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--General Information--
Full Name: Kelyesh Avanta
Pronunciation: K-eel-yeesh Ah-van-ta
Nickname or Aliases: None
Title(s): None

Race: Human
Age: Twenty-Two
Date of Birth: December Twelfth
Place of Birth: Tanaris

Claims and Positions: Former Captive of the Wastewander Bandits
Affiliations: Stormwind

Place of Residence: Nomadic
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Goblin
Religious Beliefs: Unsure. Definitely a higher being.

Profession: None
Character Class: Spear Maiden
Abilities and Special Skills: Very gifted in closer range combat utilizing a spear, quick on her feet, and high endurance.

--Physical Information--
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: Toned
Hair Color: Deep Red
Eye Color: Hazel/Green

Distinguishing Features: Large curls in her hair despite the amount of physical activity she performs.

Physical Description:

In today's way of speaking, Kelyesh is anything but ladylike. Her mannerisms are harsh, language crude, and proclivities questionable. Though despite this, her overall physical appearance is almost regal in nature. Warm plum colored hair, accented with hues of black, curl and rest ever so gently at shoulders length. Her features soft and skin sun kissed, an overall complexion which appears soft as cashmere.

When she smiles her lips curl upward ever so slightly to give way to beautiful white teeth, accentuated even more by her darker skin tone. Her eyebrows match the color of her hair and rest finely upon her forehead. Hazel eyes are piercing and maintain a rather curios disposition. Staring into her eyes might give way to ideas that you have known this woman for your entire life.

--Personal Information--

Hobbies: Wrestling, Cardio, Hunting, Grabbing a Pint.
Quirks: Brash, Crude, Sarcastic.
Goals: To assist with helping those who have for so long been ignored.
Fears: Being alone mostly the Dark.
Weaknesses: Patience, Cold, Long range firearms.

Personality Description:

Sarcasm is most likely leaving the mouth of this rough young lady. Her words are harsh, yet her eyes are soft. More than likely you will be the target of her scorn, and yet, she will regard you in the highest of standards. For those she deems to be her friend and ally will become familiar with her crude and sarcastic undertones. More often than not they are a coping mechanism from years spent in captivity.

Character History: (A WIP)

Kelyesh was raised a prisoner. Her parents and her were abducted by the Wastewander Bandits when making a voyage that ventured too close to the shores of Tanaris. When they were abducted, Kelyesh was a simple child of four, naive to the world and its evils. The Wastewanderers kept the family in the hopes that a wealthy relative would pay handsomely for their safe return, though that time never came. Soon after their kidnapping her father was executed, leaving her in the care of her mother; a woman who fought so hard to remind her daughter of where she had come from. Her treatment was terrible, and the Wastewanderer's insisted that Kelyesh was trained to hunt. The bandits intended to keep them in captivity, yet made it clear that Kelyesh was to ensure that her and her mother ate, or else they would die. Kelyesh was also informed that if she went to hunt and did not return, they would kill her mother, which kept her from leaving.

When the Cataclysm struck Kelyesh was away from her mother, when she returned, the encampment had gone. For years she traveled the desert, unable to find her mother. She inquired with all sorts of folk, and did her best to steer clear of the Bandits. For years she did such, until she finally gave up hope and began her long journey to Stormwind.
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Stat Sheet

Name: Kelyesh
Division: Snowcap
Health: 7


Item I
Item Name: Citrine Ring
Effect: Gain a bonus of +1 to your roll total when attacking in melee.
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