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--General Information--
Full Name: Anriel Solnebren
Pronunciation: An-Ree-Ehl Soul-neh-brehn
Nickname or Aliases: Farmboy, Annie
Title(s): N/A

Race: Human
Nationality: Stormwind
Age: 22
Date of Birth: December 20th
Place of Birth: Solnebren Farmstead, Westfall

Claims and Positions: Currently has a land grant in the Plaguelands
Affiliations: Westfall Brigade

Place of Residence: The Perch, Talongrab
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Vrykul
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic/nonreligious

Profession: Farmer/Herbalist
Character Class: Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: Aside from combat ability, Anriel's specialty during his life in Westfall was caring for livestock and other animals, horses being the kind he knew best. Due to this, he possesses outstanding skill as an equestrian, and serves capably as both cavalry and infantry.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 pounds
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: The most distinguishing feature on his body is an enormous scar along his chest from his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip.

Physical Description:
Just 22 years old, Anriel has the impressive stance of a trained soldier, augmented by a genuine care for the well-being of those he’s sworn to protect. At 6-foot, 3-inches tall and 200 lbs., he presents an intimidating figure to any would-be evildoer. He wears his hair under an open-faced helmet most of the time, but in civilian clothing he is often seen with blonde, shoulder-length hair and deep, blue eyes. He wears a heavy suit of armor with orange-tinted scales artistically woven among the harder, bronze-colored plates. For armament, Anriel carries an ornate greatsword, its pommel carved to resemble the hooked beak of an eagle and its crossguard shaped like miniature wings. He also keeps a dagger belted next to a small quiver of bolts at his waist and a light crossbow strapped to his back.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: In peacetime, Anriel prefers to educate himself on the flora and fauna of wherever he may be traveling, and takes a special interest how he could cultivate various herbs back home. He's also recently taken up the art of cooking.
Quirks: Though he never learned to read or write in Common, Anriel bears understanding of several Vrykul runes thanks to his time in Stormheim. Not only this, but he also speaks in a distinguishable accent that one would associate with the southern United States.
Goals: One day, Anriel would like to rebuild the Solnebren Farmstead, making a new home for his mother and sisters while also being able to start his own family.
Fears: In particular, he fears large amounts of fire, especially being surrounded by fire or magical fire in general.
Weaknesses: For the most part, Anriel is an uneducated country bumpkin. He knows little of the world and it's history, and most history he does know is in the form of over-the-top stories of Alliance heroes performing heroic deeds and doing no wrong. Likewise, he does not know how to read or write in Common.

Personality Description: Anriel tries his best to embody the best qualities of a loyal soldier, steadfast guardian, and trained leader. His time with the Westfall Brigade enhanced these traits, and they shine through all his endeavors—whether on behalf of his fellow Eagles or during personal undertakings. He exercises caution in any conflict, routinely seeking a diplomatic solution before resorting to violence, but he also knows how to finish a confrontation with his fists or blade, if necessary. He takes his martial training very seriously, and often prides himself on his capabilities. He does his best to get along well with his superiors and adventuring companions, and hopefully with any enemy that could be turned to his side.

Character History:
Anriel was born the middle child of 8 sisters, as well as the only son of the Solnebren family. He grew up on their farmstead in Westfall, working the fields, tending the animals, and at times, defending from attacks from gnolls, murlocs, or even the Defias. As members of the People's Militia, it was seen as the duty of his parents to train him and the rest of his siblings in how to fight from an early age. As Anriel grew into a young man, the Militia was sent off to Northrend where they became the Westfall Brigade upon their return. However, while his father was sent with them, he did not return. Anriel then sought to replace his father in the Brigade, where he solidified his training.

All was well for several years, until all Anriel knew was taken from him by the Burning Legion's invasion. While most of his family relocated to Stormwind, he himself went and joined the assault on the Broken Shore, serving dutifully during the Legion campaign not only to earn gold for his family, but also to make a mark in the Alliance's history in his own way. On the Broken Isles, he received training from the Valarjar, all while serving in various companies along the way, and he was even deployed to Argus during Azeroth's counter-invasion against the Legion.

Upon his return home, with his family secured, he sought a new land to venture to and continue his service with the Alliance. Seeing the opportunity to rebuild life for himself and perhaps his family in Alterac, he's joined up with the Citrine Eagle, and currently serves among the Icewing Brigade as a way to defend this land he now calls home.

General Information
Name: Anriel Solnebren
Division: Icewing Brigade
Health: 9/9


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 1
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Constitution: 2

Item I:
Yeti Chestpiece
Take -1 less damage from all sources. Cannot bring you below -1 damage dealt.

Item II:
Lif Rune (The Kind Worm)
If you take no actions during the Player Phase, during the next Player Phase you may add an additional +1 to your damage or healing dealt.

Item III:
Lancing Gloves
Gain an additional +2 to your roll result while mounted. You must remain mounted for this effect to persist.
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