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--General Information--
Full Name: Maizse Avalia Covens
Pronunciation: Maze
Nickname or Aliases: None
Title(s): The Wayward Scarab | The Southsea Scavenger

Race: Human
Nationality: Lordaeronian
Age: Thirty One
Date of Birth: Fall Harvest, 10 L.C.
Place of Birth: Andorhal, Outer City; Eastweald

Claims and Positions: Lost Strider, of the Golden Dunes
Affiliations: Gilneas Liberation Front, Southsea Freebooters, Northwatch Expeditionary Unit, Brimstone Order

Place of Residence: Horice's Outpost, Tanaris
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Gilnean, Goblin
Religious Beliefs: None.

Profession: Tanning, Skinning and Cartographer
Character Class: Hunter
Abilities and Special Skills: With little education behind her, Maizse does not speak often, but she has terrific hearing and zeros into conversations like a hawk. Her long-term and short-term memory is remarkable and unparalleled, and she remains unmatched in navigational skills among her peers. Her time scouring the desert has developed an indefatigable, unwavering endurance, including her ability to forgo basic resources for an extended period of time.

--Physical Information--
Height: Five Foot, Ten Inches
Weight: 164 lbs.
Build: Mesomorphic, averaging on a thinner side with sinewy muscles.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold / Dark Brass

Distinguishing Features: A long, diagonal scar runs across her lower jaw and over her throat, bending just behind her left shoulder. She keeps a shemagh draped over her neck and around her shoulders to hide this scar. On her left ear, there is a triangle of flesh missing from the helix.

Physical Description:

Born with fair skin, the desert sun has done no favors to Maizse, who nearly always stands out in a crowd due to the severe sunburning and tanning of her face, neck and hands. Though the years have progressed the burning into dark tanning, the woman cannot reverse the effects, opting to cover her flesh in armor or cloth, hiding away the scars and burns over her body. Dark brass eyes carry a warning of skittish behavior, never settling on one object or person for more than a few seconds. Her dark hair is pulled back into a high pony-tail, which is usually tucked away beneath her cowl or other helmet.

An expression of distrust seems permanent on the woman's face, unwavering to even her sisters by blood. Maizse's speech is very broken, an indicator of her prolonged absence from a proper education. What she needs, she can make out very quickly, but don't ask her what her favorite pastime is - there will be no answer. The strider's voice, when speaking, is coarse and rough, a testament to the years of sand that lingered in her throat.

Light armor wraps her body like a mummy, opting for mobility more so than protection. Traversing the rolling dunes of Tanaris, in the unforgiving heat and sun, Maizse condones the practicality of leather over any other material, beyond cloth. The cloth and leather, usually dark in color, seem professionally weaved and tanned, though Maizse will not admit to who created it: by her hand or another's.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Charting locations, astronomy and lazing about with her companion.
Quirks: She sleeps. A lot. By a lot, mostly the whole day. She is primarily active during the night; conditioned to travel and work when the sands in Tanaris had cooled and the sun had become forgiving.
Goals: Maizse wishes to return to Andorhal, even if it means seeing the ruins of which it lies in. She will join whatever cause that would bring her closer to her homeland.
Fears: Any reunion with her sisters; losing her companion.
Weaknesses: Illiterate, skittish, avoids discussions in fear of not being able to partake in vocalizing her thoughts.

Personality Description:
Maizse is the definition of avoidant personality disorder. If someone looks at her like they're going to start a conversation, she will immediately turn tail and flee. Her curse of affliction while in Gilneas causes her to be wary around others, not trusting herself or anyone around her. This fear has caused a deep-rooted paranoia in her, which causes her to seek solitude. Although she is skittish and seems untrusting of others, she is loyal to just causes, and will not stray once dedicated towards a goal.

Character History:

Youngest of the three Covens sisters, a lone-wolf by all definition. Lost in the slums of Andorhal upon the razing of the city, she was caught in the stream of refugees that narrowly fled the city of the consuming dead. Taken Southwest towards Gilneas, Maizse was passed off as a lost house-maiden of a noble family, wandering the hills of the secluded kingdom. Time faded on and she found herself caught in the claws on one more catastrophe as she fell in the city to the fangs of the feral beasts that swarmed the population. In effort to not be culled and sentenced to death, the youngest sister fled once more, in fear of her own bloodthirst, to the far-reached dunes of Tanaris. It was in the dunes of Tanaris that she established the next ten years of her life on the loyalty to several different individuals, all of whom she strayed away from upon the discovery of their deceit. She has since returned to the Eastern Kingdoms, traversing North in hopes of visiting Andorhal.

Other: This character is a large WIP. Even though I have a general background - she has been mostly a side-character for one of my other characters. I'm hoping to expand on her a bit more.
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