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--General Information--
Full Name: Shendris Shadowbreath-Shadesworn
Pronunciation: Shin - dris
Nickname or Aliases: Shen / Shenny
Title(s): None

Race: Kaldorei
Age: Mid 700s
Date of Birth: Around 750 years ago.
Place of Birth: Northern Kalimdor, Darkshore

Claims and Positions: Bodyguard services
Affiliations: Ironheart Brigade, Sentinels

Place of Residence: Mount Hyjal
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Widowed
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Darnassian, Thalassian
Religious Beliefs: Elune

Profession: Retired Assassin, Glaive-Bearer and Bodyguard
Character Class: Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: Carried-over skills and knowledge about stealth and subterfuge, ability to discern certain types of herbs from others from poison making, a touch of controlled shadow magic from a tattoo.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 230lbs
Build: Muscular, tones, stalwart.
Hair Color: Dark blue
Eye Color: Moonlight silver

Distinguishing Features: A tattoo on her right bicep done by a former friend. The tattoo is more of a parasitic being than anything, seeing Shendris as a host and allowing her the ability to fade into shadows for her protection (mainly because the parasitic ink knows if she dies, it dies).

Physical Description:
She stands at semi-average height for females of her race, with short cropped dark blue hair rarely needing swept from her eyes, though she does so anyways. Her muscles are defined after centuries of rigorous drilling and agile training, an obvious giveaway that she wasn't always a tough fighter, but instead someone who was more nimble or quick on their feet. Underneath her right ear on the side of her neck is a scar shaped as an 'X.'

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Pester her friends, make jokes.
Quirks: She's more extroverted and not-at-all xenophobic.
Goals: Fighting in remembrance of an adventuring group from Alterac that saved her and her late wife's lives when a situation issued by contract went wrong. And most importantly, she fights in the same of her wife herself, who had an unbreakable admiration for the resilience of those from the Northern half of Eastern Kingdoms.
Fears: Never knowing the truth of what could happen to those around her. She doesn't like the idea that people can die, but she hates even more when she doesn't know how bad it could be when they walk into a situation.
Weaknesses: Too kind a heart, too active a mind.

Personality Description:
There never was a time when Shen felt she could look down upon another race because of inferiority thought they might have. Everyone around her -- so long as they show no harmful intentions -- can be considered a potential friend, or at least somebody to pester for hours with horrible jokes. Protective and willing for those she knows, but there's part of her that can go stony and cold towards anyone that insults her or makes her feel like they've not the right frame of mind in a dangerous manner.

Character History:
Shendris was born in Darkshore, on the outskirts of Auberdine. After failing to learn the arts of Druidism, she instead was taught the art of subterfuge and hiding in the shadows to force situations. She took up blades and learned to be an assassin, serving in the secretive rogue organization of Enigma, then did contracts and helped the Alliance-lined organizations of End of Dawn -- which she was a ranking officer in -- and Ironheart Brigade. After the presumed death of her wife, though -- who really has only gone missing for years, or so she hopes -- Shendris threw away her daggers and contract dealings, and vowed to herself and the empty grave of her mate that if there was anything she could do in the name of Kasaesia Shadowbreath, she would spend her last breaths making sure it was fulfilled.

Art is being made for her currently! So I'll update this when I get it.
( Character name OOC is Shendris, and I am in the guild already as Liohen.
This is an alt, who I hope to be more active with now that we have eased in Battle
for Azeroth!)
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