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Full Name: Ynett Fulter

Pronunciation: yah-net full-t-er

Nickname or Aliases: None as of yet.

Title(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)

Race: Human

Nationality: (if applicable) Stormwindian.

Age: 22

Date of Birth:
November 9th.
Place of Birth: Darkshire.

Claims and Positions: (Any role your character plays, or any claims they might have to lands.)
No claim. Is set to inherit her uncle’s house.
Affiliations: (Any affiliations outside of the Citrine Eagle; Silver Hand, Kirin Tor, Tillers Union, etc.)
She has a few contacts in the Explorer’s League, but is not a part of the guild.

Place of Residence: A bedroll she sleeps around Stormwind with.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Marital Status: Single

Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common.

Religious Beliefs: (Note their denomination; Church of the Holy Light, Titan Worship, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, etc.)
She follows the light but is the type of person who only prays when her or someone she knows is near death.

Profession: Former deep sea salvage diver.
Can do most farm work.

Character Class: Explorer, Amateur Mage

Abilities and Special Skills: (What abilities and skills distinguish your characters from others? Give a description.) Ynett has very limited magical ability, and almost none in a combat scenario. She also is experienced with explosives for use in combat and excavation, as well as quite a bit of experience knife fighting, but is less skilled with more practical weapons.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5’4”

Weight: 108

Build: Athletic.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Blue.

Distinguishing Features: (Tattoos? Birthmarks? Note them here.) Several scars on various limbs from killer fish, and giant crabs.

Physical Description: Ynett is very emotive with her face, which is only ever not expressing when she is thinking. Then it just seems to be rather blank. She often wears her hair cut short so it will fit under a helmet

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Learning magic.
Quirks: Hates sailors.
Goals: Obtain a massive amount of wealth, there is little more that motivates Ynett then the promise of money.

Fears: Giant sharks, skilled mages, taxes, sailors, ancient curses.

Weaknesses:Overall poor combat skills, hardly any knowledge of arcana despite magical practice, overly tempted by promises of wealth, stubborn.

Personality Description: Ynett is often very quick to put a label on who she likes and does not. First impressions are an important matter to her, and she thinks she can judge a person’s character on this alone. This is often not the case and doesn’t play well to the fact that she can be quite stubborn, and hates to admit she was wrong, although is more accepting of it when she has to do it to herself rather than others.
Character History: Ynett was born to two mages of Dalaran, who died on some horrific mission she will never know about. She was raised on a farm by her uncle, which where she spent most of her life.She would studying magic in what free time she had thinking that maybe she would want to be like her parents someday.
Soon enough she would go searching for more exciting work after becoming of age to leave farming behind. She would become a diver searching for treasure underwater to hopefully one day become rich. Despite all her work, her intolerance towards sailors and their habits of hygiene, and to what she perceived to be rudeness to her, led her to search for treasure elsewhere. This time in the mountains of Alterac where she hopes to strike it big, while it the meantime doing some menial work for some group people already out there.

Other: Ynett owns a cannon, and maintains that it is her Light given right to own such a thing.
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