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--General Information--
Full Name: Aodhán Ó Ruairc
Pronunciation: Ay-Oh-Dun Oh-Roo-Air-K
Nickname or Aliases: Rork
Title(s): None

Race: Human
Nationality: Kul Tiran
Age: 33
Date of Birth: March 21st
Place of Birth: Boralus

Claims and Positions: None
Affiliations: Stormsong Monastery (former)

Place of Residence: Boralus
Sexuality: Hetero
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common
Religious Beliefs: Tide Mother worship

Profession: Tideguard (former), adventurer
Character Class: Vanguard
Abilities and Special Skills: Melee combat (spear, sword, and shield), aquamancy (healing and damaging), and lightning magic.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 250
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Distinguishing Features: Green tattoo of a kraken on his back and a green anchor tattoo on his left forearm.

Physical Description:
The warrior towers over most at 6 feet 5 inches and bears a muscular figure under his light armor. His barrel chest extends into two thick arms and powerful hands.Two piercing fierce green eyes shimmer from a battle-scarred and weatherbeaten face, but they were not without a measure of kindness. Cropped golden hair is found above blue runic tattoos on the sides of his head and a matching rugged beard encircles a square jaw. He stands on two pillars of legs that supported his stout frame and his deep voice reverberates around the area and is indicative of a vast internal fortitude.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Brewing, Wrestling, Boxing, Woodcarving, Cooking, and Reading
Quirks: He can have a strange sense of humor sometimes and can be without a social filter at other times.
Goals: Aodhán wishes to serve the Tidemother in his own, independent way, rather than abiding by the strict and restrictive practices of the Stormsong Monastery. He also wants to take the fight directly to the Horde both in Kultiras and Zaldalar, but also on the other continents. Lastly, he owes a debt of gratitude to the Citrine Eagle since Daxos St. Cyr saved his life and dragged him away from danger in Nazmir. Aodhán even discovered that he and Daxos were distant cousins in a later conversation.
Fears: Being too weak to defeat his opponent, Voodoo, and self-cowardice.
Weaknesses: Can be impulsive and rush into bad situations without thinking it through. He also struggles with showing mercy to defeated enemies, which could get him in trouble in other situations.

Personality Description:
In friendly areas with friendly individuals, Aodhán freely laughs, jokes, and revels with his comrades. He deeply enjoys life and its pleasures, but doesn’t let them overly distract him from doing what needs to be done. In preparation for battle, he is calm and focused, ensuring that his armor and his equipment are ready as he mentally gets ready. When the fighting starts, he sometimes flies into a berserker rage and recklessly throws himself into the melee, not feeling the wounds inflicted on him until the fighting stops or until his body forcibly shuts down due to the injuries.

Character History:
Aodhán’s father was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Kul Tiras Navy during the Second Wars and his mother was a healer specializing in potions and poultices. From an early age, Aodhán felt the pull of the Tidemother and heard her whispers in her ear, compelling his family to send him to Stormsong Valley to train as a Tideguard. While he was studious and a fast learner, he quickly found the monastery’s practices to be too restrictive and often snuck out to walk around the valley and talk to its people. Aodhán’s free spirit could not be tempered by seclusion in the monastery and was eventually expelled. This did not break his faith, however, and he was determined to serve the Tidemother in his own way. He set out for Drustvar and spent time fighting the evils within, doing what he could to stem the tide of darkness. After a while he returned to Brennadam to help fight the Quillboar encroachment, but the Horde suddenly attacked and massacred numerous civilians. Outraged at the atrocity, Aodhán swore to do what he could to destroy the savages and accompanied the Grand Alliance military in its campaign on Zandalar. He stood firm in numerous battles across the continent and ended up discovering a long-lost distant cousin among the Grand Alliance’s ranks. With a debt of gratitude and the desire to take the fight directly to the Horde, Aodhán pledged his service to the Citrine Eagle.

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