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--General Information--
Full Name: Sinithel Duskwhisper
Pronunciation: SIN-ih-thel
Nickname or Aliases: "Sin"
Title(s): Rift Warden (formerly)

Race: Void Elf
Nationality: N/A
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 12 August, 7 ADP
Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Claims and Positions:

Place of Residence: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Thalassian, Orcish (elementary proficiency)
Religious Beliefs: Ambivalent

Profession: [Pending]
Character Class: Warlock (predominantly Affliction)
Abilities and Special Skills: [Pending]

--Physical Information--
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Petite
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Light Blue

Distinguishing Features: [Pending]

Physical Description:

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Reading fiction, fencing, tea enthusiast
Quirks: Organizes obsessively
Goals: Regain her relevance after the costly victory over the Legion

Personality Description:
Everything in her world is arranged in 90-degree angles, carefully organized. What may appear, to the casual observer, to be a certain gracefulness to her movements is in reality carefully choreographed and premeditated. She does not handle unexpected circumstances, or those outside her comfort zone, well. Her use of Fel magic is often superfluous, albeit calculatedly so. However, she is far more respectful of the Void, and is never so careless as to use it out of convenience. Despite the incongruity between her use of dark magic and her apparent predisposition to avoid such things, she seems remarkably comfortable - even confident - in its use.

Character History:
[WIP - Some details withheld]
Though it was not her intention to become a warlock from the beginning, she gradually fell in with a group of people which gradually became more and more involved in the fight against the Legion. It became increasingly clear that she would need to learn to fight to survive the ordeal, and so she turned to the group's warlock, with whom she'd become rather close, for training. After years of staving off demons, eventually the war was won on other fronts, and their attackers relented. Near the end, her trainer had fallen in battle. With conflict subsiding, the Legion in retreat, and her mentor deceased, she returned to Silvermoon with no purpose. She saw in Magister Umbric an opportunity to maintain her relevance, and thus followed him to Telogrus.

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Approved! Don't forget to ask Erinali or Valantus about the magic registry.
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