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_General Info_

Full Name: Folgrim Stormflare, of Clan Furyforge
Pronunciation: Foal-grr-im
Nickname or Aliases: Stormflare, Shocktrooper
Title(s): Sergeant in the Anvilrage, Apprentice Shaman

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf
Age: 136
Date of Birth: Year 456 Kings Calender
Place of Birth: Shadowforge City, Blackrock Mountain

Claims and Position: Former Sergeant in the Anvilrage, Alliance Soldier, Shaman, Eagle.

Place of Residence: 112 Shadowforge City
Sexuality: Dwarfy
Marital Status: Unwed
Languages Understood: Common, Dwarvish, some Kalamag, some Twilight Text
Religious Belief: Adherent of Smolderon, Some Elementalism

Profession: Grenadier, Mason
Abilities and Special Skills:
During Folgrims time as a Soldier in the Anvilrage. He had expert skills in the field of Grenadier work. Utilizing grenades and explosives along side Dark Iron Firearms to win the day. His awakening as a Shaman has opened new avenues of skills, coupled with his grenades. His runic work allows him to make unique variants of grenades, as well as using his rudimentary skills to burst grenades in mid air.

__Physical Information__
Height: 4'4
Weight: 220
Build: Strong
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Burning!

Distinguishing Features:

A Tattoo of the Anvilrage Anvil on his right pectoral muscle, he is often seen with a black soot mark across his line of sight, claiming that this was indicative of Grenadiers in the early years of the Anvilrage Military. But also as his station as Elemental advisor to the Patriarch of Clan Furyforge.

Physical Description:
Folgrim, like most Dark Irons is a stout but decidedly dark skinned fellow. Though most of his birth family were ashen in appearance, his Darker skin is often remarked as what had 'earned him a place' under Furyforge. As most of the Furyforge clan have always held Darkened skin, claiming it to be a forging in the fires. He is a stout soldier, well built, and able to take more punishment than most shamans. He keeps a well groomed, and well braided beard, with a billow mustache, capped off with a metal clasp he had allegedly taken from an Blackrock Orc Shaman.

__Personal Info - Personality__
Every Dark Iron is apprehensive, and Stormflare is no exception. He still clings to the old ways, often looking down upon those that would cling to superstition and ritual. He prefers the hard truth, whether it is dangerous or not, and often prefers to take the most direct route possible. He has been known to only open up to those who he finds in good company or match his paranoia. Despite this, the dwarf has a sense of wonder about him, as if some small part of him yearned to see the outside world. With his skills as a Shaman in hand and growing, he has found a place to grow personally within the Alliance and Talongrab.

Fears: The Abyss

Hobbies: A Mason, as all of Clan Furyforge are Soldiers first, and laborers second. No matter the dwarf, always a good one through toil. Despite this, he fancies himself a write. Often publishing some of his Journals in papers to entertain readers of his fanciful if sometimes embellished tales.
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