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--General Information--
Full Name: Everett Marwood Rodgers
Pronunciation: Ev-er-rett Mar-wood Rah-dgers
Nickname or Aliases: Rhett.
Title(s): Sky Sergeant Rodgers.

Race: Human
Nationality: Stormwindian
Age: 25
Date of Birth: April, 21st 603 K.C.
Place of Birth: Stormwind.

Claims and Positions: Sky Sergeant aboard the Sword of Dawn
Affiliations: Stormwind Air Force
Place of Residence: Stormwind
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common
Religious Beliefs: Church of the Holy Light.

Profession: Skinning, Leatherworking.
Character Class: Hunter (Gunslinger)
Abilities and Special Skills: Proficient Tracker and Hunter, Skilled Shot and Steady Hands, Extremely Resilient and Tough. Masterful Spacial Perception and is trained in Gun and Small Weapons combat.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'4
Weight: 245lbs
Build: Stocky, Broad Shouldered, Long Legs.
Hair Color: Golden-Auburn.
Eye Color: Darkened Green

Distinguishing Features: His top-left teeth are fake, instead are metal molds of regular teeth. Name of Mother and Date of Death on his back shoulder, Alliance-related tattoo's on ribcage and shoulders.

Physical Description: A Stocky, average weighted young lad with wide shoulders, adorned with well defined muscles running down to an average torso which attached to a set of long, thick legs. A few tattoos on the Young Man’s arms gave way to a scar barely visible through the long beard snugly spread across the smoothed face of the Lad. Dark Green eyes peer at whoever looks his way, Looking above to the man's head was thick but smooth hair, lining down his back and around his shoulders down to his shoulders.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Hunting, Camping, Reading.
Quirks: Bites Nails, Taps feet, Hums to himself and occasionally sings songs to himself when alone.
Goals: To gain the approval of his father, and not have the feeling of living in his Father's Shadow.
Fears: The Scourge, Naga, and Drust-related entities.
Weaknesses: His Protectiveness of his remaining family, His sometimes uncontrolled temper, and a Good Brew!

Personality Description:
Everett's personality is being soft spoken, Introverted but sometimes showing glimpses of acute social awareness, but usually straying from the main light of the situation and rather participating in side conversations. Enjoys One-on-One conversation rather than a group conversation.

Character History: Everett Marwood Rodgers is the Firstborn Son of Jömar Rodgers and Emma Adelynn Rodgers, Born the Twenty-First of April in 603 K.C. in Stormwind, The child was cared for mostly by his mother during Jomar’s tours of service with the Stormwind Guard and Stormwind Military, causing Everett to never connect with his father until he became a teenager. Jömar taught the growing boy things he had learned growing up and learning to survive, Everett seemed to love hunting and would insist Jömar bring him with him when he would hunt. Everett grew to love being outside and surviving off the land, completely dependent from others and being able to live on his own, just like his father before him, maybe even better… When Jömar would redeploy to wherever he was needed Everett would look after the small cabin they occupied in Elwynn, allowing for him to live on his own. Constantly being kept away from his father made him rebellious and he began to rebel against citizens and guards of Stormwind, stealing foods from markets and harassing other kids. Jömar arrived back home after the war, once finding out about the degenerate activities his own son had involved himself in he discussed with his son and recruitment officers of the Stormwind Guard and decided the best course of action would be enlisting him as into the City Guard, as a way to teach the growing boy discipline and teach him how to exert his energy into being good, and doing good rather than helping incite violence and dissent among civilians. And now after many campaigns in the Grand Alliance Military as an airman aboard multiple Airships he's between resigning for enlistment in the military and has explored other Options in the Citrine Eagle.

This is all just starting material as I retconned one of my characters to be this one, I hope to expand more on this character and grow through storytelling and guild communications.
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