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--General Information--
Full Name: Jene Blackhammer
Pronunciation: 'Gen'
Nickname or Aliases: J, Little Ember
Title(s): None for now

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf
Nationality: (if applicable)
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 15 years before the War in Outland
Place of Birth: Shadowforge City, Blackrock Mountain

Claims and Positions: Apprentice Blacksmith
Affiliations: Grand Alliance, Dark Iron Military

Place of Residence: Shadowforge City, eastern block.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Dwarven, Kalimag(Ignan)
Religious Beliefs: None.

Profession: Blacksmith, Cook
Character Class: Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: Jene has all the hallmarks of a promising warrior, with might and mettle tempered to equal calibur. She's also good with a blacksmith hammer at a forge, but there is room for her to improve, and she believe the Citrine would be a good place to test herself.

--Physical Information--
Height: Average for female dwarves
Weight: 125 lbs.(Excluding armor)
Build: Stocky Amazonian
Hair Color: Smoky black with fiery glow
Eye Color: Fiery Orange

Distinguishing Features: Dark Iron markings on her face, torso, arms and legs, Dark Iron Seal on her back.

Physical Description:
From a far off glance, stands a strong dwarven woman with her chin up high and a confident smirk painted along her soft features, Arms crossed and despite her size, she gives off a mighty and imposing vibe. Jene is clearly a Dark Iron with glowing fiery orange eyes, strong cheekbones and dark eyebrows. She wears absolutely no makeup, save the dark iron facial markings painted onto her face. Her eyes are very subtly angled but only to those looking exceptionally close. Framing her face is long thick raven black hair that falls just to her neck, Her hair is styled and braided in a way similar to a barbarian's sort of hair style, with her tips and highlights giving off a fiery glow with small tiny embers flowing off of it. Jene usually has the scent of ashe or embers about her due to how much time she spends at a forge. True to the ways of most plate users, Jene's body is heavily muscled. Like a gladiator’s almost in muscle depth and her skin is pale with an ashy-grey color, though she has a subtle armor line from the neck up. She moves around in heavy plate with ease, suggesting her strength to be of high quality. If seen out of armor, her body is covered in dark iron markings, running the length of her arms, legs and the sides of her torso.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Smithing, cooking, reading, draw up smithing plans
Quirks: Always willing to jump into a fight, known to challenge others to bar fights/drinking contests
Goals: To make her own mark on the world, and serve the Alliance.
Fears: Seeing her people fall, and Blackrock Mountain with them.
Weaknesses: Frail mind, Inexperienced.

Personality Description:
Jene's personality stems from a streak of self reliance upon reaching adulthood. From forging to more mundane and trival things, she's got a confidence in herself that she can handle whatever comes her way just by believing in herself and those around here. Off the battlefield, Jene appears to be friendly, approachable, and quite a hearty and somewhat abrasive in a comical way that seemed...normal for a Dwarf. When it comes to battle, a mental switch kicks in her head and she becomes brutal, unpredictable and quite prone to charge into a fight headfirst without a second thought.

Character History:
Jene Blackhammer, daughter of Kragos and Juna Blackhammer, her family was known amongst many dark irons for their skill in smithing. Jene only grew up with her father when her mother died during childbirth, It wasn't the best childhood due to constant struggle to stay afloat, but the two of them were happy as father and daughter. Upon reaching the age of 17 Jene became her father's apprentice in blacksmithing, learning the general ropes about make every axe, sword and hammer that sold out of their shop in Shadowforge city. When the Dark Iron clan officially joined the Alliance, Jene set out on her own, leaving her father to tend to the shop as she left the comfort of Blackrock Mountain to make her own mark upon the world as an adventurer and aspiring blacksmith.

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