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--General Information--
Full Name: Tiberias Martellus Praetorias
Pronunciation: Tie-beer-ee-us Mahr-tell-us Pray-tore-ee-us
Nickname or Aliases: Marty
Title(s): Lord, but refuses to be called by it until his family’s holdings are rebuilt and he earns his title.

Race: Human
Nationality: Alteraci
Age: 32
Date of Birth: December 23rd
Place of Birth: Near the Uplands, Kingdom of Alterac

Claims and Positions: Frosthold Manor (destroyed)
Affiliations: The Silver Hand, Argent Dawn, Argent Crusade

Place of Residence: Ruins of Frosthold, Alterac
Sexuality: Hetero
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common
Religious Beliefs: Church of the Holy Light

Profession: Paladin, Siegemaster, Crusader
Character Class: Centurion
Abilities and Special Skills: Fully-trained Paladin, wields both the Light and the Shadow (explained below), knowledge of siege weaponry and defense.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 230
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Fire-red
Eye Color: Sapphire-blue

Distinguishing Features: A large tattoo of the Argent Crusade symbol on his back. Numerous small scars on face.

Physical Description:
The heavily-armored crusader stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches with broad shoulders, a barrel chest, and thick limbs. A bloodstained and slightly-tattered Argent Crusade tabard covers his breastplate and is tucked beneath his belt. Under his greathelm, neat locks of fire-red hair sweeps down the sides and back of his head and comes to a halt just above his shoulders with a matching neatly-trimmed beard encircling a square jaw. A pair of sapphire-blue eyes gleam from a scarred and weatherbeaten face with a passionate and determined inner fire.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Metalworking, reading, and sketching
Quirks: Tiberias’ personality can sometimes suddenly change with no warning.
Goals: Tiberias wishes to free himself from his cursed condition, restore his family’s good name, rebuild his family’s holdings, and restore the Kingdom of Alterac.
Fears: His main fear is completely succumbing to the madness of the Void. His secondary fears include being too weak to achieve his goals, the destruction of his religion, and being unable to escape the scorn that the Alliance has for Alterac.
Weaknesses: Is susceptible to occasionally slipping into the mental grip of the Void, especially when near its creations.

Personality Description:
Tiberias’ normal personality is one of stoicism, nobility, good-natured humor, and benevolence--personality aspects of a Paladin aspiring to greatness and servitude in the name of the Light. His cursed personality can be malicious, violent, mischievous, and crude due to the influence of the Void.

Character History:
Tiberias was born into a wealthy family that owned a manor in the mountains that produced valuable ores and minerals for Alterac. His father was a minor noble that supported King Aiden and sided with the Horde alongside the other noble families in exchange for power and safety. When the Alliance began to destroy Alterac, Tiberias’ father sent him and his brother to Stratholme to live with the aunt of one of their servants. Frosthold was destroyed and his father was executed for treason.

Tiberias and his brother lived in Stratholme for a few years and were relatively unaware of the troubles that had fallen on Alterac. Their household was a religious one, and while he and his brother became adept with tapping into the Light, they ended up on different paths. Tiberias decided to begin his training as an aspiring Paladin and his brother joined the Priesthood. Many years of grueling training, deep meditation, and happiness passed until their beloved city fell to the Scourge. Tiberias ended up retreating from the city and eventually joining the newly-established Scarlet Crusade, but soon left to join the Argent Dawn which eventually became the Argent Crusade.

Tiberias was deployed to the Argent Vanguard with other members of his order and proudly stood with them against the Scourge’s onslaught. However, his fate drastically changed during a battle in which a ghoul infused with razor-sharp shards of Saronite exploded upon its demise, which caused the shards to tear through Tiberias’ armor and send him to the ground. Through the haze of his injuries, Tiberias saw a necromancer casting a dark spell at him and was barely able to raise his sword in time to block it. When his sword took the brunt of the shadow magic, it slowly became twisted and corrupted into a scythe that emanated the essence of the Void. His last memory before he lost consciousness on the battlefield was a din of maddening whispers filling his head, compelling him towards committing atrocities.

He awoke after the Cataclysm in Hearthglen, having been moved a few times from place to place. On his recovery bed, he learned that the healers had been unable to remove the Saronite shards embedded in his body, but they were able to hold its corruption at bay by using the Light. Tiberias’ scythe had also never left his side despite the healer’s best efforts, but he was able to pick it up without self-injury. After he learned how to keep the Saronite from completely corrupting his mind, he discovered that he was unable to use the Light in battle, but rather shadow versions of the magic he used to have since his blade had been transformed.

After he fully recovered physically, he set back out for Alterac and eventually returned to the ruins of Frosthold, where he has been living and rebuilding ever since. Through daily prayers and meditation, he hopes to eventually rid himself of his curse.

Tiberias was never knighted mostly due to timing.
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