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--General Information--
Full Name: Malan'sath Daywraith
Pronunciation: May-lin'sath
Nickname or Aliases: Mala / "Bird's Eye"
Title(s): Mister

Race: Ren'dorei
Nationality: Quel'thalassian
Age: Adult (130s)
Date of Birth: A long time ago
Place of Birth: Goldenmist Village, northern Ghostlands

Claims and Positions: Former Master Cartographer of the Reliquary
Affiliations: The Reliquary (Former), Kirin Tor, Explorer's League (Newly)

Place of Residence: Dalaran
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Thalassian, Common, Azerothian Sign Language, and Orcish
Religious Beliefs: Belore

Profession: Cartographer, Researcher of Metaphysical Anomalies
Character Class: Mage (Sorcerer)
Abilities and Special Skills: Professional cartographer by use of magical scrying, extensive knowledge of metaphysics, including time, space, and gravity, etc.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs
Build: Gaunt
Hair Color: Grayish-blue
Eye Color: Darker cerulean blue

Distinguishing Features: Kirin Tor tattoo on inner right forearm, mangled left ear

Physical Description:
After succumbing to the Void, the elf's form has grown much thinner, almost to a state that can be considered malnourished. The palor of his flesh is lighter than many of his ren'dorei kin, though nowhere near the tone that could be mistaken for a high elf. Short-cropped and neatly-styled hair of a dark color is well kept, and there are no tendrils in sight. Seriously. His deep blue-hued orbs are a couple shades darker than those of a quel'dorei, despite him being a sin'dorei before the transformation. One of the easiest features to note about Mala is his mangled left ear: half of it is missing, and it looks to have been torn off savagely.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Researching, inscribing
Quirks: N/A
Goals: To contribute to knowledge of metaphysics for future studies, to repay a family debt.
Fears: Succumbing completely to the new whispers that plague him, causing harm to those around him involuntarily, being used in some sort of ritual, tight spaces
Weaknesses: Semi-malnourished physique

Personality Description:
Mala is a silent and solitary soul, keen on keeping to himself in most cases unless he feels his input could either be valued or utilized. He is always willing to share in his research findings with others who are interested though. The sorcerer is kind to all, in an impassive or indifferent manner, and is the kind of person that would put his neck out there for friends or allies.

Character History:
After growing out of his adolescence in what is now known as the Ghostlands, Malan'sath travelled north to Silvermoon and began his arcane studies. While learning, he found interest more in the manipulation of time (only to a safe and legal degree), the world around him, and the application of arcane magics to kinetic energies. Even now, he continues his research on these aspects of magic. He remained here throughout the exile of the Quel'dorei and eventually joined with the Reliquary when the High Examiner approached him and questioned him about how the uses of his magic could be extended to chart the areas where the group wanted to focus on the most. He used this chance to begin mapping out the areas where the Reliquary visited, these including Uldum, Tanaris, the Blasted Lands, and certain spots of Pandaria. He was among the group who first discovered the Divine Bell and began diving into its capabilities. On the request of a friend in the Reliquary, he traveled to Telogrus Rift, unknown to his counterparts in Silvermoon, in hopes to document how the research there went, and was subsequently caught in the ritual to be transformed. Now, he followed in the stead of those who pledged themselves to Alleria, and has started to dive back into the history of his family that was wiped from his mind during his transformation. In result, he has stumbled across a debt that must be repaid to a friend of his family.

Anything else about the character you might like to note can go here. Even art!
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