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Colette Dereaux Rivard, pronounced Co-let • Derr-oh • Riv-Ahrd

Race: Human.
Age: 29.
Date of Birth: August 23rd.
Place of Birth: Near the Thondroril River.

Affiliations: Church of the Holy Light, various funeral homes.

Place of Residence: Stormwind.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Marital Status: Widowed.
Religious Beliefs: (mainly) Church of the Holy Light.

Profession: Confessor and scholar.
Character Class: Priest.
Abilities and Special Skills: Colette's profession rests mainly in providing religious guidance to those in need of it. She's a healer of the Light, but dabbled purely for scholarly reasons into Shadow, which she uses merely for the strength in psionic magic that the studies provide better for her.

•Physical Information•

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160lbs.
Build: Buxom and shapely.
Hair Color: Deep black, streaks of grey.
Eye Color: Chestnut brown.

Distinguishing Features:
  • Paleness in contrast to her hair.
  • Heavy priest's vestments at times.
  • Heirloom ring of gold and garnet, with a "gate" signet inlaid in the center.

Physical Description: Taken from TRP:
She stands a height cutting equally into five feet, with hair a downy pitch black, circled into ringlets of heavy volume. There's something despondent in her eyes, pools of a muddy brown framed by long lashes and eyebrows that sit somewhat always saddened overhead. Her nose is short and straight, specked by freckles at the bridge, and she holds a mouth with kept teeth and lips typically mute of color. In fact, the entirety of her face is barely touched by makeup, if not for the blush of her cheeks' apples.

She holds herself not with cowardice, but with a neutrality in the way she walks and speaks, emotions somewhat weaker at times as if a lost connection. She carries in her wake the smell of incense and tobacco.

•Personality Information•

Hobbies: Embroidery, writing, glassblowing.
Goals: Colette is still overcoming emotional struggles of her past, while trying to find her place. She wants to touch others, to continue to provide guidance both in life and in death as her family did before her. Knowledge is power, which is to say she's constantly in scholarly pursuit of the balance.
Fears: It's human to be afraid, but her fears will be unspoken.
Weaknesses: Physically, she's not very strong. She some times has a hard time connecting to people, as if she dissociates.

Personality Description:
Colette likes to surround herself with peers that are strong in mind. She often can shut herself away from the public, but tries not to do so. While not entirely impossible to make her smile, laugh, cry, she tends to keep her emotions muted and in check.

Character History:
Born to a family of medium wealth, Colette's home was on the border of the Thondroril River. She spent a majority of her life living between her home and in the walls of Stratholme between times that the city was rebuilt. The Rivards were a family known for their studious and religious guidance both in life and to death. They worked either in churches, temples, or funeral homes. Colette married at a young age, and later on gave birth to a daughter. Like the many others, most of her family was slaughtered and turned during the culling. Thanks to a Lordaeron soldier, Emersen Waynwood, Colette was able to escape, and spent the remaining years rebuilding both herself and her life in service of the Alliance.

Theme songs:

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