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--General Information--
Full Name: Taelarra
Pronunciation: Tay-lar-ruh
Nickname or Aliases: Tae'
Title(s): Vindicator, The Dauntless

Race: Lightforged Draenei
Nationality: None
Age: 22,205
Date of Birth: 12,250 years before the great Exodus of Argus
Place of Birth: Mac'Aree, Argus

Claims and Positions: Vindicator in the Army of the Light
Affiliations: Grand Army of the Light, Grand Alliance

Place of Residence: The Vindicaar/Stormwind City
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Draenic, Eredun
Religious Beliefs: Holy Light(Naaru)

Profession: Blacksmith
Character Class: Paladin(Vindicator)
Abilities and Special Skills: Taelarra is able to lift and swing her giant sword with ease thanks to the power of the Light infused into her weapon. And she channels that power into deadly strikes combined with her knowledge of blade mastery and the ways of the Vindicator. With her own 10,000+ years of experience fighting the Burning Legion, she has learned combat tactics and strategies practiced by the leadership of the Grand Army of the Light. Making her a force of retribution to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'2
Weight: 196
Build: Amazonian
Hair Color: Silver-Blonde
Eye Color: Glowing Yellow

Distinguishing Features: Lightforged Tattoos dotting her body, along with a myriad of scars from her ten millennia of battles against the servants of the Dark Titan.

Physical Description:

Standing before you as your eyes meet those glowing orbs of light that are her eyes, is clearly one of the Lightforged Draenei that has fought for a long time against the Burning Legion. Her face is usually locked in a neutral expression, clearly showing the discipline in her training when it was time to go to work, but off the battlefield she was never afraid to express the true person she was behind the armor. For her race, Taelarra is considered of average height and beauty. Though of course, to the more mundane races her beauty might be overwhelming. Her face was kept mostly free of makeup save for her lips, which were given a dark purple to contrast her skin, so one could tell what she was saying. Her silver-blonde hair was usually styled in a straight, clean fashion as her bangs stretched down to her shoulders and back of her hair stretched down her back, touching the top of the metallic naaru encrusted into her back. And poking through the bangs was her glowing Lightforged rune that was projected through the golden jewel set into her forehead. Numerous scars dot Taelliis' chalk-white skin, as many as there are her Lightforged tattoos and runes that along every inch of her limbs and torso. Taelarra's marble colored horns were slender compared to that of her brethren in the Army, her horns would angle backward - aerodynamic and relatively humble for a Lightforged. Taelarra's body is clearly that of a well-honed amazonian figure. With enough muscle to bear her armor and the weapons she wields without lacking in the natural curvature that comes with her fellow draenei. Her tail was also adorned with a singular ring closer to the tip, judging from it's age she clearly had it before the great exodus from Argus.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Reading, Prayer, Cooking, Writing
Quirks: She is known to be vengeful when her friends and comrades are threatened, showing no quarter to those who would bear arms against them or the innocent. She also has OCD when it comes to the care of her horns and hooves.
Goals: Protecting the innocent, bringing peace to Azeroth and bringing the Horde to justice for itss crimes.
Fears: Falling to shadow, failing to uphold the will of the Light
Weaknesses: She is known to be weak to any assault by the shadow due to the infusion of the Light in her being.

Personality Description:
Tae is known to be quite caring, loving and polite to those around her, and her virtuous personality often shines in the camaraderie she shows to her fellows. And when they are in danger or threatened, she would usually be the first to come to their assistance, bringing her giant sword and faith to bear against her enemies.

Character History:
Before the exodus from Argus following the betrayal of her people to the whims of the Dark Titan. Taelarra was a simply blacksmith and aspiring vindicator who lived in the city of Mac'Aree on Argus. Making weapons for the peacekeepers and often times using her talents to aid the artificers who called her city home. When the day came that her own people began to cut down their own in the streets as those not wanting the fel-powers offered to Sargeras' servants, Taelarra was among those who volunteered to defend those fleeing Argus from the wrath of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. Seeing her own people becoming fel-touched monsters and willing to slaughter her own people and corrupt her world emboldened her resolve to defend her people and what's right in the embrace of the Light. And when the Grand Army of the Light was being formed, she too stepped along with many of her friends who survived Argus, wanting to bring an end to the Dark Titan's crusade and to bring the traitors who turned their blades on innocent people to justice. Her unwavering valor and will to help her fellow man in the crusade against the Legion earned her a singular title that was imprinted amongst her Lightforged tattoos in Naaru, which translated too 'The Dauntless.' And after coming to Azeroth following the Legion's defeat, she continued to live up to her name as a relentless force for all things good and just amongst the Alliance during it's war against the Horde.

Nothing else to note for now!

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