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Ideas for events, storylines, and campaigns all go in this forum. There's no specific format for this sort of thing, other than answering a few key questions for the officers to consider the idea for follow-up:

  • What is this story about? (Plot, events, etc.)
  • Why would this matter to the guild at-large?
  • Does it connect to a current arc, could it?

These are three major things we're looking at when we consider member ideas for storylines and events. One-offs are usually much more lenient. And, there's a lot to consider when preparing a story arc! There's the setting, challenges that face the group as a whole, the build up to surmounting an obstacle, moral dilemma, or issue. Are there supporting characters in the arc that would matter? Tell us all about it. We need a thorough description of your story idea to understand it, and we'll need to know how long the arc could run and how many event dates you'd want or need for it.

Not every campaign or story idea will be announced, approved, or prepared for as soon as it's submitted. We'll likely set proposed stories in order to make sense with the current guild plot. We'll discuss dates for things to be planned once we give a storyline the big a-okay. We like when stories can fit cleanly into each other, and can work together to tell a longer narrative.

We need full detail for storyline proposals. You can post about ideas here also, and guildmates are able to expand on them! But if you're looking to manage a storyline, give us details!

We're always happy to accommodate, and anyone who needs some help learning the ropes of DM'ing, can always talk to the officers, and other members who have run events in the past.
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Tides of Shadow Campaign

As the Eagles continue to recover from the recent Zandalar Campaign and the troubles at home in Talongrab, an ancient threat from the shadows seeks to consume all the Eagles have fought for. Recently in the mountains of Alterac, dozens of missing person reports have begun to be placed on various community boards as people claiming to be refugees flee the countryside. As more flee to the safety of Talongrab’s walls, the numbers are only growing, and strange beasts have been sighted throughout the mountains. And perhaps most troubling are reports of local guards having violent encounters with cultists, that are described like those the Eagles encountered months ago at a nobleman’s estate outside of Kent.

As these reports slowly begin to spread throughout Talongrab, Sergeant Tillman, the Guard Investigator from the nobleman’s estate has made their way to Talongrab. Despite the vast distance, the investigator brings news on a lead regarding the strange orb like rubix cube artifact that Lady Zaria Blackmoore acquired many months ago from the nobleman’s estate. However, the lead will soon unravel a dark plot far worse that not only threatens the very survival of the Eagles, but to all those beyond the frozen peaks of Alterac.


(Good morning/afternoon/evening to all those who read this! This event series has been a very long work in progress for the last five months that I have developed overtime. Despite my little intro at the top, the series is not meant to completely destroy us to the point of no return, but make it a memorable experience that I can assure will create character development. It surprisingly took a great deal of effort to try and not spoil anything for those who read this, but I have developed the following summary as to what this event series will be about and a bit of an insight as to what the Eagles may encounter.)

(To be very forward and to the front, this event series is meant to be challenging for the Eagles and will make them work together if we wish to have a meaningful victory. Now onto the summary! The event again takes place after our campaign in Zandalar as we recover and reconcile with the war. Sergeant Tillman, my investigator from my first event makes his return to reveal he has discovered a lead on the strange artifact that Zaria acquired at the last event and the possible identity of who the strange cultists were and why they were there in the first place. He also warns of the recents threats that have not only plagued Talongrab since the Eagle’s absence during the war, but also the surrounding mountains and valleys of Alterac.)

(The Eagles will be sent to journey to the magical city of Dalaran where they find their lead from a quirky gnome magical researcher and assist them in an issue they have run into. As the Eagles continue down this strange path and learn more about the artifact from a mysterious dwarven archeologist, they soon run into a powerful Alliance trade company that has grown since the start of the war, who are known as the White Lion Trading Company. It soon becomes apparent the White Lion Company also has a vested interested in the artifact which is revealed to be part of a set of artifacts that must be brought together. And worse yet the Company has deep connections throughout the Alliance that will make it hard to face them head on. The artifacts with what I CAN hint at they are linked to a powerful ritual that is STRONGLY linked to the Titans and the Old Gods.)

