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--General Information--
Full Name: Sahir al-Hakim
Pronunciation: Saw-here all-Hawk-eem
Nickname or Aliases: Hack

Race: Human
Nationality: Lordaeronian
Age: Early 30s
Date of Birth: October 31st
Place of Birth: Lordaeron City

Claims and Positions: Personal quarters in Dalaran
Affiliations: Kirin Tor, Explorer's League

Place of Residence: Dalaran
Sexuality: Hetero
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common and understands but doesn't speak the Alliance languages (Arcane Linguist spell).
Religious Beliefs: None

Profession: Archaeologist, Explorer, Adventurer
Character Class: Mage
Abilities and Special Skills: Aeromancy, Arcane Magic, Sword fighting, Teleportation

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Glowing blue tattoo of the Kirin Tor symbol on his back, a small scar running from the top of his left eyebrow to the bottom of his left eye (split eyebrow), and a few strange-looking artifacts carried on his person.

Physical Description:
Sahir stands tall at 6'1" and his most striking feature are his sapphire-blue eyes contrasting his olive skin. A well-trimmed beard runs down high cheekbones and encircles a square jaw. His skin is deeply-tanned and his midnight-black hair is neatly tied behind his head.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Reading, wandering, smoking hookah, and experimenting
Quirks: Sahir can be eccentric at times.
Goals: Sahir wants to be recognized by both the Kirin Tor and the Explorer's League for contributions made to the field of archaeology and he wishes to repay the sacrifice made by one of his closest friends during the Siege of Lordaeron.
Fears: Being unable to figure out a solution to a problem is his biggest fear.
Weaknesses: While Sahir can fight in melee combat, he can be defeated by a skilled opponent.

Personality Description:
Sahir is often easygoing and light-hearted, even in the midst of chaos, and freely laughs and makes bad jokes. However, he can become serious and focused if the situation truly called for it, especially if allies are under attack. He approaches interactions and situations in an academic manner and can often be a bit eccentric, but he means well and is altruistic overall. He doesn’t judge others for whatever powers they wield, their perspective on things, or where they’ve come from, but rather on their current actions and the motives behind those actions. He’s a great listener and a good friend who doesn’t hesitate to help if someone asks, as long as the request doesn’t involve committing what Sahir believe to be evil acts (such as murdering innocents, needlessly destroying a town, etc.). Sahir can sometimes fall silent and in deep contemplation if something is stumping him or if he feels outsmarted by something.

Character History:
Sahir was born to a modest family of craftsmen in Lordaeron City one year before the opening of the Dark Portal and quickly showed proficiency with magical studies and applications. He was sent to Dalaran to learn from the best and was a quick study on a variety of different magical schools, but his passion from the get-go was in magical objects and archaeology. His career desire was to go into the world to find forgotten magical and non-magical objects of worth in order to further the knowledge of Azeroth's history and the races that occupied it, both past and present. His youth among the mages was a happy one until the Horde attacked during the Second War and the Scourge destroying the city in the Third War. Sahir helped defend the city in both conflicts and was left for dead by the scourge, but he was able to escape into the surrounding wilderness. He made his way to Stormwind due to the Scourge blocking all routes to Lordaeron City. While in Stormwind, he assisted with magical applications in the city as well as studying under Harrison Jones. After Dalaran was rebuilt, he returned to the city and remained there for a few years to finish his education and was appointed to the Kirin Tor as a magical archaeologist.

After finishing his education, he departed Dalaran and to traveled to various parts of the world to assist archaeological groups such as the Explorer's League with their excavations as well as to lead excavation efforts of his own. His efforts yielded a few interesting artifacts of varying magical properties as well as interesting stories to tell.

One of his closest friends was originally from Alterac and perished during the Siege of Lordaeron due to Sahir asking him to accompany him to the battle. Due to his friend's sacrifice to help Sahir retake his homeland, he vowed to pay back his friend's sacrifice by helping the denizens of Alterac rebuild their home.

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