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--General Information--
Full Name: Aodhán Ó Ruairc
Pronunciation: Ay-Oh-Dun Oh-Roo-Air-K
Nickname or Aliases: Aodh
Title(s): None

Race: Human
Nationality: Stromgardian
Age: 33
Date of Birth: March 21st
Place of Birth: Stromgarde

Claims and Positions: None
Affiliations: Explorer's League, League of Arathor

Place of Residence: Refuge Pointe
Sexuality: Hetero
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Orcish, Vrykul
Religious Beliefs: Titan Worship

Profession: Warrior, Rune Wielder, Barbarian, Blacksmith, Brewmaster, Gladiator
Character Class: Berserker
Abilities and Special Skills: Melee combat, using basic rune magic to augment himself, crafting weapons and armor, brewing beer

--Physical Information--
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 250
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Distinguishing Features: Blue runic tattoos on hands, arms, torso, and face. Interwoven blue tattoos on shoulders. Battle scars scattered throughout his body.

Physical Description:
The warrior towers over most at 6 feet 5 inches and bears a muscular figure under his light armor. His barrel chest extends into two thick arms and powerful hands.Two piercing fierce green eyes shimmer from a battle-scarred and weatherbeaten face, but they were not without a measure of kindness. Cropped golden hair is found above blue runic tattoos on the sides of his head and a matching rugged beard encircles a square jaw. Blue runic tattoos sweep from his hands, up his arms, across his torso, and up the sides of his head. Two circular interwoven blue tattoos are also found on the sides of his broad shoulders. He stands on two pillars of legs that supported his stout frame and bore numerous types of axes in holsters on his belt, a baldric across his chest, and sheaths behind his shoulders. Stitched pelts of furs are worn under his belt as a makeshift tunic bottom and his bracers, boots, and chest armor are also lined with fur. His deep voice reverberates around the area and is indicative of a vast internal fortitude.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Brewing, Wrestling, Boxing, Woodcarving, Cooking, and Reading
Quirks: He can have a strange sense of humor sometimes and can be without a social filter at other times.
Goals: Due to his time with the Vrykul as well as hearing stories about it, he wishes to ascend to the Halls of Valor to become a Valarjar. He knows that, with one exception, only Vrykul can become Valarjar, and wishes to prove to Odyn that the Vrykul’s “deformed” descendents can also be worth of ascension. In addition, he also wants to destroy the Syndicate.
Fears: His main fear is dying dishonorably and being unworthy of Odyn’s favor. He also has strong aversions to spiders, scorpions, and snakes.
Weaknesses: Can be impulsive and rush into bad situations without thinking it through. He also struggles with showing mercy to defeated enemies, which could get him in trouble in certain situations.

Personality Description:
In friendly areas with friendly individuals, Aodhán freely laughs, jokes, and revels with his comrades. He deeply enjoys life and its pleasures, but doesn’t let them overly distract him from doing what needs to be done. In preparation for battle, he is calm and focused, ensuring that his armor and his equipment are ready as he mentally gets ready. When the fighting starts, he induces a berserker rage and recklessly throws himself into the melee, not feeling the wounds inflicted on him until the fighting stops or until his body forcibly shuts down due to the injuries.

Character History:
Aodhán’s father was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the army of Stromgarde during the Second and Third Wars and his mother was a healer specializing in potion and poultices. The attacks from the Ogres and the Syndicate drove the family out of Stromgarde and young Aodhán became separated from his parents in the chaos. He was captured by the Boulderfist Ogres and was enslaved to fight as a gladiator for their amusement. His trainer was an Orc warrior who had been captured during their incursions in the Second War and was a cruel, yet effective teacher.
Aodhán’s size, agility, and rising ferocity resulted in him becoming proficient with axes of all sizes. He eventually slew the Orc and escaped his imprisonment to disappear in the surrounding lands. Aodhán eventually found refuge point but learned that his father had been slain by a Syndicate assassin while searching for his son and that his mother had fallen to madness in her grief and took her own life. Among his family’s remaining possessions was a book of stories that his mother used to tell him--he especially enjoyed the story about a race of giant men and women who inhabited lands far to the north and were the keepers of ancient secrets. To honor his family’s memory, the young man decided to sail to Northrend to see if the stories were true. He linked up with the Explorer's League, offered to help protect then in exchange for simply being allowed to accompany them, and was subsequently granted passage with the dwarves.

Aodhán landed at Howling Fjord with the Explorer's League and helped protect them as they worked to unearth Vrykul history and secrets. Numerous Vrykul tablets were discovered and interpreted by a dwarven runemaster, which told the Vrykul interpretation of the stories of the Titans and their Keepers in addition to instructions on Vrykul rune magic. The ritual of binding runes to flesh was dangerous, but the runemaster wanted to try it. Naturally, Aodhán agreed to something without thinking it through.

Aodhán became tattooed with runes that augmented his abilities, even though he wasn’t fully sure of how it worked. All he knew is that he had to call the rune’s name aloud and its power would be temporarily lent to him. In addition, the runes granted him the ability to read and speak Vrykul as well as flashes of the glories of the Halls of Valor. These visions were so strong that he began to worship the Titans and their Keepers as the Vrykul did and gained the desire to prove himself and humans as a whole worthy of candidates to be raised up to the Halls of Valor. Aodhán eventually returned to the Eastern Kingdoms with a new focus on mind: avenging his family and Stromgarde.

The years in the mountains, in the gladiator pits, and at sea had been hard on the man, but the fiery determination of destroying the Syndicate had not dimmed, so he made his way back to Refuge Pointe, where he assisted the League of Arathor with their goals for numerous years. With the Alliance and Horde forces essentially driving the Syndicate out of the area, Aodhán traveled west and learned of the Citrine Eagle, who had similar goals to his own. Since Stromgarde would likely become an Alliance military outpost, he decided to make a new home within the snow-covered mountains of Alterac once he had fulfilled his personal mission.

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