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-General Information--
Full Name: Garram Ironbane
Pronunciation: G (as in “Gate”)-air-rum Iron-heart
Nickname or Aliases: Garry, Boomer
Title(s): None

Race: Dwarf
Nationality: Ironforge/Bronzebeard
Age: Mid 110s
Date of Birth: Around -77
Place of Birth: Ironforge, Kingdom of Khaz Modan

Claims and Positions: Personal quarters in Ironforge
Affiliations: Explorer’s League (occasional guard)

Place of Residence: Ironforge, various
Sexuality: Hetero
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Dwarven, Common, Gnomish
Religious Beliefs: Titan worship

Profession: Engineer, Forgemaster, Warrior
Character Class: Mech Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: Blacksmithing, engineering, armed combat, and battle tactics.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 220
Build: Stout
Hair Color: Fire-red
Eye Color: Emerald-green

Distinguishing Features: Interwoven blue tattoos are found on his torso, arms, and face (Celtic patterns, for reference).

Physical Description:
A pair of engineering goggles were lifted over the face of the dwarf and nestled under a neatly-cropped flash of fire-red hair. Two emerald-green eyes peer at you with a mixture of curiosity and well-intentioned amusement from a weatherbeaten face bedecked with interwoven patterns of blue tattoos. The dwarf’s garb seemed relatively simple; mixtures of leathers and irons that offered mobility and protection. A warm smile formed under his braided red moustache and beard as he held out a thick hand.
“Garram Ironheart. Pleased to meet ye.”
While a dwarven accent was present, it wasn’t nearly as thick as many of his brethren.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Tinkering, playing the fiddle, and making metallic art.
Quirks: Passionate about engineering and blacksmithing practices, enjoys the little things in life, and has a particular fondness for salted pork.
Goals: Garram wants to explore rather than stay confined in Ironforge and put his skills to the test in different places. One of his best friends before the Second War was Alteraci and Garram wishes to find out what his fate was when the Alliance sacked the dishonored kingdom.
Fears: Garram’s greatest fear is that his armor will fail him in combat, despite the fact that he can hold his own outside of the machine. Out of combat, his greatest fear is of deep water since he’s not a strong swimmer.
Weaknesses: Deep water (see above) and long-distance running.

Personality Description:
Despite numerous trials and hardships, Garram maintains an overly-joyous outlook on life, even in the midst of dark situations. His demeanor can sometimes come off as crude, but he’s well-intentioned and friendly. This dwarf is a fierce ally to his friends and a fierce opponent to his enemies; both of which become quickly apparent when he’s around. His outlets for pent-up anger and frustration is his blacksmith anvil and his fiddle. Laughter and jokes come easily to Garram and he’s more than happy to readily show both.

Character History:
Garram was born to a soldier father and a tanner mother along with a younger brother and a younger sister. While he grew up among fellow dwarves, his family was close friends with a Gnomish engineering family and he also grew up with their children. Garram’s father died in battle against the Dark Irons during the War of the Three Hammers, and Garram enlisted in the Ironforge infantry when he came of age to honor his memory. His brother and sister both joined the Explorer’s League as an archaeologist and archivist, respectively.

His first taste of combat was against the Ice Trolls in Khaz Modan, but those skirmishes were nothing compared to the mass slaughter from the Second War. A traveling Alteraci merchant became trapped with the dwarves inside Ironforge as the Horde ravaged through Khaz Modan. During the siege, Garram became fast friends with the merchant and they eventually took a vow of brotherhood. After the siege was lifted, the merchant continued towards Alterac.

Garram continued to faithfully serve for a few more years and successfully petitioned for an honorable discharge. As a civilian, Garram was a quick study at blacksmithing and engineering and learned how to create his own set of steam and phlogiston-powered armor. He joined his brothers and sisters during the Siege of Orgrimmar and reverse-engineered many of Blackfuse’s inventions and processes. Through further study and experimentation, his powered armor's abilities were refined and can wield a variety of weapons, but prefers warhammers.

Garram recently traveled to Alterac and discovered that his “brother” had been robbed and murdered by the Syndicate. With vengeance sworn in his heart, the dwarf desires the full destruction of the Syndicate and their allies. After that, he wishes to help restore the kingdom to prevent the rise of similar groups in the future.
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