(After a devastating attack on the Eagles and the revealing of two out of the six nefarious villains of this campaign, known as The Twins, who attempt to claim the artifact the Eagles have acquired. Following the attack, the Eagles may wish for revenge or wishing to investigate the White Lion Trading Company further to learn about the connection between The Twins, the Company, and the artifacts. Through questioning individuals, barging into a luxurious party, and freeing those kidnapped, the Eagles learn more and as the threat begins to grow before their eyes, they will encounter the six villains who each are searching for the artifacts needed for a powerful dark ritual and realize just how dangerous and powerful the Old God cult and the Villains are. The Villains: the Seeker, the Twins, the Mender, the Siren, and the Chosen each are powerful and are each a specialist in their given area.)

(The Eagles will be forced to hunt down several leads as they battle the White Lion Company and the Cultists across Azeroth. From investigating a mysterious village, navigating their way through a horrific warzone, storming an ancient dragon’s prison, and to infiltrating the cult itself through various odd means. The Eagles may also take up other brief side adventures that will aid them in their “War” against the darkness. As the battles become more fierce and face the various villains, the Eagles will soon discover what the greater threat that they will fight against, and the Cult and Company fear and worship. Soon the Eagles will race against time as the “War” between the Eagles and this dark threat reaches its Climax as the Eagles fight for their survival and those of their friends and allies.)

(The battles become fiercer with each land the Eagles arrive across Azeroth as battles become larger and more intense. Friends and allies will fall before the Eagles eyes as they continue in their crusade against their foes. Sometimes the Eagle’s very decisions could lead to their allies’ deaths or perhaps elevating their allies to new heights of power. The Eagles will find the Company and Cultists will utilize its full might as they are forced to liberate distant lands and take the fight to them and storm the stronghold of their dark foe. The Eagles will need to call forth all their allies they have gained as the war reaches its final climatic battle for the survival of all the Eagles fight for. The final show down between the Eagles and the surviving cultist will find themselves thrown into a demi plane threatening to tear through reality itself as the dark being threatens to break through and consume all that they know and love above the place they call home.)

(However, the Eagles will not be alone as they forge alliances and friendships with those who also challenge these dark forces. Some of these new allies may only be temporary or could even be a enemy of the enemy that could help in the war. New friendships will be forged, friends and allies lost, and unexpected betrayals will occur as the Eagles journey through this campaign. The Eagles will also gain items and objects that I will give them to assist in JUST my campaign series. The campaign will be challenging enough and if the Eagles look careful or conduct certain deeds, their quest will be more bearable with each battle they face.)

(As some may know or notice, I like to give importance to all those who participate in the campaign and feel that their actions have an impact on the campaign, but that their actions can help their friends and allies and also provide their character’s personal development. Just as I mentioned, I kept record of ZB acquiring and keeping the artifact they found as this simple action alone has led to the recent events happening that I have planned for this campaign :). Also there are locations I will of course ask for permission to use for the event series such as Talongrab and or Kent, and if they are denied, I already have alternate locations chosen that could be used instead. And I will note that if I plan to use a location, please know none of the locations I plan to DESTROY or Damage so badly they cant be used and what not. I will say if I am given permission to use the above locations, they will be that more meaningful to all the Eagles involved.)

(Currently I have planned three chapters to break it up and give time and space for any other event series and any events others wish to run. I don’t mind breaking it up into further chapters to help space it out as I could work around that. I know I will need help with some events but I am more than willing to have others help out.)

(This again is only a summary of my event series/campaign, however if you wish a more in depth view of the campaign please let me know as I have much of the information written out to how each event would go, the cast of characters the Eagles will run into, information of the Artifacts, information on the factions and their goals, and what the Eagles would be experiencing throughout this adventure.)

(The FIRST CHAPTER of this event series I currently have broken down into 10 events alone. However, if asked, I can easily condense the events down to as few as 6-7 events for just the First Chapter. Again I have done this because once again by chapter to allow other people to play their events and host them throughout our Guild’s main campaigns. And if anyone wishes to know the FULL number of events I have planned, I can also provide that information as well. I appreciate the time you have taken to look over my idea for my event series/campaign and would appreciate any feedback. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know and I will provide all the info I can without spoiling anything unless they wish the info to be spoiled for said individual. Again thank you and have a wonderful day! :) )
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