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--General Information--

Full Name: Durin Aeducan
Pronunciation: Dur-in Aye-doo-kin
Nickname or Aliases: None
Title(s): None

Race: Dwarf
Nationality: Bronzebeard Clan
Age: 45
Date of Birth: December 31st, -7 L.C.
Place of Birth: Anvilmar, Coldridge Valley

Claims and Positions: None
Affiliations: Ironforge; Bronzebeard Clan

Place of Residence: Ironforge
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Dwarvish, Gnomish
Religious Beliefs: Church of the Holy Light; Ancestor Worship

Profession: Goldsmith
Character Class: Warrior
Abilities and Special Skills: An Improved Stoneform gives Durin extra durability on a battlefield, making him a defensive asset.


--Physical Information--

Height: 4’8”
Weight: 280 lbs
Build: Stout
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Distinguishing Features: A tattoo of a shield depicting Ironforge’s Crest sits over his heart.

Physical Description:
Weathered looks and multiple battle scars define this seasoned campaigner, as would lean muscle and a slight beer belly. He doesn’t show his strength, but the dwarf keeps himself more than fit enough to fight. Shaggy, shoulder length brown hair gives well a well groomed beard that boasts a bushy mustache, as well as a two-pronged end. A metal band loops around about halfway down, and the rest of the beard is braided until another metal loop denotes the end of the style, giving way to a slightly frayed tip.


--Personal Information--

Hobbies: Goldsmithing, Chess, Hearthstone, Hunting, Fishing, Drinking
Quirks: Durin is very attached to his shield. Nearly obsessively so.
Goals: Durin would like his name in the Annals of Ironforge, denoting him as a great warrior and someone worth a damn.
Fears: Failure, Defeat
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, Cold Exterior

Personality Description:
Durin is quite mentally stable. He has a tactician’s mind, analytical and direct. He plays chess often, attempting to learn new strategies almost as often as he plays. This translates into his normal life, where he attempts to adept as quickly as possible to each situation, always trying to have a tactical upper hand. His speech and actions reflect this, sometimes coming across as cold or uncaring, when he always keeps the lives of those under and around him at heart. This care is depicted in his chosen style of combat, that of a protector. His goal in a battle, first and foremost, is to win, and just under that, to protect as many people on his side as he can, even if it means getting hurt himself. In this, Durin is quite selfless, even if he doesn’t seem it.

Character History:
Born in Coldridge Valley, Durin spent most of his youth hunting boars and wolves and drinking ale in Anvilmar. In his adolescence, he was sent to Ironforge to study Goldsmithing, becoming an apprentice with a local goldsmith. He made it to the rank of journeyman before becoming filled with wanderlust. This drove him to enlist in the regular army of Ironforge, where he saw many a battle. During the Cataclysm, his family was killed in the trogg and troll attacks incited by the rumbling of the earth, and now holds a special vendetta against both. He took back up Goldsmithing once more, now as a hobby, in remembrance of his father’s wishes for him. With the end of the Legion and campaign on the Broken Isles, Durin let his enlistment lapse, seeing fit to strike off on his own in the world, now a wayward Goldsmith and Soldier of Fortune.


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