when she wishes to simply because of how her face is constructed with small, petite lips and nicely shaped eyes. No piercings are noted on her face or her ears. Her face is always clean of dirt and blood. However, on her eyes was a scar that seems to have cut a straight line down the center of it, but it barely missed the eye itself, despite the marks of war she bears on her richly fuchsia colored skin, she stills retain a remarkable beauty. Her body is slim and agile looking, she clearly has the body of an expierenced rogue while retaining the lithe, feminine body shape her fellow Kaldorei women are known to commonly have.

{p:c}Tattoos and Scent{/p}
If seen with fewer clothing on, Elliya is noted to have tattoos. On her back was a large glowing silver tattoo of a crescent moon, a symbol representing the girl's indomitable faith to her goddess. It was incredibly detailed, every line, and curve captured in rich detail. It spanned across her entire back. The glow would dim when she hides in the shadows for her rogue shenanigans. Elliya smells faintly of roses due to the fragrance she dabs on her wrists and neck. It is extremely light and almost non-existent. Only when up close does one catch a whiff of this pleasant smell.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Gardening, Alchemy, Writing,
Quirks: She is known to be bubbly and sometimes optimistic amongst her comrades, but once the daggers come out and the fighting starts, a mental switch clicks in her head and she immediately becomes cold, focused, and somewhat ruthless.
Goals: The protection and endurance of the Kaldorei people, and the end of the Horde and it's attrocities.
Fears: Her people's extinction, vile magic being used agaisnt her, being mind controlled
Weaknesses: Fragile Mind, Weakness to Fel and Shadow Magic

Personality Description:
Elliya's personality is described as bubbly, fun-loving and friendly to her peers, but not overwhelmingly so, In her own words, she'd say "Being what I am is everything, but I do not let it define me to the point where I let it control me. And I don't always follow the teachings of my Shan'do to the letter.". Millennia of wars and strife have scarred and shaped the woman, enstilling a sharp sence of faith in oneself and her goddess, and she also believes in those she fights alongside, often telling them that as they have faith in themselves and whatever power they place themselves under, they can handle anything the world could throw at them. Despite bearing the scars of war, Elliya maintains a somewhat happy and humorous personality, often reminding herself that if she lost who she was to all the strife and chaos that follows her, she may as well be little more than a shell without purpose save for war.

Character History:
Elliya Stormglaive is the first born of three sisters in the Stormglaive family in Ashenvale. Before her twin sisters Selyda and Sylara were born, Elliya was known to be very mischievous and often times snuck out into woods around her families home and play hide and seek with other kaldorei children who lived in their peaceful town of Astranaar. When her twins siters moved to join the Sentinel Army, Elliya joined as a scout and stealth specialist. Together, she and her sisters stood against the swarm alongside the bronze dragons, and returned home as keepers of the peace for the kaldorei people. Following the battle of Mount Hyjal however, a wedge was driven between the sisters by Sylara, who eventually joined the Illidari in Outland and was never seen again until the Legion's third invasion. Due to her incredible service record amongst the Kaldorei army and the Grand Alliance, she was given a place in the 7th legion as a scout and assassin.

Her voice claim is Kari Wahlgren as the female Jedi Knight in Star Wars The Old Republic (Listen to the lady in the video :D

This toon is also replacing Miranda as my main in TCE, soooo yeah.
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