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--General Information--
Full Name: Kathfizzle Overwrench
Pronunciation: Kath-fizz-ull
Nickname or Aliases: Kath, Fizzy, The Wrench
Title(s): None

Race: Gnome
Nationality: Gnomeregan
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 599 K.C
Place of Birth: Gnomeregan

Claims and Positions: Sergeant of the Grand Alliance, Long Range Specialist in Gnomeregan's 175th Commando Regiment, Pathfinder of the Unseen Path
Affiliations: Gnomeregan Commandos, Grand Alliance, Unseen Path

Place of Residence: Ironforge
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Gnomish, Dwarven and Darnassian
Religious Beliefs: Titan Worship

Profession: Engineering
Character Class: Hunter/Combat Engineer
Abilities and Special Skills: Kathfizzle is known to be an adept combat engineer and sniper, while also being able to tame creatures much bigger than her to fight at her side. She's also known to be a quick thinker and learner when it comes to battlefield tactics thanks to her commando training.

--Physical Information--
Height: 3' feet
Weight: 40 lbs(Mostly muscle)
Build: Toned
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Sky Blue

Distinguishing Features: Many scars along her whole body, with one noticeable scar on her face.

Physical Description:
What you see before you is a rather energetic, and most interesting gnome. She walks with the discipline of a long-time soldier, but with the peppy and excitable nature that is the norm for most female gnomes. She was about average height for a gnome her age and judging from her bodily structure she seemed rather toned, showing the strength and fitness training she went through when enlisting into Gnomeregan's military, showing that her body and mind are equally tempered to face the horrors of war and work independently as an engineer. Kath' has fair colored skin, with many freckles dotting her face, along with a small crescent-shaped scar close to her eye on her right cheek, and under her armor and dressed in a simple shirt and shorts, it didn't take much of an eye to see the myriad scars that dot her person, ranging for claw marks, gunshot scars, shrapel, and even burns. Showing that the gnome has indeed endured much in her time as a huntress. One of her more striking features is her piercing sky blue eyes that had a glint of curiousity and a sense of seeing things that would turn most gnomes white, more often than the eyes would dart enough in either vigilance or simply glancing over individuals in a room with the sharpness expected of a sniper. Atop of her head the gnome had a mane of raven-black hair that was usually cut short into a simple bobbed appearance.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Tinkering, Cooking, Reading, Writing and Drawing
Quirks: She is known to be very peppy and energetic, and often times optimistic even in the direst of situations she still wears a smile or a cool-headed smirk.
Goals: To become a hero, to boldly go where no gnome has gone before.
Fears: Becoming a leper gnome, being eaten by a dragon
Weaknesses: Frail and small, Weakness to Radiation and Chemicals

Personality Description:
Kathfizzle is known to be peppy, energetic and oftentimes optimistic. She's the kind of gnome you could sit down, have a mug of mead with and talk about things from peace-time or during another war with the Horde and crack a few jokes and puns with, making her very easygoing and relaxed. When it's time to go to work, she undergoes a form of a mental switch into her Commando mindset, going from funny and easygoing to serious and focused and treating her fellows like as if they were her old squadmates. Despite all the horrors of war the gnome has seen in her time of service since the Burning Crusade in Outland, she is remarkably well-adjusted and has little in the way of post-trauma mental scarring.

Character History:
Growing up in Gnomeregan, Kathfizzle has led a life that was normal for a gnome. A member of the Overwench family which was known for its tinkerers or military servicemen. When Gnomeregan was attacked by the Troggs and Mekingeer Thermaplugg irradiated her old home, turning the majority of her family into leper gnomes, Kathfizzle underwent a change of heart from wanting to be an engineer for peaceful reasons into a hardened tinkerer for war to ensure nobody felt the same heartache that she endured when she had to flee Gnomeregan. From the Burning Crusade in Outland onward, Kathfizzle continued to prove herself a capable soldier, and later a commando in the 175th Gnomeregan Regiment. With gear-shield and sawblade in hand the gnome was then met with her greatest challenge when the Burning Legion's third invasion threatened Azeroth. Amongst the surviving gnomes of the failed assault on the Broken Shore by the Alliance, Kathfizzle dropped her sword and shield in place of a firearm, starting on the path of a huntress. Upon her initiation into the Unseen Path, she tamed and befriended a black jungle panther she has since called Umbra. The two of them becoming a force to be reckoned with all the way to the assault on the Burning Legion's homeworld itself. Now that the world bleeds out due to the sword of Sargeras being stabbed into Silithus, Kathfizzle and her panther intend to do their part to save the world and serve the Alliance.

Her theme music!:
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